TheNFB’s Beyond Paper. From Print to the Cloud, Why Studying Matters of the Heart & The Humanities Matters.

While what’s presented in Beyond Paper offers a look at what the future should do to preserve the past, we should never forget.

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In Oana Suteu Khintirian‘s excellent documentary, Beyond Paper, she looks at why the written word is important, and what’s the method of preserving it. Without pen and paper, all the world is not a stage to chronicle the best of times, and even the worst of times shaped not only literature but also the passing of culture from one generation to another. While that sounds like a very loaded introduction, not every bit of knowledge can be passed down orally. And when it’s a document, will it be easily accessible?

Here, she is not only looking at how to preserve her own Romanian and Armenian heritage, but also humanity’s collective history. It’s not as easy as digitising it to the cloud, a digital version of what some may call the collective consciousness. Some nuances will get lost. For example, calligraphy is a craft few can master, and those studying Chinese style will know there’s a lot to consider when allowing those splashes of ink outside the line to exist! Sometimes examining how that stroke was made is significant.

When considering creating comics involves lettering, even this branched aspect of the literary to sequential art deserves equal preservation as well.

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The Stones and Brian Jones Tell All Documentary Is Here!

What’s presented in The Stones and Brian Jones shows how they were once buddies, warts, rivalries and et al.

The Stones and Brian Jones One Sheet PosterMagnolia Pictures
Releasing to all major platforms Nov 17, 2023

To say Brian Jones got no satisfaction from being ousted from The Rolling Stones is an understatement, few would argue. This founder laid everything out that he wanted for this group, but sadly his erratic behaviour and drug addiction destroyed him. These days, not every newcomer to this band would know just how important he was unless they watch The Stones and Brian Jones.

In Nick Broomfield‘s excellent documentary, Jones’ world is fully explored. We also hear from his bandmates and the industry about what they thought of him. He was well respected despite all that went on. Although much of his contributions are lost to history and disinterest, I have newfound respect for him. And everything he’s done to help make the stones the supergroup that they now are is honoured here than lamented.

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In The Lebanese Burger Mafia, Who’s The Don?

Everything you want to know about the sordid history of the Burger Baron is revealed in The Labanese Burger Mafia, and it’s deliciously hiliarous and revealing!

The Lebanese Burger Mafia Promotional PosterTheatrical Screenings
Beginning Dec 5, 2023 

When there are tons of franchise chains operating out of North America, much less the world, there are tons to choose from and Omar Mouallem’s thinks it’s best to examine The Lebanese Burger Mafia. Here, he intends to find out why people from his country are the owners and operators of each Burger Baron operation, and from there, he connects the dots to answer the age-old question: who owns this franchise now?

Here, the families who still operate these businesses are happy with what they built. For one filmmaker who says he’s the heir to the this hamburger franchise, the big question is does he have full rights to this name when he truly takes over? In what hs explores is not only eye opening but also will whet some appetites!

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From a Personal Journey to Embarking on a New Mission, Omoiyari, A Song Film by Kishi Bashi is….

This excellent journey of self-discovery showcases why Omoiyari, A Song Film by Kishi Bari is important for all to see.

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Coming to Paramount Plus in November

Kaoru Ishibashi
‘s goal in Omoiyari, A Song Film by Kishi Bashi (his stage name) is not just to reveal where he comes from. Had he announced his new purpose in life while wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, I’d say it’s one from God. But no, he’s not a Blues Brother. I feel his desire to preach the value of how to do well unto others as you would have them do unto you is heartfelt, and it’s best to listen.

In this excellent documentary is a look back at not only everything he faced growing up but also in what he’s learned from it, so he can teach others how not to repeat history. The title of the film is difficult to translate and although does a great job at explaining it, I think my comparison to Christian values also nails it.

And for this musician turned filmmaker, what he hopes for this work is to show how he’s rediscovered his heritage and why he wants to sing about it. This talent was part of the new wave band Jupiter One, before becoming a solo act.

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If “We Are Not Alone,” Then Why Are the Aliens Hiding and How Do We Make Contact?

Thankfully there’s ways to make contact with the fantastic, and Serena DC shows why We Are not Alone in her latest documentary presentation.

We Are Not Alone Key ArtAvailable on VOD and DVD Beginning Oct 3, 2023

We Are Not Alone is Serena DC‘s next foray into the subject of the supernatural. Instead of going Beyond the Grave (review link), she’s looking above the stars to explore how anyone can make alien contact. Close encounters of the fifth kind (CE5) are extremely rare for the non-spiritualist, and that’s because he or she has never been attuned to that cosmic consciousness. After watching this latest, that’s the theory I have.

Surprisingly, Andrea Parren appears in this documentary. While some people don’t consider ghosts and UFOs as the same, what if they aren’t? Perhaps what makes them similar is that it concerns dealing with entities that don’t exist in our natural world. It doesn’t matter if that alien is projecting itself across the universe and what we see is actually energy as upon death; the body loses some mass–perhaps occupied by electricity, which makes up the 21.3 grams while alive. Although this idea isn’t presented, to get to the science would probably slow down the purpose of this film.

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