Not the Same Ol’ Song. Ghostbusters: Back in Town Instead of Cleanin’ Up….

Dark Horse Comics loves their supernatural, and it’s only natural they’re continuing the story based the film. Ghostbusters: Back in Town is sure to appease fans looking for that bridge for next year’s sequel!

Ghostbusters: Back in Town Dark Horse Comics

If you haven’t heard about this news yet, then now is the time to prepare for another publisher to provide some equally fun and exciting action, Ghostbusters style! Usually, IDW Publishing offers up these mini-series, but in March 2024, all of that is going to change! I’m excited to read Ghostbusters: Back in Town. It looks like they’re taking a cue from Stranger Things and as that franchise winds down, this publisher is looking ahead and will focus on all new adventures for the team– and that’s terrific!

The other publisher is better known for its more cartoon style presentation and to have a work that’s entirely different is very welcomed!

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When Owning Megasets Are A Must; Presenting Our 2023 Holiday Home Video Gift Guide

Sometimes, gifting that pop culture enthusiast in the family is tough, and we got our top new release picks (from this year) on what to give that person!

Godzilla Christmas Tree and Holiday Home Video Gift GuideAnyone searching for a holiday home video gift guide of the godzilla sized home box sets of beloved franchises released this year are in luck! In this year’s edition on what to give that nerd in the family, what I offer is a list of works which I think are must own over others. Most of these major releases are available to purchase now.

There’s only two which will be out very soon, so they should arrive in time for the holiday. What’s offered looks amazing for genre fans and although a few of them are repackaged material, that’s okay since I’m considering anniversary releases too.

To note, each entry is separated out into its own page (please scroll further down to find the next page markers). Presented in alphabetical order are:

ALF- The Complete Series (Deluxe Edition)
Available to order on Amazon

ALF: The Complete Series (Deluxe Edition) + Bundle

Love him or hate him, Alf was part of 80s pop culture!

Everyone’s favourite wise-cracking alien from Melmac, Gordon Shumway — better known to Earthlings as ALF crash-lands onto DVD in this definitive 24-disc collection. The collection includes every episode of this interstellar hit series, restored to their original broadcast length for the first time in 30 years. It also includes the 1996 film Project: ALF starring Martin Sheen, and all 47 episodes of Saturday morning’s ALF: The Animated Series and ALF Tales! Never has a collection been so out of this world!

This Exclusive includes the NEW DVD release of ALF, an exclusive 18” x 24” rolled poster featuring new artwork, a retro prism sticker, a 7″ vinyl, an enamel pin set, a lunch box, and an authentic Melmac rock.

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Everything is Back with The Star Beast in the First Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special!

Everything fans have been wanting to see in Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special is here, and The Star Beast certainly delivers fun quips and chuckles along the way!

Doctor Who 60th Anniversary LogoBBC’s Doctor Who is 60-years old, and honestly, they should spend part of their increased budget to have David Tennant back on some semi-permanent basis. He’s a tough act to follow and although this actor has nothing but praise for Ncuti Gatwa, who will take over the role after these specials, I just want him! When “The Star Beast” is part one of a three-story arc, thankfully that means there’ll be a month of this actor doing what he does best–to play Sherlock the only way he best knows how!

And when he says he’s not an interim incarnation, and he’s equally mystified, I’m here for the ride!

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When Trolls Band Together, What Can Musically or Chaotically Go Wrong?

Three films in, DreamWorks is out to milk Trolls Band Together for everything they can musically put out, and all I have to ask, when will they sing showtunes?

Trolls Band Together Movie PosterSpoiler Alert

New musical puns and even more tunes have been Troll-matized in DreamWorks latest. Unlike the last film where fans get to discover various subspecies exist, Trolls Band Together broadens the world so that fans can find just how diverse it is. That is, it’s not entirely populated by these tiny singing Muppets. There’s other species who also love breaking out into song.

Although the Mount Rageons are rather creepy looking, perhaps the character design was intentional. They are either modelled after Gumby or are related to a toy line I never played with. However, I can’t help but think that cackling doll from the movie Poltergeist was an influence! When two of them (conveniently a sibling pair named Velvet and Veneer, played by Amy Schumer and Andrew Rannells) have kidnapped Floyd, one of Branch’s brothers, just so they can steal his mojo, I thought this film is a retread of the original.

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Celebrating 35 Years with Scrooged. Yule Love It in 4K!

I would put Scrooged in any top ten holiday or best performances of Bill Murray list because he’s got the touch. Youi’ll laugh and cry all night long!

Scrooged in 4K
Available to purchase on Amazon USA

Paramount Pictures

What old is Scrooged again, and for anyone who has not seen this Bill Murray classic, I recommend picking this title up. Not only does the 4k release offer some bonus features nixed from the Blu-ray, but also, the remaster looks gorgeous! The texture of the black fabrics are better nuanced and the whites are crisp.

And as for deciding what elements should be made 4K, that’s a delicate balancing act. That’s because in 1988, broadcasting used some very low-fi technology (when compared to present day). In UHD, what’s presented is incredible. Instead of ‘remastering’ the broadcast quality of the television program within a show, those were kept low res. Some film grain persists outdoors to convey how Manhattan should look like, and as for the Dolby Vision transfer, it all looks great!

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