Diving Into Why Farscape, The Complete Series (25th Anniverary) Release Matters!

If you’re a fan like me waiting for a Blu-ray release of Farscape: The Complete Series that includes The Peacekeeper Wars as part of the package, this edition is it!

Farscape, The Complete Series - 25th Anniversary Edition
Available to purchase on Amazon USA

Shout! Factory is celebrating a milestone year of a beloved 1999-2003 sci-fi epic with an updated release which includes a brand-new featurette! Although there are varying options which edition of Farscape, The Complete Series (25th Anniversary) is best to acquire, the difference lies in how much swag one wants!

What I received for evaluation is the basic one. I didn’t really need the prism stickers, poster from industry artist Joe Corroney, and the enamel pins from Gutter Garbs (link). They would’ve been nice, but honestly I’m all out of wall space to show off my love for this show! Thankfully there’s a mid-priced set too (link). But when all I want is to revisit this world created by Rockne S. O’Bannon again, and the timing of this release couldn’t be any better!

Also, prior editions didn’t include “The Peacekeeper Wars” as part of the set. I’m glad this distributor corrected the oversight, and it’s pleasant to show this collection off on my shelf. When I’m in the mood to binge, I can watch a disc or two per day.

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Everything is Back with The Star Beast in the First Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special!

Everything fans have been wanting to see in Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special is here, and The Star Beast certainly delivers fun quips and chuckles along the way!

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary LogoBBC’s Doctor Who is 60-years old, and honestly, they should spend part of their increased budget to have David Tennant back on some semi-permanent basis. He’s a tough act to follow and although this actor has nothing but praise for Ncuti Gatwa, who will take over the role after these specials, I just want him! When “The Star Beast” is part one of a three-story arc, thankfully that means there’ll be a month of this actor doing what he does best–to play Sherlock the only way he best knows how!

And when he says he’s not an interim incarnation, and he’s equally mystified, I’m here for the ride!

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Star Trek Prodigy has Safe Harbour on Home Video This Week with the Release of Season 1, Episodes 11-20!

Thankfully fans can view Star Trek Prodigy in full with the home video release that’s coming tomorrow! It’s certainly worth binging on to recall everything this misfit crew has gone through in attempting to reach The Federation.

Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 Episodes 11-20 Blu-ray Cover
Available to purchase on Amason USA

Release Date: Sept 26, 2023

Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 – Episodes 11-20 will soon beam onto home video since it’s no longer on available on Paramount’s streaming service. As expected, the presentation is very crisp and we have a definitive look into the season with the featurettes offered. As for whether more episodes will broadcast on Nickelodeon, who helped produce it, nobody truly knows. Not even Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) is certain.

Thankfully for this series to boldly go where no series has gone before means the finished first half of season two must play somewhere. Hopefully, sales of this release will show many fans love this series, and the dollar signs will motivate the Hageman Brothers to push for getting their finished batch of season two episodes aired!

In what this release offers is further sub-adventures with Dal R’El (Brett Gray), Gwyndala (Ella Purnell), Jankom (Jason Mantzoukas), Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Zero (Angus Imrie), and Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) before finally arriving in the Alpha quadrant. Just how this set shows them finally arriving, and encountering The Federation certainly reveals tension, and as for what happens next, I wish I had a looking glass to tell me what the fate is for this series.

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When Star Wars has Young Jedi Adventures, The Feeling is “Luke”warm

Not everyone will take to this preschool series featuring Young Jedi Adventures from the Star Wars universe when we all know the fate of all the younglings….

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures PosterStreaming on Disney Plus

Some franchises don’t need to expand to new markets when everything established with those first films says it all. But for Star Wars, changing it up with going back in time from IV (back when it was introduced) to I might be jarring, Gungans included. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is really no different from other preschool animated series out there. After watching enough spinoffs like Transformers: BotBots and How to Train Your Dragon: Rescue Riders, these series won’t be for everyone.

Some studios just want to milk these IPs for all it’s worth so that it can appeal to all age demographics. Most long time fans don’t need it to introduce their kids to what they love, but it’s done anyways. I was curious because Dee Bradley Baker is in many animated Star Wars projects and I respect all the work he’s done in the world of animation. He voices Nubs, a blue bear training to be a Jedi alongside Kai Brightstar (the lead, voiced by Jamaal Avery Jr.) and Lys (Juliet Donenfeld). They form the trio to which this series spends more time with than the others.

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Just What are the Gremlins Hiding in Secrets of the Mogwai?

What’s presented in Gremlins Secrets of the Mogwai is more of a coming of age tale where Sam and Gizmo truly get to bond.

Gremlins Secrets of the MogwaiStreaming on HBO Max and broadcasting on Cartoon Network

Fortunately, Gremlins can’t be contained to one network. Following its streaming debut, these critters are making their way to others, and the Secrets of the Mogwai will soon be everywhere! I’m surprised there’s no merchandise tie-in to accompany this release.

This prequel to the films has an intriguing origin story. Although it retcons a few details, the changes are unnecessary. The lore revealed in the second film says it all, and I’d prefer the cuddly raccoon to have a different name than go by what’s presented prior. It seems these creatures live in a Fern Gully type of fantasy world, and if it was possible to bring together various franchises into one metaverse, I’d like to see Fantastic Beasts merge with this IP. That’s because the 1920s were ripe with lots of pulp influences, and to carry that to the fore would be terrific, too.

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