Kubrick by Kubrick is Essential Viewing for Cineastes

To know what makes a filmmaker tick almost requires that person to interview himself, hence the title Kubrick by Kubrick.

Kubrick by Kubrick Movie PosterLevel 33 Entertainment
Coming to Digital on March 21, 2023

To watch a documentary by Gregory Monro about Kubrick by Kubrick is very revealing. In a work that’s composed of archival footage, photographs and audio interviews, we venture into his world that’s not necessarily oblique. It was slated to be released in 2020, but due to the pandemic and getting this work to distribution, more years would pass before it can become accessible to the masses to view.

It’s rare to understand any individual unless you’ve spent a lot of time with him, but since he passed away in 1999, it’ll be tough to ask him what prompted him to develop those movies me made that way. Stanley Kubrick is a visionary and this work is based on the interviews conducted by French film critic / magazine editor Michel Ciment. Through some newly found recordings, he explains why he’s created works like A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket. As a result, we learn they represent a side of him which wants to explore society and the ills that come with it.

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How to Love Going Back to the Drive-in. It’s All About The Family.

That American entrepreneurship to own your own business and give back to your community is the spirit we see in Going Back to the Drive-in.

Director April Wright is Going Back to the Drive-In.Now streaming on Amazon Prime and other platforms

Some people may think of the drive-in theatre as antiquated, but it is not. They still exist far and wide, and as for why they are worth going to is because it helps foster local communities. And for one passionate filmmaker, April Wright, her lifelong examination of this culture is part of a series called Going Attractions. Her latest work, Going Back to the Drive-In, looks at not only this aspect but also what goes on to maintain these operations in today’s global climate.

I had the opportunity to speak to Wright, and we talked about history, its rise back into the public consciousness because of the pandemic, and its future. She said, “My very first documentary came out in 2013, and it was called Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie (available on Tubi). It explored the whole history of drive-ins.”

After making a few other works, she decided on producing Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace. It was about the indoor cinema experience the big old theatres built by the studios. Afterwards was Stuntwomen, The Untold Hollywood Story. Although she could have gone on to produce other movies about the studio system, a little voice said something else.

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From Badass to The Other Fellow, Just How James Bond Some People Are Depends on…

After watching The Other Fellow, I think my theory from my review of No Time to Die has merit.

The Other Fellow PosterIn Theatres and On Demand, Feb 17

It’s tough to live up to being THE James Bond than being a James Bond. That’s because anyone who bears that name has the weight of living up to that namesake thrusted upon them. For Matthew Bauer to examine where pop culture crosses over to reality in his documentary, The Other Fellow, is very telling. It has moments where you have to smile, cheer, and wonder.

It’s amazing these individuals have adapted. Most of them want normal lives. But for those who love this celebrity identity, their introspection is surprising. In contrast, for the other James Bond who hates it, the spite is very telling. Not everyone named James Bond wants this status.

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The Spotlight on The Colour of Ink is Sweetly Meditative

Overall, viewers will get quite the education by looking at The Colour of Ink.

The Colour of InkPlaying at the Victoria Film Festival on Feb 4 (1pm) and 7 (9pm)
And coming to NFB.ca Summer 2023

Brian D. Johnson’s The Colour of Ink is a beautiful documentary to behold on the silver screen. Not only does it vividly render the pigmented products made by Jason Logan for us to behold, but also, we see Nicholas De Pencier‘s camerawork provide some beautiful juxtapositions. But there’s more to this work than meets the eye, pardoning the pun. To understand what ink is requires knowing its history with artistic expression. Whether it’s applied in aboriginal art, calligraphy, or tattooing, the creators often want that hue to stand out.

When it comes to inking comic books or digital products, sometimes the advances in technology overshadow what’s loved with the traditional process–those liquid textures or shapes formed by a brush are much more organic and alive! To let it bleed through and act according to its own fractual language is the message Johnson I believe wants to get across.

To hear what others think of Jason’s product is very insightful. After being raised by the sights and sounds that make up the natural beauty of Gambier Island, he became an artist himself. But to bring that essence to the canvas meant creating his own paints. These days, he lives in the big city, working as a graphic designer for big clients like The New Yorker, and managing the Toronto Ink Company, where he creates specialty inks in small batches for clients all over the world!

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Is There Room in Secret Space UFOs? Apollo 1 to 11 Gets Re-Examined!

Secret Space UFOS: Apollo 1 to 11 is set to reveal some dark answers to the mysteries when it comes to digital April 2023.

Secret Space UFOs
Secret Space UFOs

Uncork’d Entertainment continues its love for outer space with Secret Space UFOS: Apollo 1 to 11 and the mysteries that they hope to uncover will be streamed April 2023. Darcy Weir is no stranger to the subject with his past works about UAPs. From Secret Space UFOs: NASA’s First Missions to Volcanic UFO Mysteries which we at otakunculture.com reviewed, what he reveals offers something regular series doesn’t always say.

From the Press Release:

The UFO phenomenon has been recorded far beyond the boundaries of Earth with hundreds of sightings during the Apollo missions 1-11. James Fox, Darcy Weir, Mike Bara and Richard Dolan discuss this hidden history of UFOs in space and structures on the Moon. A history of NASA’s early Apollo missions as astronauts endeavor to set foot on the moon and go further in space than any man has before.

“Another fascinating, eye-opening documentary from Darcy Weir, SECRET SPACE UFOs : APOLLO 1-11 is one of our most anticipated non-fiction releases for first quarter, 2023”, said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “You’ll be absolutely intrigued by the findings in this film, and what Fox, Weir, Bara and Dolan reveal.   The truth really is out there, it seems.”

Says Weir, “I have spent the greater part of the past decade researching Apollo era UFOs and anomalies reported by our NASA astronauts. With the help of fellow filmmaker James Fox (The Phenomenon), I was able to unpack an entertaining and profound experience regarding those early Apollo space missions.”

Secret Space UFOS Apollos 1 – 11 Trailer

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