Reigniting Gunscape for a New Generation

As for keeping Gunscape in the library, I feel a large enough fanbase has to exist before it gets too quickly sunsetted.

Gunscape PosterBlowfish Studios

Gunscape is a retro first-person shooter and Minecraft builder which could use a lot more polish to play on the go. It plays better on a proper computer screen because constructing maps is easier with a mouse and keyboard than what’s pre-defined on the Nintendo Switch. As a result, the controls don’t feel as intuitive when building, but perfect when fighting.

Otherwise, if you’re playing in another person’s sandbox with their construct, there’s a bit of fun to be had, assuming they added a story to go along with the map. The default scenario isn’t all that compelling, and I struggled to wonder why I’m roaming through this zombie laden lab at all.

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Examining Why Speedrunning is Fun with Running with Speed: The Fastest Gamers on Earth

This documentary chronicles the surprisingly rich and complex history of the fastest video game players in the world. It’s aptly named Running with Speed.

Running with Speed Documentary PosterToday, Wild Arrow Media, in conjunction with Good Deed Entertainment, officially released the feature documentary film Running with Speed: The Fastest Gamers on Earth, chronicling the surprisingly rich and complex history of the fastest video game players in the world (known as speedrunners) and the unprecedented millions these unsung heroes have raised for charity over the past decade. The film is available on major VOD platforms including Apple TV, iTunes, Amazon, Google, YouTube Movies, Vudu, and Microsoft.

From January 6 through 15, in conjunction with and in support of this year’s Games Done Quick, a portion of the proceeds from each download of Running with Speed will be donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

“Speedrunning is as popular as it has ever been and runners continue to push boundaries — like beating Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, while blindfolded! A big part of the thrill for fans is witnessing speedrunners execute high level strategies in real-time, as they whittle world record times down to the millisecond,” said director Patrick Lope. “With the onset of streaming platforms like Twitch, select runners are finding ways to make a living from their persistent endeavors. It’s both uncanny and remarkable.”

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Yars Recharged. Atari’s Latest Update is Awesome!

Because there’s no save point in Yars Recharged, players will have to invest a lot of time into progressing deep into the hive.

Yar's RevengeAvailable on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox

Adamvision Studios must love bugs. Their early Atari Recharged games was all about either squashing them or being one. The latest, Yars Recharged, offers a modern take of the classic Yars Revenge game for the Atari 2600 and it works very well with the modern controller. 

Those devices were simpler back then. The joystick was all players had to control their avatars, and the little insect warrior only had one task–nibble away at the enemy defenses. The navigation is far more intuitive in this update, since one stick flies Yar around and the other positions where he spits. Unlike Asteroids, getting used to controls took no time at all to master.

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Kitsune Zero DLC Expands Super Bernie World for Retro a Go Go Fun!

The Kitsune Zero paid DLC will be available free of cost to users with verified speedruns of Super Bernie World prior to Kitsune Zero’s release.

Kitsune TailsKitsune Zero, the prequel to Kitsune Tails, the platformer styled after beloved classics and steeped in Japanese mythology while featuring diverse relationships, comes to life on Steam today, available as DLC for Super Bernie World, the electoral activism platformer downloaded by more than 350,000 voters at the ballot box.

Journey through a new story created by developer Kitsune Games (MidBoss, Ultra Hat Dimension, Super Bernie World) in collaboration with publisher MidBoss™ (2064: Read Only Memories). Experience the original four worlds of Super Bernie World, now setin the Kitsune Tails universe.

Run and jump as fox-spirit Yumi across eight new worlds exclusive to the DLC. Dodge high speed enemy attacks from the Edo soldiers in an all new hard mode made to challenge speedrunners and platformer enjoyersalike. Collect powerups fueling Yumi’s abilities to grow in size, throw striking fireballs, and become indestructible for a temporary amount of time.

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Mothmen 1966. Drawn to it Like a Moth to the Flame.

As a piece of hyper-fiction, Mothman 1966 forgets what’s important early in the game.

mothman 1966It’s rare to find hyper-fiction in any form these days, and Mothmen 1966 is such a game where it honours the tradition. This type of narrative is used in role playing video games in varying capacities. Sometimes, it’s just your traditional choose-your-own-adventure type scenario and other times, you can’t reach the end unless you follow that set path. In the games I’ve played, if you miss an important bit, it’s usually game over.

This game by novelist Nico Saraintaris and artist Fernando Martinez Ruppel, is a ‘Pixel Pulp’ more than the aforementioned style. And the defining details are in the 8 bit graphic design. It ranges from still images to a few frames of animated bliss. But as for whether you can beat the game, it means taking the time to read the many scrolling text pages, solve some puzzles–which includes card games (namely Solitaire) along the way–and surviving.

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