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How Atari can Recharge Itself in 2022

18 Jan

Battlezone (1980 video game) - WikipediaHopefully, Atari Inc. has plans for more Recharged video games. Last year’s releases by software developors Adamvision and Sneakybox Studios had a nice theme going with Centipede and Black Widow before going to space. The last title was Asteroids Recharged. In what I hope to see coming up are even more adaptations of their classic vector-based games like:


This version is a no-brainer for the simple reason most modern controllers have two sticks built in. It makes players feel like they’re in the tank, and they can slowly navigate their way in a landscape populated by the enemy.

I’ve played Battlezone Gold (released 2018) and VR (2016) enough times to know they are graphically richer experiences, but sometimes all I want is the basics. There’s just something to that old vector style look which has me feel like I’m navigating an old vehicle. I also think it’d be cool to use those power-ups from the previous games imagined from a fresh new first person perspective.

Lunar Lander (1979 video game) - Wikipedia

Lunar Lander

This classic goes without saying. It’s tough to navigate through those canyons to tucked away landing pads. While much of the game is not about facing an enemy, a greater force makes flying tough–gravity!

It’d be great to see this product get a facelift, and as for introducing new threats, perhaps timers and other forces can be at work to thwart that spacecraft from landing. Some creative ideas will be required, but I can see adding randomised weather being part of the equation.

Star Castle

This predecessor to Yar’s Revenge is simple in its design. Your enemy is behind a moving wall, and it can throw anything it wants at you, but all you can do is fly away and dodge. A lot of the mechanics from Asteroids can be ported over. The only difference is in what moves and what doesn’t.

Just how this game can get an update means adjusting the AI to do more than throw bombs at the player. It can include adding other swarms of problems, be it asteroids and rocks, along with the regular homing missiles at you.

The Empire Strikes Back | Retro Gamer

Suffice to say, Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Reloaded are a pipe dream due to licensing issues. I’d love to revisit this classic and navigate the trench like how Luke Skywalker saw it with his vectorscope. The latter imagined The Battle of Hoth with vector rendered AT-ATs! Although other game developers reimagined it with better graphics, Star Wars Battle Pod really recreated the feel of being in the flight cockpit.

Outside of the realm of vector graphics include Dig Dug, Pole Position, and Gauntlet. A few ideas that come to mind are in simply adding new power-ups to all these games, even though the last one really doesn’t need it. Instead, it’d be more of a port with added elements to allow for multi-player game play on a local level than through the Internet. Bluetooth has made communication between devices easy, and well, there’s a bit of nostalgia whenever I hear, “The warrior has shot the food,” and my valkyrie is feeling rather red.

My most desired title is Tempest. The modern controller seems designed for it, assuming the stick is not simply a switch-based analogue system. To swirl it about and move it according to the shape of the gamefield in this shoot ’em up game is a perfect replacement to the dial used in the original. Even though we got a lot of revisions since the release of the original game, it’s the one I spent the most quarters on.

Atari’s Asteroids is Reloaded, but…

16 Jan

AAsteroids Recharged » Atarivailable for Nintendo Switch, PS4/5 and Xbox

Anyone who has played the original Asteroids will find the Recharged settings for button mashing very unnatural. That’s because long time players of this game have grown accustomed to pushing buttons to aim and steer the spacecraft to shoot away these rocks in space. Even with the many versions available on the Internet (sometimes called Atari Reloaded), I’m more inclined to load up those takes than to play the official product.

My skill with the original and Atari 2600 lets me get farther. To put this game on a stick is odd. I need my buttons! At least some of them can be assignable through system preferences. But having a reconfigured setup plays better on an arcade fight stick. Also, I’d require a cabinet sized spread than a small one, which I picked up on Amazon to test if my theory is true, and I’ve lasted longer.

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SpinMaster & DC’s Plans for The Batman Merch!

16 Jan

batmobileComing to toy stores are plenty of The Batman merchandise even this cape crusader may well want to rig up as vehicular drones. RC car enthusiasts can check out the Turbo Boost model over the regular release. Both have different features to make blazing in the night and scaring cats easy.

Spinmaster and DC partnered up to craft this line of wave one merchandise. It’s safe to say the release of The Riddler is waiting in the wings after the film’s hits cinemas March 4th. Be warned though, the following contains an image of the re-imagined Penguin and he doesn’t look too happy.

Batmobile 4-inch Scale, MSRP $36.99, Ages 4+.

The movie look-a-like Batmobile comes loaded with features including LED engine lights, headlights, and an undercarriage residual glow that truly makes it come to life! Level up your missions with life-like engine sounds. It even includes a 4-inch Batman figure!

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Hotel Transylvania’s Johnny Monster Bus and Character Tour

12 Jan

unnamedHotel Transylvania: Transformania, is headed to streams than screens, and Amazon Studios & Sony Pictures Animation are partnering up to give fans the ultimate Hotel Transylvania experience! They have made the plans to have The Johnny Monster Bus and Character Tour travel through the States with stops at select cities (guide offered below) so kids can enjoy character meet and greets, and a lot more!  Additionally oversized inflatable characters to take over for photo-ops perfect for social media sharing. If successful, it may venture into other countries next.

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Celebrate 50 Years with Kolchak: The Night Stalker with an all-new Graphic Novel!

10 Jan

Kolchak-preCover-Worley-PROOFOn Tuesday, January 11, 1972, Kolchak: The Night Stalker terrified and delighted audiences on ABC. The TV movie — written by horror legend Richard Matheson (I Am Legend) and based on an unpublished novel by Jeff Rice — was the highest-rated TV movie in U.S. history. It subsequently spawned both a second TV movie, The Night Strangler, and a cult TV series that ran for just one season, but inspired a generation of storytellers, notably including X-Files creator Chris Carter.

In 2022, Moonstone Books will celebrate this pop culture milestone with a Kickstarter campaign for Kolchak: The Night Stalker 50th Anniversary Graphic Novel, edited by James Aquilone (Classic Monsters Unleashed).

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