FEMM’s Tokyo Ex Machina ‘We Got Each Other’ Released!

24 Jan

FEMM - Far East Mention Mannequins – WearLatex.com

FEMM has a new album! Tokyo Ex Machina was released a few days ago and the music video ‘We Got Each Other’ went online to show just how fun loving these two girls are–and why being in a relationship doesn’t always have to matter. RiRi and LuLa just wanna have fun in classic Cyndi Lauper fashion. It’s a bouncy tune with a techno style edge (hip hop) to show why being BFFs manners more. The visuals feels more like they’re from the 70s, though director Julie Giesen may say otherwise.

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Pokemon GO in 2022

24 Jan

pokemon-go-logoPokemon GO isn’t off to a good start in 2022. Players are getting a mix of both worlds; the developer of the game, Niantic, believes everyone is returning outside to play but not everyone truly is! Some parts of the world are knee-deep in pandemic woes, and are self-isolating. Also, what’s offered in the coming weeks feels tailored towards new players rather than old. Where’s those missing Pokemon for those wanting to complete their PokeDEX? And why can’t we have other options to gather coins?

Two Community Days for grabbing Spheal and Bulbasaur were not terribly exciting. According to reports, this cute walrus type beast is worthless in combat situations. It’s not recognized in the meta and it’s a shame I can’t harvest all that ivory and convert that into coins. As for the plant-based pocket monster, I was semi-excited to go grinding for mega candy. I thought the shorter three-hour window made more sense so an entire day is not wasted with a game.

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Is Gintama: The Very Final Going to be The Last?

24 Jan

Gintama THE VERY FINAL + Exclusive Poster - Blu-ray/DVD :: Shout! FactoryShout! Factory
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Spoiler Alert

The cinematic treatment of Hideaki Sorachi‘s Gintama is concluding with the release of The Very Final to home video in North America. For some, that may well mean a renewed interest with this amusing samurai cum science fiction manga series. The ending offered in this animated take differs from the print version and this work wastes no time in telling viewers this fact.

Ever since its debut in Weekly Shōnan Jump nearly 20 years ago, the additional products that followed quickly put this universe in other narrative mediums. The anime was released in 2006, and typical of any successful product, there came soundtracks, light novels, original animation shorts and films. There’s a lot to like because of its fourth wall breaking moments, and the humour doesn’t end there. It not only pokes fun at itself but also references anime classics, especially Dragonball. But it doesn’t stop there. It makes oddball remarks about American pop culture, which includes jabs at Beyonce and Donald Trump in this latest.

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Boonie Bears Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary!

22 Jan

Boonie Bears - WikipediaAvailable to Watch on YouTube

Boonie Bears (熊出没) is a hit in China ever since it debuted on Jan 22nd and this year marks their 10th anniversary. This animated series is available to watch across many platforms, and in international markets, Netflix, Sony, YouTube and Disney are doing what they can to show just how beloved these bears are.

This series is similar to other fond long-running franchises featuring talking animals. It’s sometimes takes inspiration from The Land Before Time. The television series is fairly basic, taking on a few tones akin to to Yogi Bear meets Wile E. Coyote, and tends to keep its artistic style simple. The films, however, have progressed from low quality renders to high, and the sequels look better as more companies are investing into this IP. Also, the narratives tackle harder themes so viewers are aware of problems around the world, like eco-terrorism.

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Horror Films to Look Forward to in 2022

20 Jan

Greatest Horror Films of the 21st CenturyThere’s just enough horror films to look forward to seeing not only at theatres, but also at home and streaming. I just don’t have any passion for Scream since it’s run its course. Instead, I prefer the true classics, especially concerning a certain Michael….

I’ve expanded out to consider other releases to extend this list beyond the traditional ten. This top thirteen choices is sure to be daemonic!

Amazon.com: Halloween Kills - Extended Cut (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital) :  Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Anthony Michael Hall, David  Gordon Green, Jason Blum, Bill Block, Scott Teems, DannyHalloween Kills
January 11

This latest work has enough kills and maims to satisfy the gorehound, but as for what it sets up is the fact that it’s time to retire the franchise. This home video release of last year’s film is more enjoyable because it’s the extended cut. There’s also a great selection of featurettes for fans to delve into. From “Haddonfield’s Open Wounds,” where this piece nicely examines why some characters from this world have returned to “Strode Family Values,” to understand why three generations of women (Laurie, Karen and Allyson) have been targeted by The Shape is discussed by the production team. The information is terrific.

There’s also material to show how that vintage 1978 look is achieved. If anything, everything boils down to what “The Power of Fear” reveals. Unless you’ve read the novelization of the original film, very few people are aware of how Michael Myers is connected to Samhain. Having this work in your library is sure to help remind all that’s transpired by the time the last movie is released.

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