Guest Line Up for Fan Expo Vancouver 2024 Announced!

Let the first round of announcement begins. This week are media guests slated to appear at Fan Expo Vancouver 2024 and next will be voice over talent !

Fan Expo VancouverIn the first week of November, the organisers of Fan Expo Vancouver 2024 announced their first line up of guests, and it’s a doozy! Not only will attendees get to meet up with two members from Charmed, but also they can get Mythbusted! That is, attendees can get to meet Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan, and also Adam Savage! But they’re not the only big names who will be coming to town! I suspect there’ll be at least a dozen names who will grace Terminal City late winter, and so far, the lineup looks great!

Fan Expo Vancouver Adam Savage

But the big kahuna that we all love (no, it’s not The Rock), Danny Trejo, is coming to town! This beloved character actor is a favourite of mine not only because of Spy Kids but also his dedication to the independent film world. I’m thinking about his appearance in Bullets of Justice. (movie review link) I love the fact he’s the people’s champion since he comes from a rough and tumble background, and found success to keep him away from trouble!

Also, for fans of Daredevil, Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will be together again to talk about their work on the Netflix series. While he’s better known to sling a staff, will there be webs afoot too? I mostly know about this superhero’s antics through the Spider-Man crossover comics, and as for whether it’s possible to get someone from Sony to talk about crossover potentials between Netflix to Hollywood-made, I’m holding out hope!

To keep up with the latest announcements and last minute cancellations (it’s inevitable), please visit Fan Expo Vancouver 2024’s Facebook page or Twitter. Or stay tuned as we offer updates too, and offer some personal thoughts as to whom we’re excited to see come February BC Family Day Long Weekend (Feb 19)!

Anime, TheNFB and the 2023 Vancouver Asian Film Festival – Top Animated Picks

We offer our top animated picks that’ll be playing this weekend at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival!

National Film Board of Canada LOGOThe 2023 Vancouver Asian Film Festival is taking place this weekend, and out of everything being offered this year, it’s their Animated Shorts Program that has my interest. That’s because the National Film Board of Canada is presenting two special shorts. Also, the anime Gonta: The Story of The Two-Named Dog in The Fukushima Disaster is playing at this event!

I’m tempted to head over to see the film and make a weekend out of being in the big city. While I’m still deciding, I should also mention two other works in the shorts’ presentation, including Bride’s Dream and Galactic Canine Space Force!

Thankfully, ahead of their BC premiere screening, I got to preview TheNFB’s works, and have a quick review. Disclaimer: beware of spoilers.

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A Nerd’s Guide to the 2023 Vancouver Fringe Festival

With a lot more shows being presented at this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival, making a top ten list on what to see has been a bit more difficult, but we got a list.

Vancouver Fringe Festival
Runs Sept 7 to 17th, 2023 Various Venues across Vancouver, BC (prominently on Granville Island)

Anyone living in the Pacific Northwest region has a double dose of Fringe should they choose to follow those travelling acts! The Vancouver Fringe Festival has a lot more to offer, and as for what I like to see, perhaps a weekend trip is in order. I’m always tempted to, but alas the budget sets me back. To alleviate this problem, there’s a few online shows being offered!

And what I’ll do is select new shows to check out rather than to repeat what I’ve seen from the Victoria Fringe Festival. Presented in no particular order are:

Warhol- Bullet KarmaWarhol: Bullet Karma

Garry Roost
(Available to view online)

A darkly witty take on American pop art godfather Andy Warhol, with guest appearances from iconic figures such as Lou Reed, Capote, Edie Sedgwick and a visiting Francis Bacon. See what they all have to say about him and what HE says about them!

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Riceboy Sleeps, More than just an Immigrant Song

To watch a film shot in classical format, in 16mm, is a rare treat these days, and it certainly adds an air of authenticity to Anthony Shim’s Riceboy Sleeps.

Riceboy Sleeps Movie PosterPlaying in select Cineplex theatres across Canada

Anthony Shim’s Riceboy Sleeps is a very sweet and melodramatic movie. It’ll certainly have some Asian youths thinking about their relationship with their parents. That’s because this filmmaker drew heavily upon his own experiences to tell a compelling tale about life, hardship and how to live. It also reflects upon what some immigrants must have faced in the 80s when trying to raise children in a world that’s still relatively foreign to them.

When So-young (Seung-yoon Choi) wants to make a fresh start in Vancouver, BC with her son Dong-Hyun (played by child-actor Dohyun Noel Hwang and teen Ethan Hwang) who’s ready to rebel, trying to connect is tough. He has his problems and she has hers. It’s less about the communication barriers, but more to do with not having a father figure around.

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(Part Three) Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 Gallery – Best Takes

At long last, we have all the pics from Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 all sorted, and we present our best takes from exhibit hall to main stage.

In part three, we offer a massive gallery of a few displays, booths, cosplayers and main stage antics that hasn’t been published in our prior articles about Fan Expo Vancouver 2023. As Artist’s Alley was often tight, getting a wide angle shot was tough, so apologies to those there for not being included. They all deserve praise for helping to make the this event feel like a comic book show.

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