Once You’re in Brooklyn 45, There’s no Escape

Every once in a while, a supernatural gem will present itself in all its post-Depression era glory. Brooklyn 45 explores all the manic problems of the day and then some!

Brooklyn 45 Movie PosterAvailable to stream on Shudder Network

In Brooklyn 45, a movie set after the end of World War II, four lifelong friends’ desire to communicate with the other side is led by one individual (Larry Fessenden) who believed his wife was killed. Perhaps they should’ve been careful in entertaining an old fool.

What they summoned would become the stuff of nightmares, and this frightful whodunit has the makings of a perfect Lovecraftian style of dread. We’re not dealing with cosmic entities here. Instead, it’s in what sordid histories get unearthed and how one deals with the truth! What these friends (played by Anne Ramsay, Ron E. Rains, Jeremy Holm, and Ezra Buzzington) discover about each other that night is certainly a life changer.

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In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good

What’s recreated in Paranormal Hunter is very much in line with many cinematic haunted house stories, and as for mirroring what real life investigations are like, it’s nothing like.

Paranormal Hunter on SteamEALoGAMES multiplayer videogame Paranormal Hunter has the potential to be good, but without a team to help you investigate, tackling the tougher missions on your own is tough! It’s designed to have at least three people to dive into eerie locations, and fainting upon encountering the supernatural is common. That’s quite different from what those of the television paranormal reality trade typically encounter. As most people know, most of these docudramas are created for entertainment purposes only!

What’s revealed in these missions will certainly test many an avatar’s sanity, and perhaps the player’s too. Although the game takes a cue from H.P. Lovecraft, with a digital metre to show where the mental resilience is at, to emerge with that state intact is super rare. Although what’s this early access release looks almost ready to be unleashed, it really needs two things to be fixed. Continue reading “In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good”

Presenting The Top Three Shorts From The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival!

We offer our choices as the best short film winners from the 2023 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

39th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film FestivalThe 39th annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival had lots of shorts and a bunch of movies to enjoy. It wasn’t too hard to decide on what to check out since, like other events worldwide, to restart properly following the global health scare is tough. To begin, I’ll look at my three most favourite shorts, and although two of them follow upon a similar theme, just where it goes is different:

Mom if I were a Vampire Short PosterMom, If I Were a Vampire

Wen (Ting Chiu) doesn’t want to be a momma’s girl, and life at school is rough in other departments. But when she gets in with the right crowd, with Jo (Yu-Xuan Wang) as the “it” girl, the friendship forged is no different from what I recall from Vampire Princess Miyu, a classic anime I have fond memories of.

Although there’s no similar character dynamic since most of the manga and animated series involved the title role without a human companion, what’s presented here would make for a good jumping in point for a live-action adaptation! In this case, it’s to expand upon. The LGTBQ angle isn’t anything new, but how its handled is quite deft!

In what the two characters encounter are bullies and stalkers. Also, I think Wen wants to be turned. She has a lot of feelings to get out and to explore that requires a longer story. This piece made by Deborah Devyn Chuang is certainly worth seeking for the neo-noir colour aesthetics!

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When Evil Dead Rise Takes the Franchise to New Places, the Results are…

All I can hope for is that we have more details in Evil Dead Rise unfold in the same vein as Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Evil Dead Rise PosterSpoiler Alert

Lee Cronin‘s Evil Dead Rise takes the Sam Raimi’s horror franchise to all new places, and there’s no rhyme or reason behind it. There’s no mention of the deadites, and some new world building has me believing they’ve existed since time immemorial! Even though plenty of character and visual aesthetics from the classic exist in this latest, they felt tacked on than worked into the tale.

A certain formula has to be followed. Characters have to be introduced, the Naturom Demonto needs to be found, and the terror gets awakened. The early movies didn’t go far in terms of what it means to unleash the demons in the psychological sense, but here, we’re treated to a deeper story:

Beth (Lily Sullivan) is pregnant, and she hopes to get some help from her sister. Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) may well not be the right person. She’s a single mother raising three kids–Danny (Morgan Davies), Bridget (Gabrielle Echols), and Kassie (Nell Fisher). She’s not without her problems too; her husband left her, and if that’s not enough, the L.A. apartment she lives in is condemned, and she really should move.  Continue reading “When Evil Dead Rise Takes the Franchise to New Places, the Results are…”

LEGO is Ready to DREAMZzz up The Trials of the Dream Chasers!

LEGO Dreamzzz The Trials of the Dream ChasersDebuting on various streaming services beginning May 15, 2023

The LEGO Company has an all new original series coming and what they want to DREAMZzz up are the Trials of the Dream Chasers! This group will have to rescue wayward souls trapped in the sleeping world, and yes, there’ll be product coming to toy stores too. As for what makes this series worth noting is that this series is the secret project former co-writer/showrunner of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Tommy Andreasen has been working on!

The episodes will be released weekly, so it can’t be binged. That’s alright when considering the content needs a sense of daily danger, and the wait for each release should be worthwhile, and the first batch isn’t it. There’s more slated for the end of Summer!

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