Just How Much of Your Heart Can Lay “Open” Depends on Who You Ask in this Music Video driven Comedy

I’m more interested in the songs since it has to eventually come to some revelation, and this movie titled Open can close.

Open Movie PosterOctober Coast
Playing at select theatres now and VOD beginning Nov 7

Maybe what Kristina (Lindsay Anne Williams) has to do to get past her relationship woes is to “Open” her heart and go through the motions so she can heal. Although a certain Roxette song came to mind while watching this romantic comedy, there’s not much I could find that relates to this film’s theme. Instead, Mama Mia screamed at me, and ABBA’s music for that concept album is still playing in my head as I write this review.

Although this character drama describes itself as Marriage Story meets Scott Pilgrim vs the World, I’m sensing other works were also an influence. The New Wave, Jazz, Country and Punk driven music video dream-sequences sets this work apart from others I’ve seen. And although the composition of these songs aren’t as snappy at the start, as long as you’re willing to wait it out, the scores get better! The early tracks are too heavy in psychoanalyzing what this protagonist is feeling, and honestly, the later tracks improve so that what’s felt is like a day tripper! But as for whether this work is meant to be a tribute to musicals, I doubt Miles Doleac had that in mind when directing this film.

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Once Within a Time – A Captivating Art House Film for the Ages!

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Once Within a Time is with the casting of Mike Tyson as “a prophet.”

Once Within A Time Movie PosterRelease Date: Oct 20, 2023
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Godfrey Reggio is not your typical filmmaker. He makes movies that are experiences. After watching his doomsday-fable Once Within a Time, I feel that he’s trying to show to audiences where he thinks humanity is headed by using collages of varying images to express it. Nearly every technique that was developed during the early age of film is used here.

That’s because his visual narrative begins with us staring at an audience looking at a stage, and the curtain opens with Yggdrasill (Sussan Deyhim) singing to us like that opera singer Plavalaguna from The Fifth Element. To note, this film is neither a truly fantasy and nor is it really fully science fiction.

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AmPM’s Ready to be ‘Traveling Without Moving’ and Track Listing

Electronic DJ duo AmPM has put together a full album and also released a music video Traveling Without Moving to show how to keep listeners dancing!

AMPM Traveling Without Moving Album CoverAmPM’s debut album ‘Traveling Without Moving’ is finally here, and it’s jet-set on taking listeners to a sonic journey that best represents what Tokyo, Jakarta, Amsterdam and New York City is all about! And the best part of this release is that it features guest vocalists from the UK, Singapore and Japan (11 talents in total), including hotly tipped Lilly Ahlberg and RAENE.

From the Press Release:

This album encapsulates the essence of exploration, experiences, and personal reflections on travelling. Through their imaginative lyrics, AmPm and their featured vocalists delve into the emotions, memories, and impressions associated with these vibrant metropolises. “Travelling is an integral part of our lives, and we have drawn inspiration from our own journeys,” explained the band. “This album serves as a window into our personal stories, inviting listeners to experience the diverse emotions associated with travelling. Each city represented in the album holds significance to us, whether it be Tokyo, Jakarta, Amsterdam, or New York City. We wanted to create a musical narrative that captures the essence of these cities and the unique feelings they evoke.”

This song draws on inspiration from a broad spectrum of electronic genres, with house at its heart. The album brings together a collection of lighter-than-air pop songs which immerse listeners in a world of sonic bliss. Each track takes on a unique identity, blending infectious melodies, lush harmonies, and pulsating rhythms. “We have created a work that can give an individually unique experience to our listeners,” say the band. “We also wanted to fully express house music, which is at the core of our sound. It’s a very original sound; a sense of pop, but also with speed and exuberance, with house music at the heart of it. This album is a signature of what AmPm are, and we’re proud to say that we’ve made a house music album that represents the year 2023.”

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Aiobahn and yanaginagi is on Fire with Re: Searchlight Single!

EDM DJ Producer, Aiobahn partnered up with singer-songwriter yanaginagi to produce the latest hit that’s sure to hit clubs worldwide!

Aiobahn Music Producer Art StillLast week, Aiobahn, released RE: SEARCHLIGHT online and the music video is simply adorable! This song features singer-songwriter yanaginagi and is a major label release in Japan. Also, Wataru Uekusa is that animator behind this work. Hopefully a subtitled version will be coming, so fans world wide can enjoy the meaning behind this work.

Last month, this talent also released INTERNET YAMERO (March 17), and it received over 6.4 million views on YouTube within a month of its launch, and number of subscribers to his YouTube channel increased by 30,000 in a month.

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AmPM and Belle Humble is all West Side with this Music Single!

This music video also includes Belle Humble’s interpretation of what West Side is about (and the New York vibes are present).

West SideEver since AmPm broke into the global dance music scene with their debut release, they have been riding high on countless waves of success. It started in  2017 with the single ‘Best Part of Us,’ and where they can be heard spread worldwide. Their next album is based on travelling the world, and where they’re heading is to the UK!

Their latest single, titled ‘West Side,’ is now available to stream, and it looks to take inspiration by the musical of a simliar name. This dance track is a collaboration with the UK-based singer and songwriter Belle Humble, and has everything that’s distinct to both talents. She also appears in the track’s official performance video. It is also based on Humble’s interpretation of West Side, and will leave a deep impression on viewers. Be sure to check out the video and soak in the lyrics along with the unmistakable vibe.

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