Travelling The “Long Way North” To Find That Starshine, A Movie Review

23 Sep

1227352_long-way-northBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

September 30
New York – Village East
Los Angeles – Laemmle Playhouse 7,
Laemmle Monica, University Irvine

The animated movie Long Way North is a tonally sombre tale where Sacha (voiced by Chloé Dunn) is seeking freedom from the Russian aristocracy she hails from. Her grandfather Oloukine is missing. He’s a renowned explorer seeking to conquer the North pole, and everybody assumes he’s dead. The ship he captains, the Davai, is lost at sea. Fortunately, for audiences in America, this epic film can be found premiering September 30th across the USA, with more dates to come across this country and perhaps also heading north into Canada too.

Shout! Factory is handling the distribution of the English dub, and I’m looking forward to set sail south to catch it on the big screen where it truly needs to be experienced. Failing that, I’m hopeful a video release will be coming mid next year, when I suspect it will come out.

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Evil Dead the Musical To Hit The Pacific Northwest with a New Stop!

21 Sep

file_747610_edmusicalBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Portland, OR
October 14-15, 2016
Alberta Rose Theatre

Vancouver, BC
October 28-29, 2016
Revue Stage at Granville Island

Victoria, BC
November 4-5, 2016
Metro Stage Theatre

If you have not made any plans for Halloween yet, Last Chance Productions is taking Evil Dead: The Musical across the Pacific Northwest before, during and after Halloween 2016! This year, they are adding Victoria, BC as a venue and the timing could not be any better. Since I have technically seen three versions by different troupes, I must say this particular group are dedicated film buffs who have an absolute love for the theatrical (in the stage sense) genre.

And, of course, they promise to lay the blood thick in the splatter zone! When I saw the Arts West production, I did not realize you have to sit very close to the kitchen set to get the most effect. Depending on whether the show can be held outdoors or indoors, there’s bound to be some hidden sprinklers to really get people soaked! Tip: wear a white shirt if you intend to get noticed so you will be hit with the stage effects. Afterwards, those who emerge from the theatre can show off their badge of honour proudly.

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Ed’s Pokémon GO Journals – Making Your Buddy Shine

20 Sep

pokemon-go-logoBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Forbes Magazine‘s Paul Tassi suggested a great idea, and that’s to sell extra slots to players wanting to walk more than one Pokémon in the latest update of this game. Since people in real life can take several dogs on a run, the idea can translate well into the game. But the list should not end here. I feel this recent add is decent enough to get me outside again, and walking lots.

My buddy, James Shaw, still will not join me in my gaming adventures as he is not into mobile gaming. As for his thoughts on Pokémon, he is not as interested in this franchise as much as his very dated love for Ranma½ (not a big deal, since I prefer Sazan Eyes) and he has told me he is unwilling to watch the dub – while I have no problems with American voices in foreign products these days. I’ve gotten over my elitism but apparently my buddy has not. To each their own, but one of these days, I’ll see him playing this game. He’s my pal after all and he’ll be tagging along. It’s just a matter of time. For the time being, I have a Snorax named James Shaw in the game for my next ‘mon to walk with. They both sleep lots, have a fuzzy head and are big boned.

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Dark Horse Comics, Ed’s Picks of August and Sept 2016

19 Sep

Dark Horse Logo

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The last day of Summer and beginning of Autumn marks a busy time in my schedule. There are theatrical productions to enjoy and there’s a stack of comics piling up at home. Oh the choices! What can I say? Yes, I’m behind. But I offer selections of what I have waited to read (offering my thoughts mixed in with the official synopsis this time ’round) and a few I’m anxiously waiting for. I must admit that I tend to binge read. Having just issue #1 is not enough to know what’s ahead in the following titles from Dark Horse Comics:

Kingsway West #1 (Aug 24)

After spending thirteen years in a war that made him a monster, a Chinese gunslinger named Kingsway Law just wants to live in peace with his wife, Sonia. While this comic is not the Kung Fu series starring David Carradine, I’m liking this unique take on mysticism. The fantastical Old West is crackling with magic! When a woman with a red-gold sword brings bloody chaos to his doorstep, Kingsway must fight for his life, his wife, and his very soul.

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