It’s Just Classic Toho Fun with Giant Robot Hellboy!

The concept behind this Giant Robot Hellboy is simple. It brings some of that classic Pacific Rim vibe into what is otherwise a Toho film featuring a certain other big G….

Giant Robot Hellboy #1 Comic Book CoverDark Horse Comics
Spoiler Alert

Kaiju fans will love everything Mike Mignola has dreamed up in Giant Robot Hellboy. This story is inspired by the sketches he drew and got published in The Quarantine Sketchbook, and due to demand, he’s crafted an excellent story that blends Japanese style action to a familiar concept.

The first issue sets up something that I would expect in Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner. He gets a phone call and soon gets gassed. After passing out, he’s whisked away by unknown agents to some bunker, where he’s hooked up to various neural devices. As for the mysterious giant box, all I see is that it’s destined to some island said to be located east of Africa.

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Brains vs Brawns. Skull Island Impresses with Mystery and Kaiju Style Action!

What makes Skull Island a fine jumping in point is that one doesn’t need to know the live-action movie at all.

Netflix Skull Island Promotional PosterLegendary PicturesSkull Island is essentially a variation on a theme. I’ve seen this story in Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous; both tales concern teens and adults trapped in the worst place possible. They not only have to contend with rogue scientists but also giant monsters. When they wash up here, where they land is no Hotel California.

Although this animation is billed as a story for an older crowd, the teen elements are at the forefront, and the ape (i.e. Kong) simply lounging around. His presence is downplayed while another beast takes centre stage. I’m curious about Dog, who probably aids the mighty gorilla. This temperamental mutant has the features of a Pitbull, lion and armadillo.

He’d be the type of creature cryptologists and scientists would want to study. But instead, they’re more interested in riling up things from the sea and detonating explosives in places where they shouldn’t. Charlie (Nicolas Cantu) doesn’t like this life, and if it weren’t for his best friend, Mike (Darren Barnet) being here, he’d probably go crazy. This teen wants a normal life.

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Godzilla Day is Tomorrow! How are you Going to Roar in 2022?

Godzilla Day is Nov 3, 2022 and how are you going to acknowledge this Kaiju sized Day?

Godzilla DayNov 3, 2022

From one monster bash to another, Godzilla Day is nearly here, and he’ll be 68 years old! Everyone can join in the fun world-wide and as for how we’ll be celebrating this event in Canada (Victoria, BC to be specific), we have combed through the lists to find what is appropriate. Even though the big are Japan and USA, that’s okay.

The real exclusives will be found at Kinokuniya Book Stores online store, and for those buying shirts, please bear in mind the metric system is much smaller than American. Best to buy two sizes up to be safe.

As for elsewhere, thankfully there are a few streaming options to make the thrill possible. We present a list of what to watch, read or play with!

Screenings (Theatrical and Streaming)

  • Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla is headed to U.S. theatres! This partnership with Fathom Events and Alamo Drafthouse will bring 2002’s classic to the big screen and it’s about stompin’ time!

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The Mixed-Media Love Letter to Japanese Pop Culture, Iké Boys, is Coming to North America!

In Iké Boys, best friends Shawn Gunderson and Vikram ‘Vik’ Kapoor escape from the drudgery of high school life in Oklahoma through their obsession with all things Japanese.

Iké Boys

Shout! Factory

A charmingly offbeat fantasy adventure that mixes live action, original animation, and tokusatsu special effects, the new feature film Iké Boys will debut on Digital and On Demand on all major platforms October 11, 2022 from Shout! Studios.

Heart-warming yet comedic, Iké Boys is a coming-of-age story of adventure and friendship set amongst high school friends in late ’90s Oklahoma who escape the dull reality of daily life via a shared obsession with all things Japanese. A love letter to kaiju, anime and Japanese pop culture, this fan-favourite film has been enthralling audiences since its world premiere at Fantastic Fest 2021 and its international premiere at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Directed by Eric McEver, written by McEver and Jeff Hammer, and produced by Hammer, Brion Hambel, and Paul Jensen, the film stars an ensemble cast of Quinn Lord (The Man in the High Castle), Ronak Gandhi (The Rookie), Christina Higa (Am I Ok?), Billy Zane (Titanic, The Boys), Yumiko Shaku (Kamen Rider Zi-O), and Ben Browder (Farscape).

Shout Factory also released a State-side Iké Boys Trailer:

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What to Do with a Dead Kaiju (or should that be What Must We Do) at Fantasia 2022’s Final Day?

The decision over What to Do with a Dead Kaiju was dragged out because nobody realised the clock is counting down to something…

What to do with a Dead KaijuAnyone who watches a lot of Japanese monster movies knows how the story goes. We are introduced to a giant monstrous threat to humanity, people panic, and some force arrives to save the day. The two clash and sometimes the opponent dies, and that begs the question (and also the title of the movie), What to Do with a Dead Kaiju? (大怪獣のあとしまつ)

The answer we get is similar to what we saw in Shin Godzilla (while he’s alive). We have to address the ramifcations of sending out special forces, decide when to make a stand, and consider the cost of rebuilding–especially after all the missiles are fired. The mess that the Japanese special forces have to deal with afterwards is never shown, and as for other monster movies prior, we never know about the damage control that has to take place between films.

And it’s tough to tell if Satoshi Miki‘s film is trying to be serious. This movie was the last thing I saw at Fantasia Film Festival because of my love for this genre. Plus, the trailer made the film look good. Maybe next time, I should consider looking at Japanese reviews. But I have no regrets over my decision.

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