Boom Boom Back Music Video Shows BE:FIRST is Ready to Track!

‘Boom Boom Back’ has already been shared and published by local dancers and choreographers in the lead up to the actual single release date, creating a wave of mystery and excitement to all BESTYs (BE:FIRST fans) who wondered if this was the group’s latest single.

BE:FIRST Boom Boom BackReleasing 13 February 2023 on all major digital streaming platforms.

After the remarkable achievements in 2022, which includes officially debuting as a group, music chart topping hits, as well as performances at prestigious events from the likes of 2022 Asia Artist Awards, the 65th annual The Japan Record Award, and the 73rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Kouhaku Song Festival; Apple Music link), Japanese group, BE:FIRST are back with their first single of 2023, ‘Boom Boom Back.’

From the Press Release:

With a new year, BE:FIRST welcomes a new approach with a global team on ‘Boom Boom Back’ which includes US-based artist and music producer, Grant Boutin and music producer, Luke Shipstad, songwriters Will Jay and 3onawav, who proactively provide music to great artists in South Korea as well as otherAsian countries. This brand-new infectious single expresses the sincere, yet greedy determination to aim even higher, despite already achieving high accolades.

‘Boom Boom Back’ is a hybrid Hip Hop danceable track which is mixed with a 90s flavor, a touch of 2000s teen beat, and current sensibility of musical beats. In terms of choreography for the music video, BE:FIRST worked together with dancer and choreographer, KAITA, as well as KAZ the FIRE. KAITA previously worked on their Hip Hop number, ‘Milli-Billi’, which was taken from their first album ‘BE:1’. With ‘Boom Boom Back’, it is a promise that this is going to be another ‘must-see’ dance performance. The music video is scheduled to premiere on BE:FIRST’s official YouTube channel at 7PM (Singapore time) on 13 February 2023, Monday.

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Celebrating the new digital single release, BE:FIRST will have a series of live streams on their social media accounts. This is the first comeback for BE:FIRST since the release of their debut album, ‘BE:1’ last August.

Boom Boom Back

‘Boom Boom Back’ has already been shared and published by local dancers and choreographers in the lead up to the actual single release date, creating a wave of mystery and excitement to all BESTYs (BE:FIRST fans) who wondered if this was the group’s latest single. On TikTok, the #BBBチャレンジ (#BBBChallenge in English) was published without revealing the group or song title, and has created a massive buzz on social media even before the official announcement from BE:FIRST.

To date, this has garnered over 5.0 million views alone, establishing BE:FIRST’s digital first approach and commitment to their love for music and dance. BE:FIRST published their TikTok videos for ‘Boom Boom Back’ on 26 and 27 January 2023. Get excited for their new release and await for what is coming next from BE:FIRST.

NAQT VANE’s “Break Free” is Now in English!

There are doubtless many out there who can relate to a group like NAQT VANE, and this feels like the start of a whole new movement – keep your expectations high as they embark on a truly special career.

Break FreeThe English version of NAQT VANE’s debut song ‘Break Free’ was released on September 30. This English version was produced in tandem with the original Japanese version released earlier in September, so that music fans around the world could enjoy the message of hope behind the song’s lyrics.

NAQT VANE launched in September as a fresh new team project breathing a wind of change. Their debut single ‘Break Free’ carries an encouraging message of “a new self” and “liberation” and is dedicated to everyone living in the era of the wind – a flexible world of freedom and diversity with a lifestyle unbound by material things or status. The project combines the unmistakable music of producer Hiroyuki Sawano, whose compositions for anime, movies and TV shows are beloved by fans in Japan and around the world; and Harukaze, a highly skilled musician with a unique singing voice whose worldview was shaped by her school days spent in the United States.

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BRATS Spiderweb and Shibuya News

BRATS latest music video, “Spiderweb” is now out and we got news of their next performance!

bratsThe talents who now make up BRATS this year is riding high. After the release of their music video, “Spiderweb” to the Internet on Sept 2, 2023, and the fandom has shown their love, this two-person group is confirmed to perform at Shibuya Spotify O-WEST next.

This event marks their second live show this year. It will take place Oct 8, and feature new arrangements of like “Forget me not,” “Ms. Downer,” and “Dodatte Yokatta.”

Rei said, “Up until now, our BRATS sound has been rooted in a traditional style of rock. For this new single, we wanted to go for a heavy digital approach to match the song’s message about life on the internet.”

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Inu-Oh is Swoon Worthy Hellraiser and a Lot More at Fantasia 2022

Inu-oh was neglected much of his life, and to see how he survives makes for a great story.

Inu-Oh PosterJuly 27 9:30 PM
Coming to theatres Aug 12, 2022 courtesy of GKIDS. and t
o all major digital platforms on Dec 20 and on Blu-Ray™ + DVD on January 24.

Masaaki Yuasa’s musical fantasy is very ambitious, and that should be of no surprise for anyone who loves rock and roll or heavy metal. There’s a bit of history too, but to say how much of it is accurate is tough to ascertain. That’s because there’s not a lot of surviving records about the real life Inu-Oh (犬王, lit. “Dog King”). 

The themes in this self-titled movie concerns defying the status quo and showing that it’s okay to be yourself. That’s how Inu-Oh lives his life. He believes there’s no need to conform, especially when he’s born deformed Sadly, people run away if they see him in his true form. Thus, he’s always wearing a mask and dons a huge garment to cover up his entire body. It’s a shame nobody can see past his ugliness, but thankfully Toma can. That’s because he’s blind.

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Rock on FAKY! On the Release of the Music Video Futakoito.

Japanese girl-group FAKY has a Futakoito Music Video!

Boom Boom Back

Japanese girl group FAKY’s latest single, “Futakoito,” was released, and Vocaloid producer Aqu3ra couldn’t be happier. This visually gorgeous and poetic piece blends a few music styles together into a symphonic treat. Although no translation was made available at time of release, hopefully this can change in the coming weeks–or fans can wait for the release of Ox-Head Village, an upcoming horror movie by ‘Ju-On’ creator Takashi Shimizu. 

This filmmaker released a statement about the music video. “The lyrics in this song about ‘another me (myself)’ are indeed the hidden theme of this movie. In an era where social media allows any of us to become someone else, can the two sides of the ego coexist? Will you struggle and be sucked in? Can you hold on to the essence of yourself?”

“Thank you Aqu3ra for putting together the pieces of this movie. And thank you FAKY for collaborating with me once again!”

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