Early Impressions – Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai and its Chinese Connection

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker design put behind Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai will no doubt have some fans of the film curious.

Gremlins Secrets of the Mogwai Promotional PosterComing to HBO Max on May 23

The teaser trailer to Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai is here, and what it sets up looks terrific! Not only will we look at Gizmo’s life prior to the films, but also we’ll get an origin story that looks at where they come from. Here, the ancient world of China comes alive through Sam Wing and this furry creature’s eyes. As for whether the fuzzball’s name remains the same in this prequel, I suspect not. The version we recall him as wasn’t given until the future.

The story is set in Shanghai in the 20s, and after discovering the “talking squirrel,” taking care of him won’t be easy. After a wealthy industrialist discovers the darker side of the rodent, the boy’s father says it’s best to take him home. The series will no doubt follow the youth’s journey into the countryside and as for whom he’ll meet, it’ll be a who’s who from Chinese folklore.

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Top 10 Animated and Cinematic Fantasy Worlds to (Re)visit after Watching Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves

We got a list that considers how cinematic fantasy worlds should look like in both the cinematic and broadcast front.

Cinematic Fantasy Worlds - 300 Rise of an Empire Movie Poster

After Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, I felt the need to cleanse the palette. I wanted to visit other cinematic fantasy worlds that truly delivers the mediaeval aesthetic. To find a film that’s true to the feel is tough, and to nail a top ten is even harder! I hit streaming services and my library to see what’s there, and I was being tough on myself since any element that’s off meant taking it out of this list.

Movies based on mythology are a given. And I’ve removed literary works like The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings because that would be cheating. What I offer here is listed in alphabetical order and the links go to Amazon USA for those wanting to stream it or to buy. Final movie trailers are also included to separate each entry.

300 (2006)

Zack Snyder’s colourful and gritty story about a bunch of Spartans protecting a pass is a movie to truly marvel at. When all of Greece gets threatened, what else can an elite warrior class do? Here, we learn about what it takes to defend a nation. As for the sacrifices, it’s the stuff of legends. Although the sequel doesn’t fare as well as the original, this pairing is a must for fans of this filmmaker.

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Where’s the Jam in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?

Even after giving Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur multiple watches, I can’t find too much that’s shows the love for the classic material.

Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur PosterWhen Disney Animation is bringing even more Marvel Comics properties under its fold, not every title will take. It doesn’t offer everything I adored from the Devil Dinosaur comic book. Although the producers behind Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur have all the right intentions to give new life to this property for a modern audience, I miss the energy Jack Kirby put into that work. That is, this young woman is no Tarzan Boy (and yes, Baltimora’s song comes to mind in this comparison).

This take doesn’t truly recount where the reptile comes from. Nor does it refer to Moon Boy, whom the dinosaur previously partnered with before entering a wormhole to meet Lunella Lafayette (Diamond White). She’s an aspiring inventor who needs to cut back on her Red Bull consumption. While her home life is reasonably stable, sometimes her parents just don’t understand what she wants to do. Throughout the series, she says she’s ready to work for Tony Stark rather than be stuck in school.

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Thoughts on the Best Super Bowl Sunday Movie Trailers

Out of the 10 Super Bowl Sunday Movie Trailers and 2 TV spots, we give our thoughts on the best ones that got us excited for the film thsmelves!

Super Bowl Sunday Movie TrailersMost regular film previews can last up to two minutes, but that’s provided you’re seeing them in theatres. Unfortunately, all of the Super Bowl Sunday movie trailers satisfies this criteria. The Flash is its own independent entry than make the list because I thought, “Didn’t I see this before?”

I’ll have to watch my home video release of the television series’ first season to verify if the house is indeed the same architecture, and check if that version of Barry Allen reacted the same way when witnessing his mom’s death. The interior of that home might have been reused, and aside from that, we learn Batman will be key to this adaptation of Flashpoint. His role may well save an otherwise maybe doomed film.

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Are We Ready to Run 3000 Miles of Chang’an?

Light Chaser Animation’s 3000 Miles of Chang’an is slated for release this Summer, and it’ll be different from their previous works.

3000 Miles of Chang'an Light Chaser Animation‘s upcoming 3000 Miles of Chang’an is a radical departure from their New Gods line of films, and it’s only a mere six or seven months away from release! In what I could dig up about this upcoming title is that the story will focus on a different aspect of Chinese History. Instead of focusing on further heroics from characters from classic folklore, what this latest tale will deal with is brotherly love, and the life and times of two famous poets.

Perhaps the switch is for the better. As much as I love to see further adventures from Ne Zha and Yang Jian from the New Gods series of films, perhaps they are meant to be sunsetted in favour for further tales to expound on a world today’s Chinese children don’t know about.

Although the tease at the end of New Gods: Yang Jian suggested Monkey will get to tell his story about those times from his persepctive, I suspect that won’t happen anytime soon.

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