How to Ride On into an Epic Sunset with Jackie Chan, and Company

Larry Yang’s film, Ride On, nicely balances a multi genre narrative where it brings The Fall Guy and Free Willy to the fore and still deliver a lot of fantastic Jackie Chan moments.

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Jackie Chan‘s best films are often about family rather than the action, and when his latest deals with mending hearts, I was immediately hooked! Ride On is quite the emotional roller coaster. This story written and directed by Larry Yang (who made the very pet friendly Adoring) examines the life of Luo (Chan), an old stuntman and why raising Red Hare, his stunt horse, matters more.

These days, he’s past his prime and barely able to make a living as a busker at the studio he once worked at. His accolades also include two individuals learning how to become stunt persons like him. They all know the rewards and the risks, but alas, to create that movie magic sometimes means being prepared for the worst. The team camaraderie they have is like what I fondly recall from the 80s action program, The Fall Guy.

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