Unboxing the Huge Star Trek: Picard Legacy Collection, The Video and Expanded Review

We expand on what’s said in our unboxing video on YouTube and offer some more thoughts after giving Star Trek: The Picard Legacy Collection a proper view.

Star Trek- Picard Legacy CollectionAvailable to purchase on Amazon USA

The Star Trek: Picard Legacy Collection is huge, and for anyone new to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and wants to follow everything this captain (wonderfully played by Sir Patrick Stewart) has done, it’s the perfect jumping in point! Not everyone will have grown up watching this franchise’s best comeback. Without it, the subsequent series would not have been created. We have Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Strange New Worlds, Prodigy and so on. Although not every series was made avaiilable on Blu-ray, that’s the hope most long time fans crave.

In this release, all the episodes are identified on the sleeve that makes up each case. Each plastic enclosure is sturdy, and although I’d be tempted to put the series into a binder, I don’t need to rush to do that. The discs aren’t that hard to remove, and instead of forcing, I gently tugged.

And as my unboxing video shows (featured below), there’s lots of design and packaging aesthetics to like. After sitting down to view the remasters, the details are far better than what I recall from my television viewing days. Although Blu-ray isn’t as forgiving with the bits of blue screening used, some suspension of belief is required.

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On Breathing New Life to Vampires and Other Stereotypes, An Interview

Visual Vengeance release of the cult film Vampires and Other Stereotypes shouldn’t be missed for fans of indie budget horror! And we got to talk to the filmmaker!

Kevin Lindenmuth Closeup PictureKevin J. Lindenmuth is the type of filmmaker who loves his horror. One look at his filmography shows he’s covered the gamut, and instead of relying on producers from Hollywood, he’s all independent! The fact he published many books (Amazon link) about his process says it all. And along with the Special Edition release of Vampires and Other Stereotypes (Amazon link), he’s a talent worth following.

His career started much like a few other well-known names, like Sam Raimi, and as for who else he may have crossed paths with, I’m sure the list is long! Although I’m curious if he’d work with Troma Pictures since he’s based in the same State as this studio, it’s still possible for that to happen. He’s continuing to make movies and teach too! And yes, I got to correspond with him in this interview:

What made you decide to become a filmmaker, and why go indie instead of heading to Los Angeles?

I watched horror movies from a very young age, from the original Dark Shadows to whatever horror movie was on Saturday afternoons, so that was always an interest. They were these worlds that were totally separate from my current reality. So they were subjectively much better! And then I started making Super 8 mm film shorts when I was in elementary school through high school, then went to University of Michigan and went through their fledgling Film/Video program. And during all this time I was a writer, submitting short stories to small press zines.

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Getting More Into The Mitchells vs the Machines on Home Video

The Mitchells vs the Machines Movie PosterSony Pictures
Available to purchase on Amazon USA
Movie review can be read here.

There’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World to be found in The Mitchells vs the Machines. I can rewatch the Netflix film without eating up precious bandwidth, and ‘The Best Features Ever’ is just that. The additional material helped make me appreciate this work a lot more, and to see more Dog Cop helped make my day.

The deleted scenes are more than just short moments. Half of them extend and offer more backstory. I can see why they weren’t brought to production since it’d make the presentation far too long. Other featurettes include “Dog Cop 7: The Final Chapter.” This little film features the family pet, Monchi, dealing with a candy cane crook (appropriate for the season) and love at the same time. It’s animated with sock puppets and a canine stuffed doll with the arms of some actress playing Katie helping animate this beloved pug. To create this work in an opposite style in contrast to the film works for the sake of pretend realism.

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Undercover Punch & Gun Finds Its Way to Home Video June 8th

Anyone not knowing the history of this film (it was made in 2015) might have wondered why some gangsters were wearing face masks–it wasn’t to keep them safe from toxins, but it’s the norm in smoggy Hong Kong.

Blu-ray, DVD & Digital release: 'Undercover Punch and Gun' - Far East FilmsBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Streaming now on Hi-YAH!, and available to pre-order on Amazon.com.

The hottest talents from Hong Kong are the highlight in Undercover Punch and Gun (潜行者), and the eye-candy this film offers is very pleasing, even for the martial arts enthusiast. This movie originally came out in 2019 as Undercover vs Undercover. I doubt the producers were intending to make a play on Mad Magazine’s Spy vs Spy even though the concept is almost similiar.

As for which title is better, I’m glad the rename is used. This bare bones release is appropriate. The standard trailers and English dub (I watched in Mandarin myself) make up this home video edition.

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The Deets on Transformers the Movie 35th Anniversary 4K Edition

Any eagle-eyed fans will have to make plans for finding this release in the wild, as its not likely many will be sold at box stores. This release features striking new key art by celebrated comic artist Matt Ferguson, an all-new 4K transfer of the movie in widescreen with HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the film in HD full frame on Blu-ray, immersive bonus content including never-before-seen feature-length storyboards

transformersmoviesteelShout! Factory and eOne

Release Dates:
Aug 3, 2021 (Limited Edition Steelbook)
Sept 28, 2021 (UHD+Blu-ray & Blu-ray+DVD combo)

Transformers The Movie is almost 35 years old, and unlike the video games which shows the warring Cybertronians looking dirty and with battle scars, the restoration of the film will be crisp and shiny.  This work has been meticulously re-restored from a cleaner-than-ever, brand-new 4K transfer of the original 35mm film elements and even better for this home video release is the choice of which edition to pick up!

Beloved by legions of fans, this full-length animated adventure boasts the voice talent of Orson Welles in his final voice acting role and an all-star voice cast that includes Peter Cullen, Eric Idle, Casey Kasem, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack and Frank Welker.

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