Deemo Memorial Keys Offers More Than Sublime Melodies

If anything, Deemo Memorial Keys is designed to put the music on the spotlight than present a straightforward tale.

Deemo Memorial Keys Blu-ray + DVD
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Release Date: March 28, 2023

Anyone who has played Deemo, the rhythm music video game, will know how the animated movie Memorial Keys ends. This fact is not too detrimental as it fills in some narrative beats the original incarnation some gamers may feel didn’t get very deep on. Here, there’s more of a world that goes beyond what the game is about. The ideas SIGNAL.MD & Production I.G. presents lets us know that to experience everything music represents is also like therapy for the soul.

At first, I was just as curious as Sania and her friends about the new student with a mysterious past. They attend a music academy and for this girl whose talents outshines hers, trying to figure her out is tough.

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Detailing What’s Missing in Mummies, An Animated Rom-Com

Director Juan Jesús García Galocha could have done more to bring out the romance of what Ancient Egypt represents in Mummies.

Mummies Movie PosterSome Mummies are hard to read, and not all of them experience an easy transition to their afterlife. According to Ancient Egyptian beliefs, their souls first need to get judged and those whose heart is pure get to live on in the Field of Reeds (or the Duat). But for archaeologists looking for evidence of what kind of life they once led, the body they leave behind doesn’t always show if they’re resting in peace.

Here, Thut (Joe Thomas) lost his confidence after a racing mishap and Princess Nefer (Eleanor Tomlinson) isn’t content with her life. She’s almost like Cleopatra (in Space) because she’s fiercely independent and this version didn’t take her life. We meet her as royalty in the undead kingdom, and what’s amusing about how the two are birds of the feather.

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Decarnation. After Watching This Scary Video Game Trailer, All That’s Left is….

Decarnation also takes inspiration from cult hits like Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

Decarnation Video Game CardComing to Steam (PC) and Nintendo Switch May 2023.

The terror is real in Decarnation, a video game from developer Atelier QDB and publisher Shiro Unlimited. This horror adventure blends a bit of that old school pixel style animation to a modern tale of horror, where each choice only furthers an exploration into Gloria’s psyche. What this entertainer must face can easily change her perceptions of the real world, or cause her to sink into further insanity.

“Decarnation’s grave story, lovecraftian world, and evocative messages are about to unfold,” teased Quentin De Beukelaer, founder of Atelier QDB. “[Here, you have to] get ready to explore levels that blur the ever-thinning lines between fantasy and reality, and experience the truth of humanity when facing some of the darkest creatures and circumstances imaginable!”

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When The Legend of Gatokaca and an Eternal Conflict Returns…

The rich Hindu mythology brought to life in The Legend of Gatokaca requires some foreknowledge to truly appreciate what this film is about.

Legend of Gatotkaca Blu-Ray CaseAvailable to Stream on Hi-yah and purchase on Amazon USA

Indonesian filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo wants to show to the world that The Legend of Gatokaca is built from folklore. It certainly shows why superheroes were once gods a long time ago. This individual is from the Mahabharata, an epic tale which includes fascinating elements from Indonesian mythology that put others to shame. Much of it gets explained throughout the film from the eyes of Professor Arya (Edward Akbar) and a student Erlangga (Jerome Kurnia). They teach Yuda (Rizky Nazar) about the past, and why it all matters if he’s to be the reincarnation of a demigod hero, Gatotkaca.

To get new audiences up to speed and yet move the modern update forward is better paced than other works I’ve recently seen. Although, the details go by quite fast and the 130min run time is rather long, I’m glad to have the home video release so I can rewind or pause. That way, I can make sense of the lengthy exposition.

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Diving Into Why Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken will be a Fantastic Summer Hit

The details and trailer is now here for DreamWorks Animation’s latest and Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken looks good!

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Movie PosterStories about coming out of one’s comfort zone is often a winning scenario in storytelling. In Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken what’s presented looks like more than girl coming out of her shell. She will have huge challenges to face and one of them includes dealing with an eternal war between her species and an other.

As the title and trailer suggests, this young woman will have to not only deal with high school problems but also experience her Sweet 16 in a way that could potentially the attention of the world.

I get the sense we’ll have a story that’s going to be very different from A Little Mermaid. Althouth the last films from DreamWorks presented some cutting edge visuals which were good, sometimes all we need are the basics–an eternal tale about how species from the aquatic world can get along instead of keep fighting it out. And as for how Ruby will embrace her legacy depends on whether Krakens from long ago were ever treated as adversaries. They were first introduced in Scandinavian lore and over time, films like Clash of the Titans helped popularize the Greco-Roman version. They are huge and terrifying. Sailors often thought of them as terrors as the opening narration suggests. But in this story, they are actually protectors of the seven seas.

Perhaps what we don’t know is that they were stopping ships from carrying dangerous cargo hence these attacks. What’s presented is no different from how Namor wants to prevent land dwellers from invading his kingdom. Although what’s revealed so far doesn’t show connections to classical legends, I’m hopeful more will be revealed when this film releases June 30, 2023.

Partial Spoilers and the Trailer follow:

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