Reigniting Gunscape for a New Generation

As for keeping Gunscape in the library, I feel a large enough fanbase has to exist before it gets too quickly sunsetted.

Gunscape PosterBlowfish Studios

Gunscape is a retro first-person shooter and Minecraft builder which could use a lot more polish to play on the go. It plays better on a proper computer screen because constructing maps is easier with a mouse and keyboard than what’s pre-defined on the Nintendo Switch. As a result, the controls don’t feel as intuitive when building, but perfect when fighting.

Otherwise, if you’re playing in another person’s sandbox with their construct, there’s a bit of fun to be had, assuming they added a story to go along with the map. The default scenario isn’t all that compelling, and I struggled to wonder why I’m roaming through this zombie laden lab at all.

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Maybe Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Needs Other DLCs to Keep Gamers Going

The update to Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed gives us gamers a few new things. The latest map reminds me of Riverview, an abandoned and haunted mental health facility in Coquitlam, BC.

Ghostbusters Spirits UnleashedWith the latest tweaks to IllFonic’s Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and a bit of new content that’s not technically a full on DLC, I can return to this game. It was released late October, in time for the Halloween crowd, but unless you put your name down for a copy, it was hard to find a physical copy during that month.

When I eventually got it gifted to me during holiday break and I sat down to play, the difficulty level was just crazy. The missions can’t be won solo because the AI bots aren’t all that helpful. Gamers need to depend on real life teammates in LAN parties or online to succeed. To catch that pesky ghost requires cooperation and communication rather than waiting for the next case to goop all over them. When news of a DLC was announced, I hoped it included some essential fixes.

Thankfully, it’s not important to achieve victory since after so many missions, the cut scenes will show up to move the story along. But as for that wish-list, none of the improvements spiritually manifested.

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Japanese Fever Dreams Are Never Made of These. NeverAwake to the Latest Update.

NeverAwake has a big update! Version 1.1 is coming tomorrow and fans will get more than a few nightmares to keep you awake.

neverawakeRelease Date: Jan 19, 2023
Avaiable for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5

NeverAwake is a twin-stick shoot’em up that’s ready to banish nightmares! This game breaks away from the conventions of horizontal and vertical shooters, and truly makes use of the 3D space to make fighting a lot more fun. And here, you fight against creatures that only the fertile Japanese Shinto world can dream up!

Set in the mind of a young girl’s horrifying dreams, what’s experienced may well hit close to home with the themes and motifs being offered. That’s because some therapists theorize the brain is trying to make sense of those waking world’s life experiences. In this game, you are helping Rem fight her problems! This game originally released in September 2022, and it now has a huge, mesmerizing update!

This multiplatform release is from Japanese developer Neotro Inc and it is published by Phoenixx.

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Looking Back and My Hopes for Pokémon Go in 2023 (After its First Community Day)

Despite problems from last year, Niantic’s Pokémon GO is still a game played around the world. Hopefully it’ll fare better this year.

pokemon go title e1471844779441

Niantic’s Pokémon GO had quite the mish mash of hits and misses back in 2022. From massive coding gaffes that made gameplay frustrating to the release of new pocket monsters with statistics that can break the game, I’m glad this year is off with a good start. This weekend’s Community Day bonus went off without a hitch! Although how the new pokémon is supposed to appear at stops is said to be a bug by this software developer, I hope they can leave it alone because it makes finding them easier.

I’m guessing the coders learned from their mistakes. As I look back at everything they’ve offered in the past, all I did was shake my head. Whoever wrote the code didn’t consider all the permutations, or considered the issues that would go along with “copy and overlaying” one Pokémon’s appearance (and statistics) over another, or where spawns should exist, leading to these pocket monsters disappearing off the map! As a result with the former problem, if placed in a battle environment, there would be unbalanced fights. That is, their biggest gaffe was with Zorua. This mimic was launched at the end of Community Day in early October. The lack of testing caused this Pokémon to get crazy stats and, if used in PvP battle or raids, it would break the game.

As we enter 2023, a new ‘mon for completionists is finally released! This weekend released the elusive Kecleon, and it likes hiding. Thankfully, it does not copy the abilities of another pocket monster. But, it won’t pop up unless gamers touch every spinner in hopes this invisible wonder is there.

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Can Goonya Monster Succeed With What’s Good From Its Predecessor?

Part of Goonya Monster’s odd ppeal includes making the player avatars frequently fall. This party video game is loose continuation of the Goonya Fighter franchise.

Goonya MonsterOn Steam, PlayStation 5
and Nintendo Switch

Goonya Monster is a party video game which is a loose continuation of the Goonya Fighter franchise. This series first debuted back in 2019 by Japanese developer Mutan, and I rather enjoyed that earlier release more. The mechanics are similar. And in what got me curious about this sequel is the paranormal theme. The idea of having to shoot possessed individuals to destroy in order to collect their spirit orbs to purify at what, I assume is the “Well of Souls,” seems like a good enough premise.

The co-op part means working with friends or the AI to continue gathering these balls, and beyond that, there are very little side scenarios to try out during my time with this product. Sadly, I got bored after a while. Also, players need to be subscribed to an online service on their respective console in order to participate. I suggest having the audio turned off, as portions of the dialogue get grating because of its repetitiveness. Goonyan is perhaps the most annoying because, well, he’s a cat who often finishes each line by saying, “Nyamo!”

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