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Who is The Girl From the Other Side, and Should We Be Scared?

12 May

The Girl From the Other Side, Siuil, a Run Volume One CoverPlaying at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival at the Aratani Theatre @ JACCC May 13, 2022 7:00 pm (BUY TICKETS) and coming to Fantasia 2022

The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún (とつくにの少女) is a tale that deals with several themes. One is about a battle between man versus himself. Another is concerning redemption. There’s a curse affecting nearly everyone and a blight destroying a kingdom.

Anyone infected turns into a shadow of their former selves and when a lone individual (later named Teacher) finds a young girl (named Shiva) abandoned in the woods, he can’t leave her alone. Strangely, she doesn’t succumb to the darkness as others have. This tale takes on a tone which deserves more films to fully explore, explain and resolve–or I can read the finished manga.

My preferences is with the former since the artistic design is rapturous and Rie Takahashi, the voice of the young child is so cute! Even if I was to look at the printed version, I’ll have her voice stuck in my head.

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Judy Lei’s “The World’s Greatest” Evokes Love and Heartache

12 May

The World's GreatestPlaying at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival at the Tateuchi Democracy Forum @ JANM May 13, 2022 (Buy Tickets)

Judy Lei is a young filmmaker based out of New York City, and her debut work serves more than one purpose. The World’s Greatest is a powerful story about a Chinese-American family struggling with life. I find the title has two meanings:

Call it Fresh Prince of Bel Air or something else, but I firmly believe this film cautiously and intimately examines that relationship between parent and teen (played by Lei). There’s also getting to understand the mindset in the lead and what she wants to do to achieve that dream. These two ideas combined makes for a compelling tale. I found it’s a very personal and relatable piece.

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The NFB’s Adds 2 New Comic Strip Chronicles and is Presenting at the Montreal Comic Arts Festival!

6 May

National Film Board of Canada LOGO

The National Film Board of Canada has humour and serious drama in store with two pieces now in its online Comic Strip Chronicles Collection. This series of shorts looks at the strong connection that exists with comic strips–in its traditional Sunday funnies format–with animation. When considering the latter, it also delves deep into thoughtful experiences too.

More events are planned this weekend. These two particular works will be screened at the Films et Table Ronde Entourant L’univers de la BD event (in French and organised by the NFB) and the Montreal Comic Arts Festival, beginning May 7.

There’s also a terrific retrospective written by Marc St-Pierre on The NFB’s blog to get readers up to speed on what the Animation Studio of the French Program has been up to in the past several years. The article is written in French, and it can be parsed through Google Translate.

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How to Paint the City of Lights Gagarine

27 Mar

Gagarine (2020) - Watch on Mubi or Streaming Online Available in the UK |  ReelgoodOpening in Select Theatres Beginning April 1, 2022.

Playing In the Pacific Northwest at:
Portland, OR // Living Room Theatre
Seattle, WA // SIFF Cinema; Landmark Crest

Please check local listings for one near you.
Mild Spoiler Alert

Before the young Youri (Alséni Bathily) can dream of conquering outer space, he has to deal with the inner place that’s about to implode around him. In Gagarine, he has to face the cold hard fact the building he lives in is slated to be demolished. This film looks at a side of Parisian life rarely explored. It’s a story about the less fortunate and directors Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh do a fantastic job at revealing this world rarely talked about. It’s not all that glamourous in those parts.

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Cheaper to Remake ‘By the Dozen’ with a Different Type of Baker

23 Mar

Cheaper by the Dozen (2022) - IMDbAvailable to watch on Disney Plus

Disney’s remake of Cheaper by the Dozen is not for anyone who has a fondness for the 1950s original or the pair starring Steve Martin. He plays Tom Baker, the patriarch, attempting to balance the life of a parent and football coach. The latter included a cast of well-known talents from popular 90s and early 00 television shows, namely Tom Welling and Hilary Duff, which made tuning into a must. Other notables include Liliana Mumy who was the voice of Lilo (and Stitch).

With this latest, it’s hard to tell who wants to be the breakout star because, by default, to keep track of a dozen modern day talents (some from Disney’s in-house pool and others curated) means being able to watch the screenplay from Kenya Barris and Jennifer Rice-Genzuk Henry. They’re putting pages from the original book (allegedly), the previous films, The Brady Bunch and The Loud House into a blender in hopes nobody would recognise where they’re drawing ideas from. 

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