When Star Wars has Young Jedi Adventures, The Feeling is “Luke”warm

Not everyone will take to this preschool series featuring Young Jedi Adventures from the Star Wars universe when we all know the fate of all the younglings….

Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures PosterStreaming on Disney Plus

Some franchises don’t need to expand to new markets when everything established with those first films says it all. But for Star Wars, changing it up with going back in time from IV (back when it was introduced) to I might be jarring, Gungans included. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is really no different from other preschool animated series out there. After watching enough spinoffs like Transformers: BotBots and How to Train Your Dragon: Rescue Riders, these series won’t be for everyone.

Some studios just want to milk these IPs for all it’s worth so that it can appeal to all age demographics. Most long time fans don’t need it to introduce their kids to what they love, but it’s done anyways. I was curious because Dee Bradley Baker is in many animated Star Wars projects and I respect all the work he’s done in the world of animation. He voices Nubs, a blue bear training to be a Jedi alongside Kai Brightstar (the lead, voiced by Jamaal Avery Jr.) and Lys (Juliet Donenfeld). They form the trio to which this series spends more time with than the others.

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The Spirit of Kahmunrah Rises Again in a Night at the Museum! And He’s Not Happy.

After Kahmunrah Rises Again It’d be a miracle to see A Night at the Museum continue as a series.

Night at the Museum Kahmunrah Rises AgainStreaming on Disney Plus
Mild Spoiler Alert

Disney’s animated continuation of Night at the Museum with Kahmunrah Rises Again is a decent finale to a beloved franchise. Despite having to get other voice over talents in to voice this latest entry to the franchise, I’m okay with it. That’s because bringing Ricky Gervais and Ben Stiller back is probably too expensive. And to continue it as a live action film without Robin Williams, who passed away many years ago, would be a disservice. Thomas Lennon, who replaces him, does his best to honour this comedian, even though his vocal performance isn’t entirely perfect.

I am a fan of 20th Century Fox’s original trilogy, and even after the acquisition by Disney, I’m glad that the roots are honoured. The reason objects come to life is because the Moon God Khonsu empowered the Golden Tablet of Pharaoh Ahkmenrah to animate them. Historically and spiritually, the ushabti figurines placed in the tombs come to life to take care of the deceased person’s needs. However, in this film’s world, any effigy don’t have to do that. They can serve a greater good should they happen across a person whom they recognise needs their help to overcome problems in his or her life. In the live-action films, Larry Daley finds a new purpose, and in the animated continuation, Nick (Joshua Bassett), acquires the confidence he needs to become a young adult who can take on the world.

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Summer Vacation Isn’t Over Yet with LEGO Star Wars’ Latest

If there’s more LEGO Star Wars specials to come, I’m all for it.

LEGO Star Wars Summer VacationAvailable to view on Disney Plus

There are times where the LEGO Star Wars story offers more of a continuation of the new trilogy story than simply be a comical side story adventure. The Holiday Special and Summer Vacation “one-off’s” are a non-canonical look at Ray, Finn and Poe’s life after Rise of Skywalker. They look at how Finn is furthering his Jedi training. While the former deals with him actually honing his skills, the latter sees them taking a break–and affirming that he will one day be a fully pledged warrior of the resistance!

The latest released early this month, and honestly, even though Sept is near, we have about three weeks of this season left!

In the first in the series, Ray was having difficulty in mentoring the former stormtrooper and in the latter, Finn is struggling with understanding what togetherness means. He’s arranged a vacation for the gang–complete with itinerary–to enjoy on the cruise liner, the Halcyon. However, once on board, they split up to find activities to personally enjoy.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi. After Four Episodes, Is He Damaged Goods or Sadly Something Else?

Now that Obi Wan Kenobi is well past the half-way mark, what I’m discovering is the fact he’s damaged goods.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

If I was “Forced” to watch only one series set in the Star Wars universe, it’s no doubt going to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. There’s plenty of past and present products to put on an infinite loop with the PVR, and it’s rare to find a work that successfully bridges the gap between various narratives and returns to the familiar. That is, the tales from this franchise follows a checklist of tropes to appease fans.

One of them means seeing this Jedi weld a lightsaber. But instead, this miniseries doesn’t make use of this weapon right away. It’s more like a classic Cowboys and Indians challenge for the first three episodes, at least. But when we’re dealing with a Jedi Master, he’ll be swinging that lightsaber in no time!

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Ms. Marvel’s On That Lonely Road of the Gypsy

Ms. Marvel Promotional TV PosterAvailable to View on Disney Plus
Spoiler Alert

How many Marvels exist in the MCU? With the release of Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus, it’s safe to say she’ll join the ranks of even more characters with Marvel as part of their name. That is, we’re expecting Marvel Girl aka Jean Grey to arrive next. But for now, a miniseries about a young Pakistani girl, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), having a rough go at life at home and in school.

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