Instead of the Same Ol’ Same Ol’, This Year’s Scary Victoria Halloween Event Guide Tries to Be Different

Only the most loved events are mentioned in this year’s Halloween Event Listing for the Garden City is considered.

Halloween Event Guide with a Skull Looming over the The Parliament Buildings

The season for trick or treating is right around the corner, and instead of listing the usual staples that take place around Victoria, B.C., what’s offered in this year’s Halloween Event Guide are either new events and activities that sparked my interest. The lists I’ve published in prior years are generally still valid, and should be listed as related articles following this post. Because variety is important and not everyone is inclcined to revisit the same old thing every year, even I want something different to try!

Not listed are murder mysteries, themed board game nights and other similiar store hosted events where there’s limited seating. This list will be updated as more events get advertised. If you know of one that should get listed here, please do not hesitate to comment or contact us.


Empress Kids Haunted Hotel–Shaughnessy ballroom
721 Government Street
Oct 23, 2023

For a taste of the upper class and also being in a haunted hotel, The Fairmount has this unique event for locals and visiting tourists to partake in during the season. Not much information has been made available, but it sounds promising!

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When All You Need is “Yaga,” You Better Be Ready to Fight Instead of take Flight

Halloween season has begun! And to get your early scares on, The Belfry is bringing the cross country hit, Yaga, to Victoria, BC!

Kat Sandler's Yaga Title Card
Playing at The Belfry, Victoria, BC
From Sept 14th, 2023 to Oct 8, 2023.
Tickets are available here

Please check Playwrights Canada for other regional performances.

The formula for what Kat Sandler‘s play, simply titled Yaga, is about may well be like an episode of Twin Peaks for some attendees, but for myself, I’m thinking Murder, She Wrote. But instead of solving mysteries from the perspective of a best-selling author, the point of view is from an omniscient presence needing more than the usual sustenance. Baba Yaga is an infamous Slavic witch known to eat children, but these days, she’s not picky.

Ever since this show’s debut in 2019, various theatre houses have put this play on across Canada. To kickstart Victoria, BC’s The Belfry 2023/24 season and get attendees ready for Halloween, it seems the director Jani Lauzon added an indigenous touch on top. We’re in a birch house to listen to the very beginnings of life. It’s told by a woman shaman (Tracey Nepinak) in a set that I believe was designed to resemble a traditional First Nation longhouse.

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[Victoria Fringe 2023] New Earth Bandits Photo Gallery, Beware of Mutants!

Is the Future Safe from SNAFU Dance’s New Earth Bandits? Look on as we present images from Sunday evening’s performance.

For folks unable to attend SNAFU Dance‘s New Earth Bandits because it’s a regional show, I offer a sequential journey on what I experienced. Please visit the prior article for a full review and synopsis. Although there was lots to take in, the visual spectacle and journey of these remaining survivors of Earth (and visitors to) was amazing to behold, and plus, we got a terrific sunset to experience as the show drew to a close. Not included are images of the closing act, since some spoiler info should be kept masked.

Without further adieu:

  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 01
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 02
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 03
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 04
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 05
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 06
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 07
  • New Earth Bandits - An Eagle and a Shaman
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 08
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 09
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 10
  • SNAFU Dance's New Earth Gods 11
  • For More Information About SNAFU Dance

In Victoria, BC Cherry Bomb Toys is Back in Business on Yates! Isn’t That Great?

The good news for locals, tourists and toy collectors coming to Downtown Victoria is that Cherry Bomb Toys is back in business!

Cherry Bomb Toys with B Woodward!In Victoria, BC, Cherry Bomb Toys has moved, and it’s now nestled on the same side of the street along with Interactivity Board Game Cafe and Haunted Manor: Mini-Golf + Ping-Pong Lounge. This much beloved family run toy store has lots of memories contained in its now bigger location, and as everything is located on one floor, The National Toy Museum of Canada will occupy the back half of the space. For this weekend, there’ll be a few random giveaways to thank those who supported them over the years and bring even more smiles to what’s been done to show they have no intention of ever closing shop.

They held their grand (re)opening Friday, May 26th with customers old and new wandering through during the afternoon. There’s still a few bits that weren’t ready, like a new storefront sign. I have no doubt it’ll be scaled to size, but for the nostalgia, the original hangs over the payment counter. The museum isn’t quite ready yet for people to wander through, but Biagio Woodward promises it’ll be spectacular.

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A Pop Culture Guide to the 2023 Victoria Film Festival

Victoria Film Festival Current LogoThe 2023 Victoria Film Festival is turning twenty-nine years old, and it’s terrific to see them continue to support the local filmmaking community. Arnold Lim’s latest, “My Name is Arnold,” is the spotlight this year. Not only do they continue to bring the love for independent film to Vancouver Island but also do what they can to keep cineastes  in town happy.

Whether they attract more from abroad is something they should include in their guide to say why this event is important on a global scale. That’s mostly because there’s lovers of film from afar who often ask that.

If travelling to the wet and wintry garden city is not possible to show support, then I suggest checking out if your local film festival or art house theatre will play them. Thankfully, there’s three works in this list which are more accessible than others (see below). One is already on home video, and I’ll never tire of watching on a traditional basis.

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