All Is Not Well in Future TX, A British Time Travelling Teenage Comedy

While the adventure the two teens in Future TX are in is akin to an episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures, I hoped for more future tech to present itself.

Future TX Movie PosterComing to VOD Apr 18, 2023

The teens trying to save all of humanity in Future TX may well be tempus fugitives if they don’t get their act together. Here, Dylan (Arran Kemp) and Molly (Adele Congreve) get to buy their very first smartphones. Although they look oversized to carry, someone from the hereafter calls them and says the world is doomed! This reasonably fast set up also reveals what will happen, and Foley (played up hilariously by Griff Rhys Jones) must be stopped. He nicely fits into the mad inventor role, and although he’s not really the bad guy, some rich industrialist who looks like him wants the crazy tech he made.

This movie written and directed by Tim Clague & Danny Stack has the feel of a television show more than anything else. When considering their past production, this fact is not a surprise. What they present is a cat-and-mouse game of searching for the perpetrator who will cause a tear across the dimensions. Instead of actual time travel, the scientific explanations are smart–it’s possible to project radio waves, but to send someone back and forth has yet to be discovered.

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How to Ride On into an Epic Sunset with Jackie Chan, and Company

Larry Yang’s film, Ride On, nicely balances a multi genre narrative where it brings The Fall Guy and Free Willy to the fore and still deliver a lot of fantastic Jackie Chan moments.

Ride On Movie PosterWell GO USA
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Jackie Chan‘s best films are often about family rather than the action, and when his latest deals with mending hearts, I was immediately hooked! Ride On is quite the emotional roller coaster. This story written and directed by Larry Yang (who made the very pet friendly Adoring) examines the life of Luo (Chan), an old stuntman and why raising Red Hare, his stunt horse, matters more.

These days, he’s past his prime and barely able to make a living as a busker at the studio he once worked at. His accolades also include two individuals learning how to become stunt persons like him. They all know the rewards and the risks, but alas, to create that movie magic sometimes means being prepared for the worst. The team camaraderie they have is like what I fondly recall from the 80s action program, The Fall Guy.

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On Why Leonor Will Never Die on Home Video!

Ramirez Escobar delivers a lot of classic and cheesy 80s action in Leonor Will Never Die. We can see why this “Mom” loves the genre.

Leonor Will Never Die Movie PosterMusic Box Films
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Worlds collide, and as for why Leonor Will Never Die is because she simply refuses to give up! This elderly woman (sweetly played by Sheila Francisco) wants to be a screenwriter for those movies she loves watching. She adores action films and did work in the industry long ago.

Although what she writes is for a Filipina audience, her love for the genre is very clear. I’m sure she can be the next Stephen J. Campbell if she wanted to. But her son, Rudi (Bong Cabrera) can’t put up with her. He plans to leave the nest, and little is said about how the other, Ronwaldo (Anthony Falcon), died. In classic ghost story fashion, he can’t move on until he sees the rest of the family is in a good place.

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When The Legend of Gatokaca and an Eternal Conflict Returns…

The rich Hindu mythology brought to life in The Legend of Gatokaca requires some foreknowledge to truly appreciate what this film is about.

Legend of Gatotkaca Blu-Ray CaseAvailable to Stream on Hi-yah and purchase on Amazon USA

Indonesian filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo wants to show to the world that The Legend of Gatokaca is built from folklore. It certainly shows why superheroes were once gods a long time ago. This individual is from the Mahabharata, an epic tale which includes fascinating elements from Indonesian mythology that put others to shame. Much of it gets explained throughout the film from the eyes of Professor Arya (Edward Akbar) and a student Erlangga (Jerome Kurnia). They teach Yuda (Rizky Nazar) about the past, and why it all matters if he’s to be the reincarnation of a demigod hero, Gatotkaca.

To get new audiences up to speed and yet move the modern update forward is better paced than other works I’ve recently seen. Although, the details go by quite fast and the 130min run time is rather long, I’m glad to have the home video release so I can rewind or pause. That way, I can make sense of the lengthy exposition.

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Hungry for Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire to be Fully Unleashed!

It’s a dry and desolate place, and I can feel for Voltaire trying to get by without assistance.

Voltaire: The Vegan VampireFull Release Feb 27, 2023
Steam Demo Available

Freedom Game‘s Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is not an easy game to play in its current beta. This action-farming rogue-like brings requires searching for items to level up fast (for those power-ups), planning to survive the night and strategy if you’re to battle the midnight infestations. As a vampire who subsists on veggies, trying to deal with creatures attacking your harvest is the biggest threat! Out of all the games I’ve looked at this month, this game is one I’m regularly returning to the most.

What’s offered is challenging without feeling repetitve. Apparently, this character is the son of the famous Dracula. Who knows what happened to his (this game is non canon) servants. You’d think they are around to assist.

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