Darkwing Duck, Dynamite Comics and Disney. What Can Go Wrong?

The danger that quacks in the night is back! And we look at the first two issues of Dynamite Comic’s Darkwing Duck.

Darkwing Duck #2 comic book coverThe difference between the various releases of Darkwing Duck in comic book form is in what aspect of Drake Mallard’s life should be the focus. The first take from Disney dealt with his heroics, Boom! Studios had longer narrative arcs in the same vein, and when licensing changed hands again to Joe Books (a lesser known company), I lost track. It’s easier to follow the animated series instead. The latest series by Dynamite Comics thankfully doesn’t try to acknowledge those past works as far as I know.

As much as I’d love to keep up with non canonical tales, sometimes all I need is one Duck, and one vision. He worked alone before making friends who becomes his sidekicks. Thankfully this latest honours the early spirit that defines the series. Here, we read about Mallard’s attempt to keep Gosalyn safe, and the only way is to hang up the cape. When he’s not present, she’s a magnet for trouble. Two issues in, to save her than other people are becoming too much.

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Evaluating Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and Why Handling The Trident Hurts

This home video release of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish offers a bit of everything for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Puss in Boots The Last Wish Blu-ray + DVD
Available to purchase on Amazon USA

Universal Studios
Movie review can be read here.

To watch Puss in Boots: The Last Wish on home video again is a joy and what’s said here is more of a look at the bonus features. Also, after looking at many of the Universal Studios recent disc releases, one detail I’m greatly appreciating is a consistent menu design. It’s a step to giving all of this company’s releases a regular look, and it’s a very easy to navigate.

As for the extras, half of what’s available are for youths to enjoy. The other segments give a bit of insight for future animators to understand the production. The segments I enjoyed more are when the performers are behind the microphone. Banderas is amazing in these parts, and in contrast, the kitty cam is filler. It’s milking a concept not everyone can appreciate, but if you love watching cats being cats, this video segment is worth leave running in the background while doing chores. It may entertain your own cats at home.

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Closing February with These Top 3 Best Reads from Dark Horse Comics

We present three of our most favourite reads from Dark Horse Comics that were released this month.

Dark Horse LogoThe best reads from Dark Horse Comics in February boils down to three titles! This publisher always has a bit of everything to love and technically I have four works which I enjoyed reading. As much as I tried to enjoy the new Star Wars as published by Marvel Comics, the imagination doesn’t hold a candle to one legacy release, Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures. This work deserves honourable mention, at least.

As for my top three, they are:

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Netflix’s We Have A Ghost is All About When Spirit Communications Go Awry

To hear someone say We Have a Ghost is the reason why the cat and mouse chase is on in this Netflix movie. The question is who can contain it?

We Have a GhostNetflix has been pumping out a lot of paranormal themed programming lately. And to say, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost,” because We Have A Ghost (who happens to be more comical than scary) suggests this distributor wants a hit for everyone to enjoy. Although this pet project by writer/director Christopher Landon doesn’t have the same vibe as Ghostbusters, what’s presented follows that formula from Casper.

When the Presley family moves into an old home and a member discovers it’s haunted by a phantom, he isn’t running. Fulton (Niles Finch) and his older brother Kevin (Jahi Winston) are opposites, and as for whom this entity attaches itself to is with the youngest. He eventually names the spirit Earnest (David Harbour), since all the clues propose that was his identity prior to death. As for why he’s stuck in this plane of existence, the mystery slowly unfolds to suggest he was murdered. That backstory doesn’t reveal itself well until much later in this very long movie. 

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Hungry for Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire to be Fully Unleashed!

It’s a dry and desolate place, and I can feel for Voltaire trying to get by without assistance.

Voltaire: The Vegan VampireFull Release Feb 27, 2023
Steam Demo Available

Freedom Game‘s Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is not an easy game to play in its current beta. This action-farming rogue-like brings requires searching for items to level up fast (for those power-ups), planning to survive the night and strategy if you’re to battle the midnight infestations. As a vampire who subsists on veggies, trying to deal with creatures attacking your harvest is the biggest threat! Out of all the games I’ve looked at this month, this game is one I’m regularly returning to the most.

What’s offered is challenging without feeling repetitve. Apparently, this character is the son of the famous Dracula. Who knows what happened to his (this game is non canon) servants. You’d think they are around to assist.

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