Arriving from Down Under, Scarygirl is Here to Save The Day in her Canadian Debut!

This Australian made film has some moments to make this animation stand out, and Scarygirl is a franchise few know about!

Scarygiurl Movie PosterAfter Scarygirl made its Canadian premiere at Spark! Animation Festival yesterday, I had to wonder who would pick up this rather cute Australian film. I’m fairly sure Shout! Studios will acquire it because this narrative packs an environmental type of punch. Back home, she’s very popular, and there are a lot of products featuring this sort of goth girl from the sea!

When Arkie (Jillian Nguyen) wears an eye patch and has arms of an octopus, I can’t help but think she’s half pirate and a creature of the sea. As for how capable she is as a hero, this film sets up what she must learn before she can face Dr Maybee (Sam Neil). He’s a human who is basically Lex Luthor. As a scientist, he’s rather feared, and as a governor, sort of revered since he’s promising to save it from self-destructing. However, what his people don’t know is that he’s destroying one far off world in favour of saving his.

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When All You Need is Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken to Save the Day!

When Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken goes from being a zero to hero, this classic Hero’s Journey is appropriate.

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Movie PosterRuby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, is definitely going to be expanded upon following its theatrical run. Whether one goes to see it on the big screen or after it’s run on streaming services, the room left for growing this world is certainly evident.

In what I loved from this coming of age tale is that the hero finds her self-worth. It’s an enjoyable film. Although what’s presented is no different from Turning Red, the legends to which this story borrows from is not limited to one legendary monster. There may be more hiding in plain sight, and we’re not just seeing it. Hopefully a television series is considered since this world is ripe for expansion!

What’s introduced is but a start for the title character (voiced by Lana Condor). She’s a very socially awkward teen who later learns she can command respect when she wants to make it so. But before she can become that hero, she has to learn about her heritage. That’s because when her parents left the sea life behind, they decided that it’s best not to tell her anything. Thankfully, it’s all disclosed later in the story.

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Hear Me Roar! I am T-Rex and Not Scared for the Future in Review.

When China wants to explore its prehistorical past, I am Tex seems appropriate

I am T-Rex Blu-ray and slip cover
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Coming to Digital, Blu-ray & DVD on June 20, 2023

It looks like Chinese directors Cai Shangming and Chen Silin want to create their own dinosaur empire with I am T-Rex. This animated fantasy adventure uses proper depictions of these creatures from the Cretaceous period, and to give them a voice takes time to process. Most other films just see them roar rather than speak like humans.

What’s presented is less cartoony and more visceral. To ensure this film gets the widest audience, no blood is shed at all and that’s good for parents wanting to give their children more than their weekly dose of all things dinosaur. Without the battle scars and fright, all I can say is that this release is a lot more family friendly. Although the believability factor takes one step back, the evolutionary advantage that anyone can become better persons is two epochs forward. This story suggests these creatures have a code to live by.

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All’s Not Well in The Secret Kingdom and What Peter Has To Do is….

Even though most of the talking critters hail Peter as the once and future king, it’s a role he doesn’t live up to in The Secret Kingdom.

The Secret Kingdom Movie PosterSaban Films
In Theaters, VOD and On Demand on June 9
Spoiler Alert

The tale found in The Secret Kingdom (previously titled Don’t Go Below) suggests Peter’s (Sam Everingham) family and their life are in shambles. He has anxiety and other problems, and we don’t really know why. When his parents decide it’s best to move to the old homestead, they are all escaping something. Matt Drummond‘s junior effort (his third film) looks at how he manages, and what’s needed is a magical hero’s journey to help this boy cope.

This movie borrows from a lot of past familiar works, like The Golden Compass, The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe and perhaps also Neverending Story. There’s a Spielberg vibe when considering how the focus is really about Pete’s relationship with his sister. When his sister Verity (Alyla Browne) chides him at his insecurities, he’ll have to save face somehow than to say he’ll always be weak.

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Who Let the Magic Cats Out in Suzume? A Movie Review

The world Makoto Shinkai presents us with in Suzume is just as magical as his previous films, and the mythology needs to be expanded upon!

Suzume no Tojimari Japanese Movie PosterSpoiler Alert

Just what a talking cat, an equally vocal three legged chair and a young lady have in common is a crazy mystery. And in Makoto Shinkai‘s latest film, Suzume (すずめの戸締まり, full title: Suzume’s Locking Up), the investigation into this has far reaching consequences! This film’s title is also her name, and it follows familiar beats as his past works, namely Your Name and Weathering With You (movie review)

Part of this latest tale considers how she deals with PTSD in an Alice in Wonderland type tale. This young lady (voiced by Nanoka Hara) is one of the few survivors from the 2011 Tohoku tsunami and when she was a toddler, she had little comprehension about all that happened. She could not find her mom and that grief sets the tone for what’s to come. This film starts off with images of the devastation and it’s dark. Although this child gets taken in by her Aunt Tamaki (Eri Fukatsu) to become her new mom, is that enough? Although she hasn’t talked about those days with auntie, life in Kyushu seems pretty good.

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