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[Victoria, BC] Quick Takes on Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair Return!

14 May

[Victoria, BC] Quick Takes at Victoria's Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair

Day one at Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair shows this city was certainly anxious for its return. I saw a small lineup at the door when I arrived around 10:30am. I’m sure everyone wanted to find something cool to take home. I saw happy youths with nerf guns and adults with other nifty goods leaving as I was waiting to get inside.

I had only two goals in mind: see if I can pick up any LEGO Ninjago product (the selection was super slim) and if I can find that one elusive comic book to finish my Marvel’s ROM (Sorry, IDW) collection. I wondered if I could nail the Doctor Fate Series Three and Four. Mail order makes it too easy, but the thrill of the hunt is what makes attending shows like this fun. And quite often, I end up buying something else instead….

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Mighty Goose To Lay A Free DLC!

31 Mar

Mighty Goose 2022 03 30 22 009Blastmode

Mighty Goose, the over the top, run-and-gun, titled goose game, will have, during April’s holiday, an Easter egg of sorts. It’s a free DLC that’ll hatch Tuesday, April 19.

It should be noted that it’s playable after players have finished the main story. It’ll continue in the antics, and will take to the high seas for where this quack goes: This underwater adventure will be available for the Nintendo Switch, Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux; PlayStation 4 and 5; and Game Pass for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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EarthWorks Games’ Forts Takes to the High Seas in this latest DLC

25 Mar

Forts - High Seas on SteamNow available on Steam (PC)

EarthWork Games’ Forts is a video game that encourages players to build structures on the fly to not only protect the base but also prevent resources from being destroyed. It’s gained enough accolades since 2017 to discuss the finer points of strategy and construction on Discord. To refresh the game, this company’s downloadable content has taken the battle to NEARLY everywhere, including the moon!

The High Seas DLC is the latest, and it introduces an all new story and crazy dynamic to make combat tough. Max Capacitor is a captain in the United Navies in search of his father (a scientist) who made a mega-weapon. Whoever finds him first holds the fate of the entire world in his hands. This idea needs a graphic novel to fill in the character development, and until that happens, the cut scenes shouldn’t be skipped.

Players have to deal with buoyancy physics. Like the original, you can’t stack haphazardly without causing the building to collapse. In this latest, you can’t weigh down your own ship.

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Trading or Playing with Gamestop, The Documentary

30 Jan

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Release Date:
Jan 28, 2022

Please check local listings for screenings near you. Playing at The Rio in Vancouver, BC beginning Feb 4, 2022

GameStop is a video-game retailer that many consumers thought would close up shop after 30+ years of operation. The resentment exists because of not only over the policies it had with trade-ins versus fair value, but also in its relationship with customers. This introduction is needed to understand why this company is more or less viled. Those sentiments linger in the documentary Gamestop: Rise of the Players.

This examination by Jonah Tunis reveals those old feelings and how it led to the shakeup in the company’s stocks. It’s fascinating to watch. There were investors buying up stock while it was low. This filmmaker entertainingly navigates through all that’s transpired by adding in cartoon style snippets (clips from pop culture) to a businessman’s look at what went on. The scandal made the news, and an investigation was ordered!

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RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone is a Rollin’ Experience

20 Jan

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Launch Trailer #shorts - YouTubeAvailable on iOS and Android

Avid Dungeons and Dragons players have lots of options when wanting to find a similar experience in a digital video game. From official products like Baldur’s Gate, which puts the player first and persistent “Living” campaigns where it encourages strategy (and regular check-ins), the gambit is wide and varied.

WIMO Games has joined this world with RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone™. This game combines traditional board game style mechanics (navigating around like in Monopoly and getting cards which offer options in how to continue) with role playing type elements. Depending on the tile your team lands in, you either find treasure, get an encounter, progress through the story (like in a choose your own adventure novel) or have a chance to win more goodies to make your characters stronger. I recommend playing this game on a tablet than smartphone. The amount of details in the cartoon style graphics and all the buttons you’re navigating through doesn’t work well on a small screen.

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