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Starry Starry Skies Productions’ Gets Buffie with this Vampyre Slayer Parody!

19 Oct

Sunset Labs
400 Herald Street
Victoria, BC

Remaining Shows:
Oct 19, 25 & 26, 7pm

For tickets, please visit Eventbrite.

Not every television show from the 90s (or present) can pull off a musical without imitating another. Often, it explores the innermost problems of the protagonist(s) while the antagonist acts as a supernatural force to ‘assist.’ Joss Whedon‘s “Once More With Feeling” in Buffy the Vampire Slayer set a precedent for future producers to consider. Xena: Warrior Princess is very notable. From the past 10 years, The CW’s Supernatural saw the Winchester brothers happening on a stage show version of themselves. In The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, they had to sing as it helped them reveal hidden feelings to loved ones. ​Starry Starry Skies ProductionsBuffie the Vampyre Slayer Parody stays true to theme and also showcases the wonderful singing talents from the Capital region.

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A ‘Hexing’ time in Calgary with Tuesday Knight & the Nightmare on Elm Street Gang (Part One)

9 Oct

Appearing at Hex Calgary, Oct 11 to 15th!

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

An abridged version will appear in Absolute Underground Magazine Oct/Nov issue, distributing in major Canada outlets, in stands soon!

Tuesday Knight and Lisa Wilcox are just a part of the massive team of ‘Dream Warriors’ from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise that’ll be appearing at Hex Calgary. This first annual event is already huge with a guest lineup spanning different eras of horror entertainment in film, music and much more. Together, with Robert Englund, Andras Jones, Brooke Bundy, Brooke Thiess and Danny Hassel (to name a few) are just part of the line-up of guests under this banner and the panel is sure to be spectacular, now matter how you slice it.

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Twilight Zone’s past the Golden Years, It’s Silver!

5 Oct

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of The Twilight Zone’s debut on CBS. Shot entirely in iconic black and white, the trailblazing anthology series aired from 1959 to 1964 and changed the history of television with its clever twist endings and sharp social criticism. The Twilight Zone was the brainchild of Rod Serling, the show’s ambitious and sharply dressed tour guide, whom the entertainment business had once regarded as the “Angry Young Man” of Television.

This October, Humanoids, the publisher of some of the world’s most iconic and groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy graphic novels, will celebrate The Twilight Zone’s 60th Anniversary with the publication of internationally acclaimed cartoonist Koren Shadmi’s dazzling biography Twilight Man: Rod Serling & The Birth of Television.

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The Nitty Gritty with William Shatner’s The UneXplained & Episode Guide

1 Oct

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The month of October is perfect to get caught up on what William Shatner is up to. The former captain of the Starship Enterprise is now the face of The Unexplained, a History channel program that looks at the paranormal world in all its myriad forms. This new series started mid-Summer and I waited for the season to be over to binge-watch the entire eight-episode run. Had the producers been smart, they should’ve simply called it Weird or What? season five.

This previous version was a much more entertaining show. It had more of Bill’s wit and panache. He would always end the episode saying, “Isn’t that weird… or what?” As much as I’d love to see him in the field investigating these mysteries, my guess his heart may not handle being it.

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