Hot on the Trail of Bigfoot. Last Frontier Offers the Latest Theories on Wood

The latest documentary in the series, Small Town Wonders is The Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier. The people he talks to here in Alaska have some fascinating stories that any researcher will want to hear!

On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last FrontierRelease Date: Jan 17, 2023 on VOD
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On the Trail of Bigfoot: Last Frontier is Seth Breedlove‘s latest documentary under the label of Small Town Wonders. Where he heads to now is Alaska, and the people he talks have some fascinating stories that any researcher will want to hear! They hail from various towns that are strewn throughout the State, but as for whether we should believe them or not depends on wanting to believe. By my estimate, they’re just everyday folks and they have no reason to lie.

This filmmaker loves delving into urban myth, and I believe he’s far more genuine than those speciality network series. His work demonstrates he’s not approaching the subject with him in front of the lens all the time. What he discovers has an air of authenticity, and unlike his look into the legend of the Jersey Devil (review) and Rougarou, this one sees him a lot more invested in the subject. Like his past works where he’s on the trail of the elusive giant, his focus is on the west coast. These can be found on Tubi, and they tend to focus on the Pacific Northwest, and in this latest, he’s travelling north!

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That Ain’t No Fouke (or is it?) In Mytheries

Interestingly, the documentaries and fictional horror dramas bear a resemblance to Hammer films with their sequels that follow a lineage.

Searching for Sasquatch: Cryptozoologist Lyle Blackburn has new book  featuring Fouke MonsterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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The Paranormal Network

A new episode is now online of The Paranormal Network’s Mytheries. This time, the focus is on the Fouke Monster, a local Bigfoot type creature whose base of operations is in Fouke, Arkansas. It came into prominence in the early 1970s and whether it is real is still debated nearly 50 years later.

Jessica Dwyer, the series host, addresses both sides of the argument and, like previous shows, offers a point of view which includes how the monster of the month is ingrained in pop culture. She doesn’t add more to the lore, other than how it’s become part of this town’s livelihood. The addition of how the law is accepting of the influence–instead of discounting–says it all. This sweet update is all I need to know when investigations are infrequent.

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[Fantasia 2021] Cryptozoo Deconstructed in this Movie Review & Analysis

CryptozooBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Fantasia Film Festival 2021
Available to view on demand Aug 21 9PM and Aug 23 9AM (EST)

Magnolia Pictures
August 20, 2021 (USA)
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Dash Shaw‘s Cryptozoo is a kind of animation that fans of this genre would expect to be released by The National Film Board of Canada rather than Adult Swim. The art style used in this film is something I’d expect from this digital media producer who encourages independent arts. I can see this creator further his trade with more shorts and daring narratives.

Lauren Gray (Lake Bell) is trying to save Baku, an eater of dreams, from the black market. It looks like a tapir from afar, but there’s more to this animal’s snout should it meet a sleeping human. This creature is lurking somewhere in the veil between worlds, and she can’t help this cryptid because it’s unwilling to be caught. Some people fear it and others will embrace it. This creature sucks nightmares (fears) away. 

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Presenting We Want to Believe’s Bigfoot Hunt in Full

Whether Bigfoot is around or not, I suspect the team will have to make a return search.

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The Search for Bigfoot has no end in sight in We Want to Believe.’s channel rebranded as The Paranormal Network some time ago, and after so many episodes of this type of content, perhaps they need a Cryptoid channel too? 

Jason Hewlett, Chris Bose, Shawn Knippelberg, and Peter Renn (who is finally in this latest arc) are part of the team looking for the seminal beast and using everything from a baby’s cry to a spirit box in an attempt to contact him (or her). They got something, but as for what it is exactly, we’ll never know. Bose’s narrative been a lot more compelling throughout this arc because he connects this giant to his aboriginal heritage (the Secwepemc). He talks about them with great respect, not only as spirits of the land, but also in regards to others–the mimics–who can pretend to be like us or anything we can imagine. They are not the type from Dungeons and Dragons lore, but instead are tricksters if I’m understanding him correctly. They’re known as C’eweneytmx. These entities like to play with us. He also smudges the area so no bad energies will follow the team as they go looking for signs of a Sasquatch late at night.

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Daring to Crack Into Linnea Quigley’s Paranormal Truth

The episodes to watch are those which look at notable Californian haunts, like the RMS Queen Mary, and a few not as well known–namely the Verdugo Hills Cemetery, Curse of St Francis and The Clown Motel.

vlcsnap-2021-04-06-18h52m52s752By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Maha Films
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Horror icon Linnea Quigley doesn’t always get to the Paranormal Truth in this new pseudo-documentary series. When considering these types of programs don’t always include a disclaimer the ideas presented are for entertainment purposes only, viewers should be reminded the ideas presented are just theories. A few episodes do offer valid reasons on why these horrors are relevant in pop culture, but not all of them are conclusive. I particularly found the revelation of why some people have adopted a vampiric lifestyle and why we love zombies in film more engaging. The episode about the history of witchcraft is honest than construed (to note: the best look into the origins of this practise is the first episode of Mystic Britain).

It’s tough to be current even when recent research doesn’t have the answers. Not even Paul Beban‘s Paranormal Declassified (2020) have revelations–their best episodes include Cattle Mutilations and the Skinwalkers. On the opposite side of this world is the search for Bigfoot. This show suggests “most recent” sightings occur in Ohio. Paranormal Truth alleges that there are some investigators who would rather hunt down and kill one–which can curse them for life–instead of studying them proper like Jane Goodall.

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