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The Rabbit Jumped over the Moon and Going Beyond with this Year’s Lunar New Year Top 10 Movies

22 Jan

Chinese New Year Rabbit Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesNot every film released during the start of the moon calender truly reflects the celebration, and to put together a proper list that does so is tough. In my Lunar New Year Top 10 Movies list, I consider that the story has to touch on either some aspect of the celebration or extols some virtue from it. To really be reflective upon this South Asian celebration means putting some meaning behind the work rather than releasing it at this time of year.

Sometimes these movies feature the zodiac animal as part of its story and other times, they do not, just to help commercialise it. Those living in China had two films–Legend of a Rabbit and Moon Castle: The Space Adventure to enjoy back in 2011 when this bunny leaped into everyone’s hearts. Jumping twelve years later to now, all I could find is the charming-animated short, “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!” by animation studio Game Science.

Depending on whom you ask, this jubilee can mean one of a few things. The better ideals include wishing others spiritual well-being, celebrating family togetherness, and looking ahead to brighter futures.

While I have a stockpile of Asian films to watch during the 15-day celebration, not all of them are about this special occasion. A few titles from last year took a while to offer up a home video release I could purchase, others are from the Internet (in public domain or hiding on YouTube), and the rest are playing at cinemas for all to enjoy. I could watch a film each day, but I don’t feel there are enough appropriately themed takes to fill a top fifteen. I am adding shorts which are just as great.

The two Wandering Earth films will count as an entry, and before I go into greater detail about the latest that debuted today, I feel the seminal work that really represents the spirit of the day begins with:

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Top 10 Winter-themed Movies To Chill With by the Fireplace

18 Jan

Top 10 Winter-themed MoviesAs we are now mid-way into Winter, just whether people opt to go out to play depends on where they live–and if huge snow banks are a factor in deterring those from going out. Nobody wants to be snowed in. Thankfully, there are movies to view online to show we are not alone in that feeling of feeling trapped. What I offer is my list of top 10 winter-themed movies. Some are classic titles which I don’t go into detail on. Instead, I’ll explain why I consider three works are the best.

No, we’re not dealing with disaster films, even though they dominate these seasonal lists. Instead, the following considers films that deal with using the environment in the favour of either the protagonists or antagonists at some point. Besides the classics like The Shining, Alien vs Predator, 30 Days of Night, Dead Snow, and The Revenant, there’s no need to repeat what’s best known about these works. The two that don’t quite nail it but I enjoy (because I’m a Canadian) include Ice Planet and The Colony. Despite being made in my home country along with another international studio, you’d think there would be no trouble getting this concept right.

Instead, I’ll go into greater detail with my favourite three. Two of which were originally made in foreign territories!

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A Pop Culture Guide to the 2023 Victoria Film Festival

10 Jan

Victoria Film Festival Current LogoThe 2023 Victoria Film Festival is getting old. Twenty-nine years to be exact, and they aren’t showing signs of stagnation. Not only do they continue to support the local filmmaking community with Arnold Lim’s latest, “My Name is Arnold,” but also bring the love for independent film to Vancouver Island. And whether they do attract cineastes from abroad is something they should include in their guide to say why this event is important on a global scale. That’s mostly because there’s lovers of film from afar who often ask that.

If travelling to the wet and wintry garden city is not possible to show support, then I suggest checking out if your local film festival or art house theatre will play them. Thankfully, there’s three works in this list which are more accessible than others (see below). One is already on home video, and I’ll never tire of watching on a traditional basis.

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Jackie Chan’s Ready to Rumble in 2023 with a Special Collection and Streaming Brawl-a-Thon

2 Jan
Jackie Chan at his Prime

Available to order at Shout! Factory (with mini-poster (not shown) while supplies last) and Amazon

Unbeatable. Unstoppable. Undeniable. Jackie Chan stands alone among action heroes thanks to his death-defying stunts, unparalleled fight scenes, and his signature sense of humor. An international superstar, Chan has thrilled fans around the globe for decades. As the standard bearer for martial arts action, Chan has forged a legacy that never has nor will be matched.

On January 24, Shout! Factory will release The Jackie Chan Collection Vol 1 (1976-1982), a collection of seven classic films remastered on Blu-ray which showcase the unique mixture of martial arts, action, and comedy that has made Jackie Chan a cultural icon.

To add to the excitement, Shout! Factory TV will be celebrating the release by airing a special Jackie Chan Brawl-A-Thon (link) on January 28th beginning at 12pm PT/3pm ET. This martial arts extravaganza will stream simultaneously across Shout Factory TV, including the TokuSHOUTsu and Shout! Cult channels for 24 hours of your favorite kicks, flips, and Chan’s unique blend of hilarious comedy!

The Jackie Chan Brawl-a-thon Films Includes:

  • Battle Creek Brawl
  • Dragon Fist
  • Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin
  • The Killer Meteors
  • Shaolin Wooden Men
  • To Kill With Intrigue

And as for the home video release, The Jackie Chan Collection Vol 1 includes:

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10 Best Geeky Movies Coming in 2023

2 Jan

Top Ten Geeky Movies Coming In 2023 To Be Excited ForThe New Year is here, and the only thing some Hollywood studios may fear is in how well their slate of films will perform. Out of what’s coming (with a few pushed back to this itme), I have my list of the best geeky movies coming in 2023 that I can’t wait to see.

As for the drama that occured in the closing months, namely Warner Brothers rebooting their DC Cinematic Universe with James Gunn at the helm, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s is not as happy. What he was cooking up was a hope that he would lead the future, but alas, that was not meant to be. This wrestler turned actor really wanted his movie, Black Adam, to lead to a slate of work where he’s the focus, but alas, that’s not meant to happen. Much like the antihero of lore, he now just wants to be left alone and brooding.

I won’t go into all that went on with the Marvel Cinematic front. There’s lots of coverage which simply said Phase Four wasn’t the best and going forward, we should have a better direction. Elsewhere, the film scene is doing just great and as for what to enjoy in the pop culture front, I have boiled down the former top twenty list to a definitive top ten of must watch.

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