Celebrating 100 Years Of Warner Bros. and Defying the Odds. Broadcast Guide and Filling in the Gaps

There’s a lot of information packed into 100 Years of Warner Bros. documentary, and ultimately, one might want the book to read afterwards.

100 Years Of Warner Bros.Warner Bros. is celebrating a huge milestone, and in the documentary 100 Years of Warner Bros., everything we want to know about their early days is covered! The first episode is the best of the four-part series and the host of this trip through memory lane is Morgan Freeman. After it’s run on HBO Max, it’s now more widely available. In Canada, we can view the series on HOLLYWOOD SUITE as each episode is released each weekend this month!

Not only do we learn about this studio’s humble beginnings through the eyes of many performers and filmmakers, but also discover what brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack’s goals were. Not all of them had a true love for cinema versus wanting to be the king in a place formerly known as Hollywood Hills. To set up shop there meant knowing what America likes to see at the Nickelodeons and having access to talents who will no doubt put them in the public eye, like Errol Flynn.

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CNN’s The Movies Canadian Debut on Hollywood Suite, A Review

This series works well enough to function as that Introduction to Movies 100 and 101 to satisfy a general curiosity.

The Movies (miniseries) - WikipediaBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Canadian Debut
Now available on Hollywood Suite Network’s On Demand (please check provider) & beginning Aug 10

The six-part CNN Original docu-series The Movies explores the movies that specifically came out of Hollywood. Although this focus drifts in later parts, each 90 minute segment (sans commercials) explores the influential films from each decade and there’s a lot! This work was released in 2019 to select markets and is making its Canadian debut on the Hollywood Suite Network next week.

Starting with the 70s (Instead of the Golden Age) as its first episode, we learn why going to the movies is important. The world has been enjoying cinema since the late 1890s with the silent film era–a time I thought was strangely not explored. Some info is offered when the film medium took off circa 1913. However, by the start of the talkies, those previous works aren’t always remembered. To explore the films from 1914 to 1969 is a vast range, and this series doesn’t explain why it’s all lumped together. The half-hour introduction explains why the people of the Depression era flocked to theatres. They wanted their daily news and escapism. Not immediately revealed was how World War II would influence the shorts offered; a lot of that material was propaganda.

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