Horror Films to Look Forward to in 2022

20 Jan

Greatest Horror Films of the 21st CenturyThere’s just enough horror films to look forward to seeing not only at theatres, but also at home and streaming. I just don’t have any passion for Scream since it’s run its course. Instead, I prefer the true classics, especially concerning a certain Michael….

I’ve expanded out to consider other releases to extend this list beyond the traditional ten. This top thirteen choices is sure to be daemonic!

Amazon.com: Halloween Kills - Extended Cut (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital) :  Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Anthony Michael Hall, David  Gordon Green, Jason Blum, Bill Block, Scott Teems, DannyHalloween Kills
January 11

This latest work has enough kills and maims to satisfy the gorehound, but as for what it sets up is the fact that it’s time to retire the franchise. This home video release of last year’s film is more enjoyable because it’s the extended cut. There’s also a great selection of featurettes for fans to delve into. From “Haddonfield’s Open Wounds,” where this piece nicely examines why some characters from this world have returned to “Strode Family Values,” to understand why three generations of women (Laurie, Karen and Allyson) have been targeted by The Shape is discussed by the production team. The information is terrific.

There’s also material to show how that vintage 1978 look is achieved. If anything, everything boils down to what “The Power of Fear” reveals. Unless you’ve read the novelization of the original film, very few people are aware of how Michael Myers is connected to Samhain. Having this work in your library is sure to help remind all that’s transpired by the time the last movie is released.

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RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone is a Rollin’ Experience

20 Jan

RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone Launch Trailer #shorts - YouTubeAvailable on iOS and Android

Avid Dungeons and Dragons players have lots of options when wanting to find a similar experience in a digital video game. From official products like Baldur’s Gate, which puts the player first and persistent “Living” campaigns where it encourages strategy (and regular check-ins), the gambit is wide and varied.

WIMO Games has joined this world with RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone™. This game combines traditional board game style mechanics (navigating around like in Monopoly and getting cards which offer options in how to continue) with role playing type elements. Depending on the tile your team lands in, you either find treasure, get an encounter, progress through the story (like in a choose your own adventure novel) or have a chance to win more goodies to make your characters stronger. I recommend playing this game on a tablet than smartphone. The amount of details in the cartoon style graphics and all the buttons you’re navigating through doesn’t work well on a small screen.

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Belle. You Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore…

18 Jan

Belle (2021 film) - WikipediaGKIDS
Jan 14, 2022 (North America)
Feb 4 (United Kingdom)
MIld Spoiler Alert

Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle is a triumph on many levels. Not only is the animation astounding because it had assistance with Cartoon Saloon (with Studio Chizu producing), but also it goes beyond being a simple fairy tale. There’s a message of hope in this tale about Suzu Naito (Kaho Nakamura), a young teen who lost all sense of feeling. As a child who saw her mom die, it’s easy to understand why. Nobody else was willing to help a random kid stuck in the middle of a raging river but this courageous woman did.

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How Atari can Recharge Itself in 2022

18 Jan

Battlezone (1980 video game) - WikipediaHopefully, Atari Inc. has plans for more Recharged video games. Last year’s releases by software developors Adamvision and Sneakybox Studios had a nice theme going with Centipede and Black Widow before going to space. The last title was Asteroids Recharged. In what I hope to see coming up are even more adaptations of their classic vector-based games like:


This version is a no-brainer for the simple reason most modern controllers have two sticks built in. It makes players feel like they’re in the tank, and they can slowly navigate their way in a landscape populated by the enemy.

I’ve played Battlezone Gold (released 2018) and VR (2016) enough times to know they are graphically richer experiences, but sometimes all I want is the basics. There’s just something to that old vector style look which has me feel like I’m navigating an old vehicle. I also think it’d be cool to use those power-ups from the previous games imagined from a fresh new first person perspective.

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Atari’s Asteroids is Reloaded, but…

16 Jan

AAsteroids Recharged » Atarivailable for Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xbox

Anyone who has played the original Asteroids will find the Recharged settings for button mashing very unnatural. That’s because long time players of this game have grown accustomed to pushing buttons to aim and steer the spacecraft to shoot away these rocks in space. Even with the many versions available on the Internet (sometimes called Atari Reloaded), I’m more inclined to load up those takes than to play the official product.

My skill with the original and Atari 2600 lets me get farther. To put this game on a stick is odd. I need my buttons! At least some of them can be assignable through system preferences. But having a reconfigured setup plays better on an arcade fight stick. Also, I’d require a cabinet sized spread than a small one, which I picked up on Amazon to test if my theory is true, and I’ve lasted longer.

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