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Welcome to Otaku No Culture. Now we know this website may sound Japanese and this culture’s influence will appear in the content of this news and reviews site, but that is not entirely so. We are a pop culture website that will look at content that is suitable for an entire family to watch. There will be just a pinch of nostalgia mixed in to the content created (okay, we admit there’ll be a lot of nostalgic memories being recalled).

James Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)

The Wind Up Geek

For your pleasure (and mine), I will announce products — TV shows, movies, books, toys & merchandise — that does more than satisfy the inner geek. Here, you will find my love for British and Japanese culture dominate in the news articles I write. I have no confidence in reviewing films, and will leave that up to Ed to do.

I believe that even for an adult, there’s still a child in all of us. Let’s face it — there’s nothing wrong with watching a cartoon or having a few toys on a shelf. As long as you maintain the day-to-day responsibilities of an adult, you can still enjoy the world of a big kid. On Twitter, both Ed and I are known as @Windupgeeks

– James Shaw


Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The Vintage Tempest

Call me a cartoon addict. I admit it and wear the badge of honour proudly. I have been enjoying it since the late 70’s and this medium is my escape into hyper-reality. I also love CGI. Marry the two and they can create fantastic new worlds in cinema. I offer opinion and analysis in the products (which includes supporting independent cinema, enjoying horror films, following pop culture trends and playing the odd video game) I enjoy.

Since my start at writing articles in the Arts and Entertainment scene for Camosun College’s Nexus Newspaper nearly a decade ago, I found that I needed a venue to share my thoughts. I have contributed material to online sites like 28DLA.com, Vivascene.com, SKnR and am published in Absolute Underground Magazine.

If you remember the premise in the film “Big,” starring Tom Hanks, that’s who I am in a nutshell. I’m a boy trapped in an adult’s body. You can find me on the Twitterverse posting various topics I find of interest as @Edohotep

— Ed Sum


Dreaming in Digital

Dreaming in Digital

Movies, books, animation, and games. Put all of them together and you’ll find me in the middle enjoying everything. I’ve always enjoyed the gaming scene, from playing Dungeons & Dragons and Tron on my uncle’s Intellivision as a child, all the way to the huge budget, triple-a titles of today. That’s not to say I don’t have other interests I may comment on from time to time.

I’m also a fan of anime, the 80’s, and nostalgia in general. I’m simply a friendly nerd here to see what comes next from the world of entertainment. You can find me on twitter as @shonasof

— Shawn Trommeshauser

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