All Is Not Well in Future TX, A British Time Travelling Teenage Comedy

While the adventure the two teens in Future TX are in is akin to an episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures, I hoped for more future tech to present itself.

Future TX Movie PosterComing to VOD Apr 18, 2023

The teens trying to save all of humanity in Future TX may well be tempus fugitives if they don’t get their act together. Here, Dylan (Arran Kemp) and Molly (Adele Congreve) get to buy their very first smartphones. Although they look oversized to carry, someone from the hereafter calls them and says the world is doomed! This reasonably fast set up also reveals what will happen, and Foley (played up hilariously by Griff Rhys Jones) must be stopped. He nicely fits into the mad inventor role, and although he’s not really the bad guy, some rich industrialist who looks like him wants the crazy tech he made.

This movie written and directed by Tim Clague & Danny Stack has the feel of a television show more than anything else. When considering their past production, this fact is not a surprise. What they present is a cat-and-mouse game of searching for the perpetrator who will cause a tear across the dimensions. Instead of actual time travel, the scientific explanations are smart–it’s possible to project radio waves, but to send someone back and forth has yet to be discovered.

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