Diving Into Why Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken will be a Fantastic Summer Hit

The details and trailer is now here for DreamWorks Animation’s latest and Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken looks good!

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Movie PosterStories about coming out of one’s comfort zone is often a winning scenario in storytelling. In Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken what’s presented looks like more than girl coming out of her shell. She will have huge challenges to face and one of them includes dealing with an eternal war between her species and an other.

As the title and trailer suggests, this young woman will have to not only deal with high school problems but also experience her Sweet 16 in a way that could potentially the attention of the world.

I get the sense we’ll have a story that’s going to be very different from A Little Mermaid. Althouth the last films from DreamWorks presented some cutting edge visuals which were good, sometimes all we need are the basics–an eternal tale about how species from the aquatic world can get along instead of keep fighting it out. And as for how Ruby will embrace her legacy depends on whether Krakens from long ago were ever treated as adversaries. They were first introduced in Scandinavian lore and over time, films like Clash of the Titans helped popularize the Greco-Roman version. They are huge and terrifying. Sailors often thought of them as terrors as the opening narration suggests. But in this story, they are actually protectors of the seven seas.

Perhaps what we don’t know is that they were stopping ships from carrying dangerous cargo hence these attacks. What’s presented is no different from how Namor wants to prevent land dwellers from invading his kingdom. Although what’s revealed so far doesn’t show connections to classical legends, I’m hopeful more will be revealed when this film releases June 30, 2023.

Partial Spoilers and the Trailer follow:

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Riceboy Sleeps, More than just an Immigrant Song

To watch a film shot in classical format, in 16mm, is a rare treat these days, and it certainly adds an air of authenticity to Anthony Shim’s Riceboy Sleeps.

Riceboy Sleeps Movie PosterPlaying in select Cineplex theatres across Canada

Anthony Shim’s Riceboy Sleeps is a very sweet and melodramatic movie. It’ll certainly have some Asian youths thinking about their relationship with their parents. That’s because this filmmaker drew heavily upon his own experiences to tell a compelling tale about life, hardship and how to live. It also reflects upon what some immigrants must have faced in the 80s when trying to raise children in a world that’s still relatively foreign to them.

When So-young (Seung-yoon Choi) wants to make a fresh start in Vancouver, BC with her son Dong-Hyun (played by child-actor Dohyun Noel Hwang and teen Ethan Hwang) who’s ready to rebel, trying to connect is tough. He has his problems and she has hers. It’s less about the communication barriers, but more to do with not having a father figure around.

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Where is the Journey in Katak: The Brave Beluga?

10th Ave Productions is a relatively small animation studio aspiring to create big things with Katak: The Brave Beluga.

Katak The Brave BelugaPlaying at select cinemas.

Movies like Katak: The Brave Beluga can have a difficult time standing out. This French-Canadian produced film made a few waves in the last week of February playing nationwide. As for crossing the sea to be known in other territories like the main character (voiced by Alexandre Bacon) did, means there’s going to be an uphill struggle. Not only are there bullies in this journey to find his place in an aquatic society but also, not everyone is willing to aide him along the way.

Here, this young whale is out to fulfil his ailing grandmother’s last wish, and that’s to reunite the family. He never met grandpa, and he migrated away to somewhere in the Arctic. To find him will be tough when considering the vastness but in what this film lacks in spirit, there’s lots of heart put into this coming of age and road trip journey. 

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It’s Been a Universal Week with The Fabelmans on Home Video

Watching this movie again before the Oscars reminds us of why we love going to the movies in The Fabelmans.

The Fabelmans Blu-Ray + DVD
Available to purchase on Amazon USA

Universal Studios

Steven Speilburg’s The Fabelmans can be enjoyed on home video and before The Oscars! Even after the fourth watch, I feel this movie will earn more than one award, and it’s easy to see why. I’ve seen this on the big screen and small now, and honestly, I’d rather favour the former because of everything this film represents.

Not only can I relive the magic that defines seeing a movie on there, but also get to understand who Sammy (Gabriel LaBelle) is. In order to see him succeed as a filmmaker requires learning more than the facts of life. The movie hardly felt long. Modern art is as special as he learns about it.

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Layma’s Poem Prepares Us for a Magic Carpet Ride

The pen is mightier than the sword, and in Layma’s Poem care more than your standard mystical meaning as a world in chaos tries to wreck one poor girl’s soul.

Layma’s PoemFreestyle Digital Media
On Demand (Apple TV+) and Digital, Feb 21st

In Syria, a young girl (voiced by Millie Davis) is getting ready to embark on a magic carpet ride while a civil war breaks out in Aleppo. And what we witness in Layma’s Poem is a tale that delicately balances between the reality of her life and another fantasy that’s not too different from Pan’s Labyrinth. Thankfully, it’s not totally scary. But to help her during this trying time is a book of wisdom by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī. This author is more commonly known as Jalaluddin Rumi.

It helps her understand everything that’s going on not only from his time (800 years ago) but also now. What we hear can also teach us something too about patience and virtue. Although the younger version of this poet hasn’t earned his recognition as a person of wisdom yet, what he learns from his peer and later imparts to the girl is very inspiring.

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