When Going Green is Environmentally Friendly for Scott Duvall’s Latest Comic Book Crowdfunding Project….

What’s offered in Going Green looks very Stranger Things-ish, and and it’s a work I’m sure even Steven Speilberg would love.

Going Green Comic Book CoverScott Duvall and his team are “Going Green” with their latest comic book idea. They describe it as Locke & Key meets the biological horror of Annihilation in a modern-day monster comic with a heart. It’s being crowdfunded so that it can be delivered directly to fans of their work, and this listing can be found on Zoop.

In this story, Cliff and Molly are your usual teens, enjoying life out in what appears to be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. However, one day, their dad gets injured and recovery isn’t possible. The boy has a difficult task of identifying the body, and afterwards, instead of the traditional burial, the individual they talk to suggests the family should inter the remains another way and help restore the forests nearby. But as for what kind of strange magic exists deep within the woods, something is causing the dead to come alive!

The kids are curious as to why it’s happening, and while they go searching for answers, more recently deceased individuals are rising! It’s as though Halloween isn’t over. There’s a teaser promo video made to showcase the work that’s been done so far. What’s presented has a Stephen Spielberg type vibe to it, and that’s enough for me to say let’s help these creators! Continue reading “When Going Green is Environmentally Friendly for Scott Duvall’s Latest Comic Book Crowdfunding Project….”

Capital City Comic Con 2022 Revealed: Pokémon and Star Trek to Headline.

This year, there seems to be more artists this year than ever before at Capital City Comic Con 2022. Most are local.

capital city comic con 2022 logo

Runs Sept 23 – 25, 2022
Victoria Conference Center & The Crystal Gardens
720 Douglas Street

his Fall, Capital City Comic Con 2022 is set to return to say the heat is still on in the Pacific Northwest. After three sizzling events (ECCC, RCCC and Pax) south of the border, the Downtown Victoria Business Association hopes fans far and wide will visit the Garden City and enjoy everything this event offers. After two years, the pandemic can’t put a halt to everything because people are scared of catching the covid-19 virus.

Reports are hinting at a huge Pokémon presence, with daily challenges and events for players of this seven-year-old game to enjoy. Sadly, Niantic won’t be involved, but the local community is. Facebook’s VanIsle Pokémon Go Syndicate will be running daily events for those still playing this mobile (and often non-augmented reality) game! Also, Vancouver’s Geekenders is coming to this event to present Nerdlesque: Pokemon A-Go-Go! This is a separately ticketed show available to non convention attendees, and it’s an adult show.

Also, role playing games, board games and your usual round of panels and special guests to talk about their continued work in the entertainment industry. This year’s round-up includes touring convention regulars and a full representation of comic book talents from the island. As a bonus in this updated article, we have dining guide posted on our sister blog, Two Hungry Blokes (link here)!

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Pandemics, Fan Expo Vancouver and Capital City Comic Con 2022

FAN EXPO VANCOUVER - Festivals - 999 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC - Phone  Number - YelpAs we enter year three of the pandemic, it‘s safe to say no pop culture convention is expected to run at full capacity. Despite reports of other big events–namely Fan Expo Portland–cancelling for this region, the organizers behind two of British Columbia’s events (Fan Expo Vancouver and Capital City Comic Con) are still listed as taking place in February and March. They are most likely going to operate at half capacity in accordinace to health guidelines.

Some events have to sally forth otherwise bankruptcy has to be declared. Contracts were signed, and not many have a Impossibility Clause. That is, the government has to directly intervene to say this event cannot continue and there’d be no breach of contract.

It’s expected that attendees will have to wear masks throughout and show proof of being vaccinated. 

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Disaster Preparedness with the Help of a Dark Horse

Without Warning! Wildfire is available to read for free at Dark Horse Digital.

without warningThe Pacific Northwest is a heavily forested and wooded region where even British Columbia must be acknowledged too. Although Without Warning! Wildfire was authored to address worries in Oregon, the information presented is just as valid Canada-side too. Disaster can happen anytime and this province is still recovering from the devestating floods which destroyed infrastructures.

The first two comics in the series, Without Warning! Earthquake (published in 2014) and Without Warning! Tsunami (published in 2016), have been distributed throughout the Northwest and adapted for other regions, helping support readiness in communities.

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“No Hope” for a Franchise. Transformers: Heavy Metal AR

Pokémon Go creator Niantic announces Transformers: Heavy Metal AR game -  PolygonBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The battle for which faction will occupy Earth is not likely at the core of the upcoming mobile AR game, Transformers: Heavy Metal. The media’s abuzz about bringing this Hasbro property to the videogame world again, and honestly, I’m not excited. I’m more curious in when the reboot will be brought back to the screen again (recent Netflix program notwithstanding).

Niantic Inc is involved in the development cycle, and early images suggest this product may well be another Pokemon GO clone. Seattle-based software house, Very Very Spaceship (known for Truck Stars) is leading the development. This four-year-old business doesn’t have a lot of recognition to get some fans excited.

This company is a self-described, “motley crew of space faring designers, engineers, artists and storytellers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. For the past three years, under the leadership of BAFTA winning founder Sean Vesce (Never Alone, Tomb Raider Series, Mechwarrior Series), we have been solving the problems of the unknown for incredible partners like Google, Microsoft and others. We are a tight-knit group of makers thriving in our undiscovered future, making shared game experiences in AR, VR, Geolocation, Live Streaming and more. In addition to our client work, we develop and release original indie experiments like the recent Knife 2 Meat U, available at our itch.io page.”

Considering how huge Transformers fandom is, Hasbro’s quality control division ought to squash any bumblebees.

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