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Spooked in Seattle, MoPOP Halloween News for Oct 29, 2022!

21 Sep

MoPOP Halloween

The Museum of Pop Culture has announced that its epic MoPOP Halloween bash Fashionably Undead is returning after a multi-year hiatus!

On Saturday, October 29, don your scariest costume and make your way to the museum for the Halloween dance party of the season. And this event’s host has the following to say:

Dear friends — we, the sentient machines that have taken over your beloved MoPOP, humbly invite you to our Ha11oween bash. Please consider this as nothing more than a celebration. It is in no way a trap. Or a Red Wedding. Dance your flesh off to the hypnotic pulsing rhythms. Lose your cares and decision-making capabilities in a fruity glass of fermented liquids. Scream for your life in an escape room built solely for your amusement. And party like it’s your last night on earth. Because it won’t be. We promise.

This event is 21+ only.

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Nobody’s a Slave to Sirens Anymore, A Documentary Review

21 Sep


Rolling release beginning Sept 30, 2022 (please check local listings for theatrical screenings)

Emerging out of the Middle East is Slave to Sirens, a thrash metal band wanting to prove to the world they’re unstoppable. In addition to allowing their journey to be filmed, what we see is a story different from mythology. Here, nobody is being lured to false promises and find themselves drowning in the river of life.

Instead, what Sirens, the documentary by filmmaker Rita Baghdadi, presents is the daily struggles of the five women in Beirut, Lebanon. They all want to be musicians. This microcosm that exists here does not understand what heavy metal is about. As this country’s first all-girl band struggling against its natural conservative norms, I was not only curious in what this work will explore but also wanted to hear this band sing. Also, it’s rare to get a look at what the rock n’ roll scene is like in the the Middle East.

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NAQT VANE’s Breezy Debut! “Break Free” Music Video in Japan and American Release

19 Sep


On September 1st, Attack on Titan and Kingdom composer Hiroyuki Sawano launched a new music project, titled NAQT VANE, with vocalist Harukaze! Their debut single ‘Break Free’ is now out and the music video is nothing short of breathless.

In addition to the digital single, there’s a music video (see below) to view, and it’s produced for everyone living in the era of the wind. The press release describes it as, “A flexible world of freedom and diversity with a lifestyle unbound by material things. NAQT VANE began activities with the intention of “breathing a new wind into each story and finding a place of our own”. The team consists of vocalist Harukaze, who has built a following on TikTok and YouTube, along with overall production by Hiroyuki Sawano and artwork by Classic 6.”

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Eolia. Is Part Two of this Rhythm of the Universe The Game Players Been Waiting For?

3 Sep


Eolia, is a virtual reality fantasy-adventure follow-up to Ionia (review) as part of the Rhythm of the Universe series. Hopefully the issues that plagued the first game have been corrected so players can save the land from climate crisis. It’s available on the Quest platform.

Developer ROTU Entertainment announced they will donate a portion of the sales of this sequel to a climate-conscious non-profit group, as selected by the ROTU social media community.

Here, you are exploring the world on the back of the mythical horse-like Lhargo as explorer Conga Dholak on a mission to protect his once-thriving planet from an ecological disaster. Extreme weather and drought plague Eolia’s deserts, peppered with the ruins of a lost civilization and on the brink of environmental collapse.

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Just how Sky-HI Can This Rapper Go? Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Lands in Japan and Music Video!

22 Aug

nHB1mW XWZi1nyCbvSXF0jp3Jnoimj9 TBlleK9hx120CGz5aoMoTDDZCwMQyqec2q1JIgKxJapan’s phenomenal rapper, SKY-HI, must love Sonic the Hedgehog! After news of the third movie in development for 2024 (sadly the fate of Dr. Robotnik’s role is unclear because of Jim Carrey wanting to retire), this talent needed to sing the praises with ‘Fly Without Wings,’ and offer a version with the Blue Blur himself!

As one of Japan’s most creative and proactive artists and the president and producer of cutting-edge management company/label BMSG, SKY-HI continues to push the boundaries of music every day.

Now, as the mega-hit movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ is finally released in theaters in Japan, SKY-HI has contributed his official movie-inspired track ‘Fly Without Wings’, which is released today (JST). The first version has some clear Sonic vibes to it, but there’s a second version!

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