In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good

What’s recreated in Paranormal Hunter is very much in line with many cinematic haunted house stories, and as for mirroring what real life investigations are like, it’s nothing like.

Paranormal Hunter on SteamEALoGAMES multiplayer videogame Paranormal Hunter has the potential to be good, but without a team to help you investigate, tackling the tougher missions on your own is tough! It’s designed to have at least three people to dive into eerie locations, and fainting upon encountering the supernatural is common. That’s quite different from what those of the television paranormal reality trade typically encounter. As most people know, most of these docudramas are created for entertainment purposes only!

What’s revealed in these missions will certainly test many an avatar’s sanity, and perhaps the player’s too. Although the game takes a cue from H.P. Lovecraft, with a digital metre to show where the mental resilience is at, to emerge with that state intact is super rare. Although what’s this early access release looks almost ready to be unleashed, it really needs two things to be fixed. Continue reading “In EALoGAMES’ Paranormal Hunter, You’re Sadly Alone, And That’s Not Good”

In Search for That Lost Epic on Nintendo’s Switch

Overall, Lost Epic is a fun and engaging game with unique visual style, deep combat mechanics, and an intriguing storyline.

Lost Epic Key Art Picture StillOneOrEight
Disclaimer: A review copy was supplied.

In the world of Lost Epic, the world is ruled by the powerful New Gods and their followers, the Holy Ones. They compete to control the land and destroy the remnants of humanity and other intelligent beings who live there. People who have been rejected or been cast aside by these deities are known as The Perishing, left with little more in life than waiting for death to one day claim them.

As a chosen knight, the player has the power to stand up to the New Gods and serve as a beacon of hope for the people of the world.

Lost Epic is a side-scrolling platformer that can fit right in next to other action fantasy games like Bloodstained or the legendary Castlevania series. In this style of game, known as a Metroidvania, you explore a two-dimensional world, jumping and climbing through a variety of environments and searching for the tools you need to unlock new and more challenging areas.

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Survival Fountain of Youth Early Access in Review and Quick Tips. How How Long Can You Last?

Even at launch, players have written up guides on Steam to help newcomers going through Survival Fountain of Youth not as tough.

Survival Fountain of Youth Title CardOdinsoft’s Survival Fountain of Youth (Steam link) has everything I want in a video game of resource management, archeological exploration, and survival on an uncharted island. When it’s set somewhere in the Yucatán Peninsula and concerns Ponce de Leon’s search for the Fountain of Youth, I couldn’t wait to start exploring!

Here, my avatar is part of this Conquistador’s expedition. After a storm has wrecked the boat, anyone able to survive is not lost at sea, but winds up somewhere else on the many tiny islands located near Bimini. What this game offers are challenges of day to day living in the age of discovery, and a mystery regarding the location of the archaeological treasure. For now, it isn’t finished and this Early Access product has only whetted my appetite.

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The Phantoms are Everywhere in Ghostware: Arena of the Dead, Early Access Impressions

A few weeks into playing Ghostware: Arena of the Dead shows there’s still bugs to iron out and features to be added, but once when the adventure elements are put in, this game looks promising!

Ghostware Arena of the Dead ArtworkOnly skilled gamers who love first person shooters and platform style games can get requisitioned to play Ghostware: Arena of the Dead. This retro style game by Daev Team and published by HyperStrange has a great story to like, but if you can’t make it past the trainer mode and the first challenge, then this game is frustrating. That’s because where you respawn after dying again matters!

Here, you’re playing a videogame character and like in the movie TRON, where you’re transported to a dead world in the digital matrix. Here, you meet The Wizard and are forced to fight in old style games–like Capture the Flag and Deathmatch–to find the truth to what’s going on. Although I didn’t make it far in the early access release, I’ll keep trying again. Not many games will hook you into its concept, but here, I’m itching to get to the slower parts where what’s offered is marketed as an adventure game.

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After Playing the Game, Look at the Art of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor! And the Deets on the Deluxe Edition.

From visionary design to inspirational artwork to stunning final renders The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers a unique look at the inner workings of a galaxy far, far away.

The Art of Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorDark Horse joins forces with Lucasfilm and Respawn Entertainment to present a new art book, The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This behind-the-scenes peek into Cal Kestis’ latest journey (coming to gaming platforms at the end of April) gives fans a deeper dive into how it all came to life. This oversized, full-color hardcover art book collects concept art and creator commentary from the next entry in Cal’s thrilling saga. The book will also be available in a Deluxe Edition including bonus content such as an exclusive slipcase and new print treatments.

Cal and his allies continue to evade the Empire’s clutches in the Dark Times following the events of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but just as a hidden hope reveals itself, new dangers emerge and threaten to destroy everything that the young Jedi has fought to preserve.

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