Not the Same Ol’ Song. Ghostbusters: Back in Town Instead of Cleanin’ Up….

Dark Horse Comics loves their supernatural, and it’s only natural they’re continuing the story based the film. Ghostbusters: Back in Town is sure to appease fans looking for that bridge for next year’s sequel!

Ghostbusters: Back in Town Dark Horse Comics

If you haven’t heard about this news yet, then now is the time to prepare for another publisher to provide some equally fun and exciting action, Ghostbusters style! Usually, IDW Publishing offers up these mini-series, but in March 2024, all of that is going to change! I’m excited to read Ghostbusters: Back in Town. It looks like they’re taking a cue from Stranger Things and as that franchise winds down, this publisher is looking ahead and will focus on all new adventures for the team– and that’s terrific!

The other publisher is better known for its more cartoon style presentation and to have a work that’s entirely different is very welcomed!

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Best Dark Horse Comics Reads of November 2023

It was tough to decide on which comic books and trade paperbacks released by Dark Horse Comics would make the November must read list, and what’s presented are titles I’ve actually read from beginning to end!

Dark Horse Comics LogoAs colder nights settle into the Pacific Northwest, instead of regularly heading out to the movies, I’m all tucked in and reading a comic or two. My go to publisher is always Dark Horse Comics, and I turn to Dynamite and IDW after, and when I’m all out, it’s some random manga!

Out of the books I read from this month, I offer my thoughts on these titles:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Azula in the Spirit Temple

Azula in the Spirit Temple Book Cover

At long last, the work that writer/artist Faith Erin Hicks told me about during Fan Expo Vancouver least year is available to read! All I really knew at the time is that Azula would finally get her solo adventure, and I’m loving it, plain and simple! This story takes a deeper look into this character, warts and all. Although I want to sympathise, what’s presented shows just how tough she’s become.

What’s shown looks at all the skeletons she wants to shove into the closet, and have a conversation with one more time. When they surface yet again, the big question is that will she be able to lock them up again? I won’t say what happens, but had this been made into an episode of the cartoon series, I’d be willing to bet it’d get fans talking.

This comic book creator’s next story is The Bounty Hunter and the Tea Brewer, which already has a listing on Amazon, and that won’t be out until mid next year. It’s terrific she’s a regular writer of these one-shots, and as for what’s next, let’s hope I get some information when I see her again at Terminal City’s finest fandom event.

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It’s Just Classic Toho Fun with Giant Robot Hellboy!

The concept behind this Giant Robot Hellboy is simple. It brings some of that classic Pacific Rim vibe into what is otherwise a Toho film featuring a certain other big G….

Giant Robot Hellboy #1 Comic Book CoverDark Horse Comics
Spoiler Alert

Kaiju fans will love everything Mike Mignola has dreamed up in Giant Robot Hellboy. This story is inspired by the sketches he drew and got published in The Quarantine Sketchbook, and due to demand, he’s crafted an excellent story that blends Japanese style action to a familiar concept.

The first issue sets up something that I would expect in Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner. He gets a phone call and soon gets gassed. After passing out, he’s whisked away by unknown agents to some bunker, where he’s hooked up to various neural devices. As for the mysterious giant box, all I see is that it’s destined to some island said to be located east of Africa.

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Riding a Dark Horse Halloween with these Trio of Releases

The big reason why I love celebrating a Dark Horse Halloween is because they offer frightful stories that’s worth revisiting time and time again.

Dark Horse HalloweenThis publisher never fails to knock it out of the park with their themed All Hallow’s Eve releases, and I’m always excited to check out what they got every year. If there was a way to rename the tradition to a Dark Horse Halloween, I’ll be voting it in! Ever since they released The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings (2003), Witchcraft (2004), Dead (2005), Monsters (2006)–four different anthologies–to the market nearly two decades ago, and usually outside the season, I was hooked!

One of this publisher’s earliest specials, titled Drawing on Your Nightmares Halloween Special (2003), featured stories from Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, Eric Powell, Brett Matthews, and many more. To track this publisher’s history with the coming of the All Hallow’s Eve is a joy, and I’m glad to learn they are going to release a regular anthology starting this year!

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When Dreams Becomes Horrific Nightmares in Panya: The Mummy’s Curse #2

Just what lurks in the dreams of Panya in this latest issue hints that all is not well for her!

Panya The Mummy's Curse #2 Comic Book CoverDark Horse Comics
Spoiler Alert

In issue #2 of Panya: The Mummy’s Curse, we get to see how some places of worship have rebuilt themselves after Akhenaten’s rule. Now that he’s fallen, the old gods are back. As for the title character, she’s much older now, and is quite the dutiful caretaker as life is as it once was.

But her days are being tormented in gentle ways. Something is calling to her in her dreams, and while what we see is her role in the ongoing fight between Apophis and Re in their animal forms, there’s something else calling to her in the aether. Also, like the past issue, there are lots of cats! As for who the new antagonist is, it’s hard to tell. Since the heretic king is no longer present, someone else will have to get involved.

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