LEGO is Ready to DREAMZzz up The Trials of the Dream Chasers!

LEGO Dreamzzz The Trials of the Dream ChasersDebuting on various streaming services beginning May 15, 2023

The LEGO Company has an all new original series coming and what they want to DREAMZzz up are the Trials of the Dream Chasers! This group will have to rescue wayward souls trapped in the sleeping world, and yes, there’ll be product coming to toy stores too. As for what makes this series worth noting is that this series is the secret project former co-writer/showrunner of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Tommy Andreasen has been working on!

The episodes will be released weekly, so it can’t be binged. That’s alright when considering the content needs a sense of daily danger, and the wait for each release should be worthwhile, and the first batch isn’t it. There’s more slated for the end of Summer!

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LEGO Jurassic Park and Where to Find those Dinos

There’s new toy sets coming for this extension to the LEGO Jurassic Park brand.

LEGO Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Sets - All box artAlthough the LEGO Group revealed five new playsets as part of the 30th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park movie a while ago, what’s next in other media fronts remains unknown. Instead of reporting this news right away, I was hoping for additional news about the LEGO Jurassic Park license before saying anything, but alas nothing has been announced.

I’m a huge fan of the animated series which is a follow up of the original trilogy and every month or so, I binge watch the silliness that goes on. This particular licensed IP debuted in 2015 as a video game from TT Fusion, and I just chuckle at the thought of LEGO dinosaurs tearing brick buildings up during their rampage.

In the meantime, I’ll be eying the following playsets that will be available to purchase on June 1, 2023.

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Summer Vacation Isn’t Over Yet with LEGO Star Wars’ Latest

If there’s more LEGO Star Wars specials to come, I’m all for it.

LEGO Star Wars Summer VacationAvailable to view on Disney Plus

There are times where the LEGO Star Wars story offers more of a continuation of the new trilogy story than simply be a comical side story adventure. The Holiday Special and Summer Vacation “one-off’s” are a non-canonical look at Ray, Finn and Poe’s life after Rise of Skywalker. They look at how Finn is furthering his Jedi training. While the former deals with him actually honing his skills, the latter sees them taking a break–and affirming that he will one day be a fully pledged warrior of the resistance!

The latest released early this month, and honestly, even though Sept is near, we have about three weeks of this season left!

In the first in the series, Ray was having difficulty in mentoring the former stormtrooper and in the latter, Finn is struggling with understanding what togetherness means. He’s arranged a vacation for the gang–complete with itinerary–to enjoy on the cruise liner, the Halcyon. However, once on board, they split up to find activities to personally enjoy.

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[Victoria, BC] Quick Takes on Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair Return!

[Victoria, BC] Quick Takes at Victoria's Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair

Day one at Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair shows this city was certainly anxious for its return. I saw a small lineup at the door when I arrived around 10:30am. I’m sure everyone wanted to find something cool to take home. I saw happy youths with nerf guns and adults with other nifty goods leaving as I was waiting to get inside.

I had only two goals in mind: see if I can pick up any LEGO Ninjago product (the selection was super slim) and if I can find that one elusive comic book to finish my Marvel’s ROM (Sorry, IDW) collection. I wondered if I could nail the Doctor Fate Series Three and Four. Mail order makes it too easy, but the thrill of the hunt is what makes attending shows like this fun. And quite often, I end up buying something else instead….

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All Fired Up 4 Star Wars Day with LEGO!

LEGO Star Wars DayMay the Fourth Be With You! On Star Wars Day, some fans may well be watching the ennealogy in full–which will take all afternoon and night–and others will have other ideas in mind. That can range from having a themed party with friends or even simply partaking in some other aspect that defines what being a fan is about–sharing fun times with like-minded people! (or enjoying a light saber challenge)

I plan on dedicating some time to play LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. I’m still undecided if I’ll only focus on Luke Skywalker’s hero’s journey or the entire family. That could take all day, or I can spend part of it enjoying the various animated series for some light-hearted fun. Or I can finally get around to building that LEGO AT-ST. I adore the whimsical, humorous nature of the fan-made videos–especially when the characters mumble. I’ve been wanting to have some fun stop-motion animating that mini-walker as it’s been on my bucket list (and was animated in stop-motion in Return of the Jedi) for a long time!

I can have various series running in the background while I’m building. The following is my ranking of the various series from best to worst, and the links go to where one buy them on Amazon USA or stream. With no surprise, one series is totally tops without being too overboard with the silliness that defines the LEGO brand.

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