When Trolls Band Together, What Can Musically or Chaotically Go Wrong?

Three films in, DreamWorks is out to milk Trolls Band Together for everything they can musically put out, and all I have to ask, when will they sing showtunes?

Trolls Band Together Movie PosterSpoiler Alert

New musical puns and even more tunes have been Troll-matized in DreamWorks latest. Unlike the last film where fans get to discover various subspecies exist, Trolls Band Together broadens the world so that fans can find just how diverse it is. That is, it’s not entirely populated by these tiny singing Muppets. There’s other species who also love breaking out into song.

Although the Mount Rageons are rather creepy looking, perhaps the character design was intentional. They are either modelled after Gumby or are related to a toy line I never played with. However, I can’t help but think that cackling doll from the movie Poltergeist was an influence! When two of them (conveniently a sibling pair named Velvet and Veneer, played by Amy Schumer and Andrew Rannells) have kidnapped Floyd, one of Branch’s brothers, just so they can steal his mojo, I thought this film is a retread of the original.

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The Stones and Brian Jones Tell All Documentary Is Here!

What’s presented in The Stones and Brian Jones shows how they were once buddies, warts, rivalries and et al.

The Stones and Brian Jones One Sheet PosterMagnolia Pictures
Releasing to all major platforms Nov 17, 2023

To say Brian Jones got no satisfaction from being ousted from The Rolling Stones is an understatement, few would argue. This founder laid everything out that he wanted for this group, but sadly his erratic behaviour and drug addiction destroyed him. These days, not every newcomer to this band would know just how important he was unless they watch The Stones and Brian Jones.

In Nick Broomfield‘s excellent documentary, Jones’ world is fully explored. We also hear from his bandmates and the industry about what they thought of him. He was well respected despite all that went on. Although much of his contributions are lost to history and disinterest, I have newfound respect for him. And everything he’s done to help make the stones the supergroup that they now are is honoured here than lamented.

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AmPM’s Release of Stereo Sunset shows why Initial D’s sequel is here and MF Ghost is Racing Ahead of the Competition!

If you love the anime, Initial D, then you’ll love MF Ghost. And AMPM is leading the race with a musical teaser of Stereo Sunset ahead of their album release.

MF Ghost Teaser Poster ahead of Stereo SunsetDon’t let the title deceive you because it’s October. But MF Ghost is a new anime series that’s now broadcasting in Japan and it is a sequel to Initial D.  Fans can enjoy the musical teaser, ‘Stereo Sunset (Prod. AmPM)’ while waiting for this series eventual release to foreign markets.

This track is available on various music streaming platforms, and it’s sung by Himika Akaneya from voice actor/idol hybrid unit i☆Ris.

Download and streaming links can be found through https://avex.lnk.to/StereoSunset_TVsize

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Big News for Fans of Shinichi Ishizuka’s manga. GKIDs acquires Blue Giant!

Fans can thrill to the delight of Shinichi Ishizuka’s manga, Blue Giant, getting a cinematic treatment as it’ll soon come to North America later this year!

Blue Giant Original Japanese Movie PosterGKIDS has the North American distribution rights for the music drama Blue Giant, and it should be playing in theatres by the end of this year. The deal was negotiated between this company and Toho following its sneak preview at the 2023 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and for GKIDS’ President David Jesteadt, he said, “Blue Giant is a thrilling and moving exploration of what it takes to pursue true artistic and creative excellence,” said “We are proud to share this special film that captures the spirit of the beloved manga for a new audience, with one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in years.”

This animated extravaganza is directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa, whose credits include directing the mega hit anime series “Mob Psycho 100”, as well as the cult hit series “Death Parade,” “DECA-DENCE,” and the latest film in the blockbuster Detective Conan franchise, Detective Conan: The Black Iron Submarine.

From the Press Release:

Blue Giant is adapted from the internationally-renowned manga of the same name, written by manga artist Shinichi Ishizuka. The series won the Japan Media Arts Festival Award and the Shogakukan Manga Award, and was nominated for the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize and as “Comic of the Year” at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. NUMBER 8, the editor of the original manga, joined the film production to write the script.

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Beat the Heat with AmPM, CARTOON & YELLOCK with Summer Drive feat. Icazahra!

It’s hot in the city with a huge collab between Japan’s best DJ’s and EDM artists getting together with Summer Drive feat. Icazahra!

Summer Drive Single CoverThe season is right for Japanese masked production duo AmPm, tech-house DJ and producer CARTOON and virtual human artist YELLOCK, along with Japan-based singer-songwriter and Indonesian diva singer Icazahra, to bring ‘Summer Drive feat. Icazahra’ to the airwaves! This track is one way to dance the night away, and it’s the perfect release to signal the end of this eason.

The new track is a collaboration born from the popular music show ‘Unknown Studio’ broadcast in Japan by ABC TV. The song combines Icazahra’s beautiful singing voice with AmPm’s synth sound and a lot more from CARTOON+YELLOCK, resulting in a house music gem. If you’re just as curious as we are, the streaming links can be found on this landing page:

There’s no music video, and listeners can visit this YouTube Music page to listen to this mix-genre work. Band bios are as follows:

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