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4K. Is This Season to Upgrade your Television and What to Choose From

29 Nov

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

According to, 2020 is the year to embrace the 4K (UltraHD) for your television viewing needs. A 55″ unit is considered reasonably priced. The infrastructure exists for broadcasters to push the digital content, but the alliance industries are not ready unless people pay the cost of this extra data bandwidth usage instead of them.

Anyone buying a TV during the Black Friday (Cyber or Boxing Day) sales will be in for a treat. I’m enjoying the format so I can view crisp CGI over live-action. Nature documentaries are the best. Some films truly shine whereas others really do not need it.

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I’m Walking on Sunshine with Weathering With You’s 4K Release!

23 Nov

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

GKIDS & Shout! Factory

Available in blu-ray steel book and 4K collector’s edition

Everything you want to know about this 4K release but were afraid to ask is more or less here in this unboxing video!

Yes, there’s several editions of this home video release, and deciding on which one to buy really depends on what your home entertainment system is. But for those who have that fully decked out 4K home theatre setup will want to know if this edition is worth getting or not.  I not only break down the contents that’s found in this collector’s edition for 4K video enthusiasts but also go into detail in what the booklet offers.

The video is as follows:

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The School Report is in: My Summer as a Goth!

13 Nov

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Available on YouTube
Spoiler Alert

Tara Johnson-Medinger’s directorial debut, My Summer as a Goth, would certainly turn heads if it ever became a school report of what she did in those dog days. This story is about Joey Javitts’ (Natalie Shershow) time as a wannabe to win the love of a boy.

Technically, she should grieve. Her dad recently passed away, and it’s reasonable for her to become preoccupied with death, ask why him, and hide out in her room. She sulks and just doesn’t want to live life to its fullest. Mom can’t help. She’s required to go on a book tour to promote her latest. The grandparents are her only hope, if she can bear to be around them.

Johnson-Medinger’s portfolio is excellent to push the right themes to the fore. She’s the head of the Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival and its education program, which teaches young ladies how to be innovators. Not only does this school help put them to work in this cut throat industry, but also gives these youths the mentorship needed to succeed.

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Breaking Bad with Chick Fight, an Interview with Paul Leyden

11 Nov

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Quiver Distribution
Coming to Digital & On Demand Nov 13th
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Paul Leyden‘s transition from actor to director was relatively easy. Part of his experiences can be seen in how he made Chick Fight into this year’s best underdog movie to see as it hit VOD this week. This Australian’s good looks landed him in a lot of soaps early in his career and having an education at National Institute of Dramatic Arts no doubt helped prepare him for what’s to come.

“I originally got into acting through writing and rewriting the material that I was appearing in,” says this filmmaker. He also feared being typecast. After many years appearing in soaps, it’s natural to worry.

“So being a bit of a control freak, I decided not to take a step back. The first film I wrote was The Factory (for Dark Castle Entertainment), which sold and had a 30 million dollar budget. I thought, wow, this is great; it was never that easy ever again,” concludes Leyden.

He directed an independent horror film called Come Back to Me afterwards, and perhaps it was the Cleaners (for Sony’s online service Crackle) where he decided this side of the industry is where he wanted to stay.

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