NAQT VANE’s “Break Free” is Now in English!

7 Oct

Break FreeThe English version of NAQT VANE’s debut song ‘Break Free’ was released on September 30. This English version was produced in tandem with the original Japanese version released earlier in September, so that music fans around the world could enjoy the message of hope behind the song’s lyrics.

NAQT VANE launched in September as a fresh new team project breathing a wind of change. Their debut single ‘Break Free’ carries an encouraging message of “a new self” and “liberation” and is dedicated to everyone living in the era of the wind – a flexible world of freedom and diversity with a lifestyle unbound by material things or status. The project combines the unmistakable music of producer Hiroyuki Sawano, whose compositions for anime, movies and TV shows are beloved by fans in Japan and around the world; and Harukaze, a highly skilled musician with a unique singing voice whose worldview was shaped by her school days spent in the United States.

In the new English version of ‘Break Free’, bilingual singer Harukaze’s English skills are put to great use – and above all, the lyrics have been tweaked to suit the English language, so listeners can enjoy a slightly different vibe from the original version. Whether you have already heard ‘Break Free’ or it’s your first time, check out ‘Break Free (English Ver.)’ for another chance to ride the tailwind.

Since the first announcement that Sawano would launch new team project NAQT VANE as overall producer, the reaction from fans has been overwhelming. Just two weeks after their debut in September, their new songs ‘VANE’ and ‘TOUCH’ were selected as theme songs to TV shows in Japan, making the group hot property.

In addition, vocalist Harukaze will perform as the opening act for singer-songwriter Calum Scott when he performs his first ever concert in Japan at Tokyo EX Theater Roppongi on October 18.

Overall producer Sawano recently composed the song ‘Tot Musica’ performed by Ado for the movie ‘ONE PIECE FILM RED’. He has numerous fans across North America, Europe and Asia thanks to his work on many celebrated anime productions, and in 2019 he delivered a successful solo performance at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, indicating his commitment to the global stage. Vocalist Harukaze is also fluent in English, so it seems likely that the group will set their sights on touring in various regions around the world.

This is a group for all those who face up to life’s challenges every day, as they ride the tailwind to the future. There are doubtless many out there who can relate to a group like NAQT VANE, and this feels like the start of a whole new movement – keep your expectations high as they embark on a truly special career.

Fans can find streaming links to this version of the song at this launch page.

NAQT VANE ‘Break Free (English Ver.)’

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