Shin Kamen Rider or Masked, He’s still A Ronin At Heart

Instead of turning the franchise into a cinematic blockbuster Shin Kamen Rider is still very much a 70s superhero film about a lonely soldier boy.

Shin Kamen Rider Movie PosterFantasia Film Festival 2023 and Available to Stream on Amazon Prime as Shin Masked Rider
Spoiler Alert

Hidiki Anno’s Shin Kamen Rider is his latest entry to a self-contained universe, and it doesn’t change the story of Takeshi Hongo (Sôsuke Ikematsu) becoming the bug-like superhero by much. Although he isn’t ready to identify himself as Kamen, what he discloses is that he’s a Masked Rider.

By tacking the word “Shin” on front, this filmmaker isn’t making this film to bring in new fans. Instead, what he adds is a Frankenstein element to appease those in the know. The internal conflict this hero must be feeling has been explored before, and when Anno is involved, it’s sure to be good! This change to an kids television show to an adult one is a tonal shift I’m liking. Continue reading “Shin Kamen Rider or Masked, He’s still A Ronin At Heart”

Trigun Maximum! Continues to Ride On at Dark Horse! Deluxe Format News

Can’t get enough of Vash the Stampede? For newcomers and anyone wanting an upgrade, Trigun has a new printing and following that will be Trigun Maximum!

Trigun Maximum! Vol One Temp CoverFollowing the release of the Deluxe Edition of Trigun single volume collection arriving in December 2023, the next manga series to be released in Deluxe Edition hardcover format will be Trigun Maximum! Volume 1 will be available in April 2024.

This Deluxe Edition of Volume 1 gathers the first three volumes in a deluxe hardcover edition featuring nearly 600 pages of Yasuhiro  Nightow’s signature creation in the original oversized format!

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Hellsing is Getting Updated on a Dark Horse

With supernatural horrors haunting the streets and preying upon humanity, the shadowy Hellsing Organization fights back against hell’s minions.

Hellsing (Second Edition) Book CoverDark Horse Comics

The legions of the damned again threaten to cover the earth in darkness in new paperback editions of Hellsing. Featuring revised translations available previously only in the deluxe hardcover editions, Kohta Hirano’s epic action/horror manga is now even closer to the author’s terrifying vision that spawned the international hit anime series. Hellsing blends gothic horror, violent action, and dark humor in a bloody brew that has fired the imagination of otaku everywhere. These updated and redesigned editions are perfect for Hellsing devotees and a great jumping-on point for new readers.

With supernatural horrors haunting the streets and preying upon humanity, the shadowy Hellsing Organization fights back against hell’s minions. Hellsing’s secret weapon? Alucard, a vampire lord of immense power, specially trained and equipped to destroy the undead. But vast evil forces are on the march, and even the agents of Hellsing may not be able to stem the black tide that threatens to engulf England—and all humanity!

Hellsing Volume 1 2nd edition will arrive in bookstores November 7, 2023 and in comic shops November 8, 2023. It is available for pre-order now on Amazon  and at your local comic book shop and bookstore and will retail for $14.99.

The Iké Boys and Saving the Day, Namely the Hell that was Y2K

Not every question raised here needs to be answered here in The Iké Boys. The concept behind this film is a fond look at how anyone can be heroes for more than just one day.

The Iké BoysShout! Factory
Coming to Digital and VOD Oct 11th

The Iké Boys is more than just a hero’s journey about two guys from Oklahoma who want to escape from the ho-hum. It also takes a peek back in time, when Japanese pop culture became part of the western media fixture in the 90s, and recognises what is great. We’re allowed to believe in miracles, and get to be a power ranger! The best part of this movie is that it includes vintage style anime and sentai action in its presentation.

In the case of Shawn Gunderson (Quinn Lord) and Vikram ‘Vik’ Kapoor (Ronak Gandhi), they’re not so ordinary in the sense that they’ve been branded losers in high school. That is, all they have is their anime fantasies to keep them happy. The latter dislikes the label and wants to be part of the crowd. He’s trying to do more with his life, but when Miki (Christina Higa) arrives, that one step forward (he’s crushing hard on her) ends up being two steps back as things go terribly wrong for them.

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Introducing Arcanamusica to Manga. A Multidimensional Music Project.

The Arcanamusica project will continue its constant and aggressive multidimensional activity, so don’t miss it! And don’t forget to check the official website and Twitter account for more information.

ArcanamusicaArcanamusica, the multidimensional media-mix collaboration project from Shueisha and avex, will be made into a manga this summer.

When the mysterious music app named Arcanamusica suddenly appears on smartphones out of nowhere, the five protagonists Shizuka Kawawa, Gakunoshin Maimiya, Riku Shibuyoshi, Itsuku Igashima and Kazuki Jujo are given their new “Arcana names” (AN), making them RiZ, DarkPalace, Shibukichi, Ikkun and Rejje, and we follow each of them as they pursue their ambitions as singers and streamers.

The manga version will depict the truth behind the app and the secrets held by the five lead characters, as the mysteries behind Arcanamusica are gradually revealed…

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