Who Can Rest Beyond the Grave, When the Living is Calling For You?

Death should not be feared. Instead, it should be regarded as a transition point from one state to another, and Beyond the Grave is decent at exploring the various possibilities on what that may be….

Beyond the Grave Movie PosterAvailable on Digital Streaming Platforms Beginning Sept 5, 2023

Serena DC’s Beyond the Grave is a fascinating documentary that dares to tackle the topic of what happens when the mortal body is ready to shut down and if the spirit persists afterwards. Although this is not really a subject to discuss in the middle of Ghost Month, I’m sure some Asians are wondering if their loved ones are doing okay.

This filmmaker is better known for Contact – The CE-5 Experience, and although that work is about encountering aliens from outer space, maybe that’s what we become when entering the aether, and have to deal with a new incorporeal reality. As for whether paranormal investigators and ghost hunters can find evidence for this continued existence, that’s still debatable.

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When Ghost Month is in Full Swing in 2023, How Can We Identify the Types of Spirits Said to be Visiting?

Sometimes, the best known spirits that linger around during Ghost Month are those from folklore and time honoured tradtions! Are you ready to face them?

Singapore Orchard Grave Veneration during Ghost MonthGhosts from South Asia come in different shapes and forms, and some are feared whereas others are revered. And it’s terrific they get loved in entertainment. In the past, I’ve explored the best of what cinema and literature have offered. However, when new releases are few and far between every year to recognise Ghost Month, I’ll have to look elsewhere to get my scares in.

As a result, the only book I’ve come across to bring various tales together, ranging from folklore to original works, is Asian Ghost Short Stories! This covers areas east of India. Although it’s not the perfect collection due to glaring errors with the folklore, and being mostly stories rather than recounting alleged encounters, it’s still a good primer to introduce paranormal enthusiasts to the lore from this region.

To honour this occasion, which started two days ago (Aug 16 to Sept 14), I’m going in a different direction this time. Through my research, I’ve learned nine types of spirits can roam the land! The book, Śūraṅgama Sūtra (PDF link) gives a great outline, and furthermore, the Hungry Ghost type (which gets its own festival Aug 30th) are sub-categorized! On the list are:

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The Deets on Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island Summer Vacation

What’s more scarier than vacationing with Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island DVDAvailable to preorder on Amazon USA

The ’90s classic Are You Afraid of the Dark? series has an all-new direct to video release! In Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island, fans can join Midnight Society members Kayla, Leo, Summer, and Ferris as they go on a summer getaway to a tropical island resort with some terrifying secrets. They will have to band together on this mysterious island to find the truth behind the disappearances taking place in the resort all while trying to enjoy their summer vacation!

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment on August 1, 2023, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

On this disc inlcudes the episodes:

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Musician Shiki Miyoshino Debut Single is Ready to Debut Come July 12, 2023!

Japanese gothic music has a new cheerleader, and her name is Shiki Miyoshino!

Shiki Miyoshino Promotional ImageShiki Miyoshino  (美吉野しき) , an American-born singer and virtual talent who belongs to PRISM Project, has announced her major debut with Sony Music Labels Inc. Her first single, titled “Hanahaki Syndrome,” is set to be released on July 12, and ahead of its release is the album cover to be used!

This siren is an occultic inugami born from the wandering souls of dog owners who have lost their passion. She is lively and cheerful and has a deep love for music, horror, and, of course, dogs. These older videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel.

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Once You’re in Brooklyn 45, There’s no Escape

Every once in a while, a supernatural gem will present itself in all its post-Depression era glory. Brooklyn 45 explores all the manic problems of the day and then some!

Brooklyn 45 Movie PosterAvailable to stream on Shudder Network

In Brooklyn 45, a movie set after the end of World War II, four lifelong friends’ desire to communicate with the other side is led by one individual (Larry Fessenden) who believed his wife was killed. Perhaps they should’ve been careful in entertaining an old fool.

What they summoned would become the stuff of nightmares, and this frightful whodunit has the makings of a perfect Lovecraftian style of dread. We’re not dealing with cosmic entities here. Instead, it’s in what sordid histories get unearthed and how one deals with the truth! What these friends (played by Anne Ramsay, Ron E. Rains, Jeremy Holm, and Ezra Buzzington) discover about each other that night is certainly a life changer.

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