Tis Time to Cozy Up to Butterfly Tale for Winter Break and Where to Watch

While some parts of the world slow down with the coming of winter, Butterfly Tale is sure to warm anyone’s heart.

Butterfly Tale Movie PosterAvailable to view on Google Play

Vortex Media and Maison 4:3 are thrilled to announce that Sophie Roy’s Butterfly Tale has grossed over $750k across Canada to date. Starring Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law) and Mena Massoud (Evolving Vegan), this movie is an animated feature film for the whole family set along the diverse, picturesque, and ever-changing backdrop of the great monarch butterfly migration. The film features original songs from Shawn Mendes, Johnny Orlando, and Cœur de Pirate.

The first 3D animated feature to be made in the ScreenX format from the pre-production stage, this work will continue to be available on the big screen, charming families across Canada, and for curiousity seekers, it is online for others to view.

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Not the Same Ol’ Song. Ghostbusters: Back in Town Instead of Cleanin’ Up….

Dark Horse Comics loves their supernatural, and it’s only natural they’re continuing the story based the film. Ghostbusters: Back in Town is sure to appease fans looking for that bridge for next year’s sequel!

Ghostbusters: Back in Town Dark Horse Comics

If you haven’t heard about this news yet, then now is the time to prepare for another publisher to provide some equally fun and exciting action, Ghostbusters style! Usually, IDW Publishing offers up these mini-series, but in March 2024, all of that is going to change! I’m excited to read Ghostbusters: Back in Town. It looks like they’re taking a cue from Stranger Things and as that franchise winds down, this publisher is looking ahead and will focus on all new adventures for the team– and that’s terrific!

The other publisher is better known for its more cartoon style presentation and to have a work that’s entirely different is very welcomed!

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Back at Cinemas for its Anniversary, Fans Can Experience Tokyo Godfathers in 4K!

As part of AX’s ongoing Cinema Nights schedule, Tokyo Godfathers makes its return to cinema, and we got some terrific news about this release.

Tokyo Godfathers AX Cinema Nights Promo PosterTokyo Godfathers is returning to cinemas across North America from December 11 to13, and it’s sure to please. This holiday classic from master director Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Perfect Blue) celebrates its 20th anniversary with a 4K restoration under the supervision of the original art director and producers.

It’s part of Anime Expo Cinema Nights, a year-round movie event series celebrating the best new and classic anime films, and it is managed by Iconic Events Releasing, a company that specialises in bringing critically acclaimed films to the big screen.

Tickets, participating theatres, and more information are available at:


Plot Summary:

On Christmas Eve, three homeless companions stumble upon a baby girl in a garbage heap. They name her Kiyoko, and vow to care for her as they track down her family.

Haunted by memories of their own broken pasts and pursued by a cast of shadowy characters from Tokyo’s nightlife, Hana, Gin and Miyuki overcome their differences and learn to trust one another as a new, makeshift family. With the New Year fast approaching, the mystery behind baby Kiyoko deepens, and these unlikely heroes discover the surprising–and sometimes miraculous–connections that have brought them all together.

Tokyo Godfathers 20th Anniversary (English Dub)

Revel Guts Web Comic is Getting a Dark Horse Treatment with a Trade Paperback!

Fans of the anime subgenre of magical girls will get to enjoy Sparks as its collected into a trade paperback for all to enjoy in print!

Revel Guts Sparks Volume 1 Portals Original CoverClass is in session in this new magical school series, beginning with Sparks Volume 1: Portals! This fresh LGBTQ+ coming-of-age fantasy tale began as a webcomic by Revel Guts, and will be available in a print edition from Dark Horse Books in July 2024.

In a world rising from the ashes of destruction, Human society thrives only through their complex alliance with the magical Satyr. Philo has always been the worst student in his class at the academy, with powerful magic he can barely control. His lack of ambition and discipline is about to catch up with him as graduation day looms. When he’s paired to train together with the aloof star student Atlas, Philo’s magic backfires, teleporting them both far from home. Now, their futures depend on them working together to make it back to their school in time.

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Kaiju and Ghibli Fans Rejoice! Toho and GKIDS (Studio Ghibli) to Release Their Films in December for America.

Studio Ghibli and Toho is coming to America in December, and just who will dominate depends. The Boy and the Heron, or will it be Godzilla Minus One?

The Boy and the Heron English Poster - Studio GhibliThe English dubbed trailer recently dropped for Studio Ghibli‘s The Boy and the Heron and it looks good! When there’s top notch performers coming in to provide a track for those who prefer this release over the other (i.e. subtitles), it’s sure to be a hit! and I’m looking forward to check out both. You can’t go wrong with Mark Hamill! For a full list of credits, please check out GKIDS official webpage here.

As excitement builds for what is presumedly Hayao Miazaki’s final film, GKIDS is offering early screenings in select cities across the United States of America, and hopefully Cineplex Cinemas will follow suit. They have not made any formal announcements yet, but it’s safe to say there will be screenings. Fans are encouraged to contact their local major theatre chain for when it will be screening there.

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