BRATS Spiderweb and Shibuya News

BRATS latest music video, “Spiderweb” is now out and we got news of their next performance!

bratsThe talents who now make up BRATS this year is riding high. After the release of their music video, “Spiderweb” to the Internet on Sept 2, 2023, and the fandom has shown their love, this two-person group is confirmed to perform at Shibuya Spotify O-WEST next.

This event marks their second live show this year. It will take place Oct 8, and feature new arrangements of like “Forget me not,” “Ms. Downer,” and “Dodatte Yokatta.”

Rei said, “Up until now, our BRATS sound has been rooted in a traditional style of rock. For this new single, we wanted to go for a heavy digital approach to match the song’s message about life on the internet.”

“And at the same time, we wanted to stay true to the dark and heavy viewpoint of BRATS. Since the lyrics are so specific to “digital life”, we felt like shooting the video on a digital video stage completely immersed us in that world,” responded Aya.

“I want viewers to feel like BRATS is entering a brand new chapter of our journey,” concluded Rei.

This newest song promises to show them with a more aggressive sound, and in the weeks prior to the official realease were teasers.

What we present is the video in full:

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