Celebrating 35 Years with Scrooged. Yule Love It in 4K!

I would put Scrooged in any top ten holiday or best performances of Bill Murray list because he’s got the touch. Youi’ll laugh and cry all night long!

Scrooged in 4K
Available to purchase on Amazon USA

Paramount Pictures

What old is Scrooged again, and for anyone who has not seen this Bill Murray classic, I recommend picking this title up. Not only does the 4k release offer some bonus features nixed from the Blu-ray, but also, the remaster looks gorgeous! The texture of the black fabrics are better nuanced and the whites are crisp.

And as for deciding what elements should be made 4K, that’s a delicate balancing act. That’s because in 1988, broadcasting used some very low-fi technology (when compared to present day). In UHD, what’s presented is incredible. Instead of ‘remastering’ the broadcast quality of the television program within a show, those were kept low res. Some film grain persists outdoors to convey how Manhattan should look like, and as for the Dolby Vision transfer, it all looks great!

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Take Me Down to Asteroid City, Where the Grass is Gone, But the….

Wes Anderson’s latest film, Asteroid City, is a film that’s best to enjoy like fine wine.

Asteroid City Bluray CoverIn order to truly appreciate one of Wes Anderson‘s films, I feel that I have to mentally prepare myself f. In Asteroid City, this whimsical journey to a town with folks living their life from Leave it to Beaver won’t be for everyone. When there’s some added conspiracy elements added on top, I had to make sure I was truly following along instead of watching it while doing a few other things.

There’s a lot of story going on, and I wasn’t sure where to focus my attention.

Although the concept of a theatre presentation of a story within a story is nothing new, the way this film flips back and forth between subplots was jarring. The story would’ve been better without the added framing devices. And as for when the UFOs will appear and how this township deals with alien visitation, that depends on when it’ll happen. Not even by this film’s midway point is this goal made clear, and by the climax, I’m wondering what this director was going for since the quest for a close encounter of the 5th kind wasn’t made all that clear.

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Jackie Chan’s Ride On, Back in the Saddle Again

For anyone who missed this gem in the theatres, Jackie Chan’s Ride On is now available on home video!

Ride On Blu Ray with Jackie ChanWell GO USA
Available to order on Amazon

Out of all the films Jackie Chan has appeared in this decade, Ride On is simply the best! It’s a very heartwarming family style film that will certainly tug at the heartstrings, and for horse lovers, to learn about everything that went on during production to keep Red Hare safe will have many smiling.

Usually those disclaimers regarding animal handling are added at the end credits without some added thought. And to observe what was done to ensure safety will have some admire this film even more. Some of that discourse from this movie regarding safety versus getting in harm’s way is discussed, and to see how it’s handled is simply amazing. The credit really goes to the CGI experts who remove the trainers in green screen tights during filming. Sometimes, the cinematic background gets very busy, so to find the balance between editing and digitally removing requires careful syncing so nothing is hidden with motion blur.

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When Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Get Splashy for Its Steelbook Release

The best part of collecting Transformers is that with Rise of the Beasts, we have a gorgeous package to distinguish how IP has changed over time.

Transformers Rise of the Beasts Art 4K Steelbook CaseParamount sent me the 4K steelbook release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts for evaluation, and I must report that although the design is different from the prior collectable megaset (Youtube video), the difference is only noticable when displaying the front. If displayed on its side, nobody would notice. The former has a gungier design, whereas in Rise of the Beasts, it’s cleaner–perhaps more punk rock with a splash of Andy Warhol on top.

The design change is most likely intentional and I’m glad they help distinguish between the different eras the past films are set in.

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If Only There Were Also Spiders in Creepy Crawly. Centipedes Aren’t Enough!

In Thailand, there’s also other supernatural dangers that can be creepy crawly and they are certain to make you check under the bed late at night!

Creepy Crawly Blu-Ray CaseWell Go USA
Release Date: Oct 3, 2023

Anyone with a fear of centipedes is best advised to look away than watch this latest Thai film brought to America. Creepy Crawly (original title is The One Hundred) is an effective story about how to survive an infestation. And as for whether anyone will develop a phobia afterwards, thankfully it’s all CGI! However, the next time I see a giant sized multi-legged terror coming at me, I’m still going to run away!

After Kat encounters a multi-legged fright in the jungles of Cambodia, the setup isn’t too hard to figure out. While searching for a forgotten camp site for her video blog, meets an old lady looking very worse for wear, and presumedly is lost. Later at night, she’s found an area to make camp and after getting frightened by a single caterpillar falling into her tent, the Evil Dead vibe got my imagination going. When that person she met before shows her true colours that’s an image that’ll haunt my dreams for a few days!

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