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John Cleese and Eric Idle Together and Touring North America Again (for the Last Time… no Honestly)

15 Jun

CleeseAndIdleCartoonBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

John Cleese and Eric Idle officially announced a return tour of North America this morning on the John Cleese and Eric Idle Together Again at Last… for the Very Last Time website. In all the duo from Monty Python, one of the most influential comedy teams of the 20th century, are embarking on a 16 city, 20 date tour of Canada and the United States this fall. On this tour, Cleese and Idle will be visiting the western part of North America with cities like Victoria, Vancouver (BC), Seattle, San Jose and San Francisco. Those who attend a show will see an evening of diverse entertainment according to their press release:

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[Victoria Fringe Festival ’14] Hot Patootie! Roller Derby Saved My Soul, A Review

28 Aug

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Roller DerbyBroken Turtle Productions
Written/Created by: Nancy Kenny

Oh god bless Rock n’ Roll, the New Wave Punk movement and Disco. The soundtrack used in Nancy Kenny‘s show, Roller Derby Saved My Soul, will no doubt get some music lovers dancing. This performance has coasted all the way from debuting in Ottawa before going to Montreal and later into Calgary before arriving in Victoria as part of a huge Fringe tour to not only bring awareness of what participating in the Fringe is like but also spotlight her talent as a physical comedienne and tough-as-nail’s performer.

Technically, there’s no pattern about what kind of route Kenny’s taking, since she will be hitting Vancouver next. But if you get a chance to see this roving comedy, the price of admission is worth paying for just to see how she brings all the female pop culture icons from the past 6 decades and distills what being a hero is for all time.

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The Ghostbusters Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary!

7 Jun

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


When I’m a paranormal investigator and pop culture geek, just what am I going to do on June 7th, 2014? I’m looking for ghosts and celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters of course! I have a box of unopened Stay Puft Marshmallows (the caffeinated kind), both movies on Blu-ray to watch, the video game (PS3 edition) that I still have to finish, and a glow in the dark t-shirt to wear — when the weekend is over, I’m gonna feel like Slimer after gulping down a banquet. A lot of fun was experienced for those who joined in the social media bandwagon that began at 12pm PST, but alas, when I’m out chasing ghosts since after midnight, I needed my sleep!

But it’s not just this movie that started my life down the road to real investigative work. Scooby Doo and The Three Investigators were just as pivotal to influencing my years in pursuing the unknown and coming up with hypothesizes in what the other side may entail.

But for today, cheers have to go to Ivan Reitman. Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson for making my childhood become what it is: fun-filled with sugar plump Stay Puft marshmallow men floating around my head. Waitaminute, they’re green and … eeew. SLIMMMER!!!!

(For the lucky thousands, there is an official touring art exhibit that will be hitting Chicago and San Diego soon; it’s been to New York and Los Angeles, already. Maybe if Canadians yell loud enough, it’ll hit Vancouver and Toronto too?)


[Pacific Northwest] The Last Unicorn Arrives with Special Theatrical Screenings!

6 Nov

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


For the month of November, The Last Unicorn is touring the Pacific Northwest. According to Locus magazine. the book by Peter S. Beagle is ranked number 5 in the list of all-time best fantasy novels, and the animated feature was produced by the same team who created The Hobbit back in 78′. Rankin Bass Productions is a highly respected animation house who have produced many a great holiday special, ranging from stop motion to cel, and to see this classic remastered and playing on the big screen as a 2K Digital Cinema Print will no doubt be a delight to many enthusiasts, young and old.

This story is about self discovery and overcoming insurmountable odds. When the mythic quest is to find out if this unicorn is truly the last of her kind, the plot goes into territory which can be scary. A Picasso-esque style influence is what makes this animated version enduring, and the story is wholly magical in its own unique way. Mia Farrow provides the voice for the title character. To name more than a few, other talents include Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, Robert Klein, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee and René Auberjonois.


There will be a pre-show at this film’s many stops. Author Peter S. Beagle will be in attendance and according to the tour website, an hour will be dedicated for him for Q&A and perhaps to sign autographs.

Dates are as follows:

November 15, The Garland Theater in Spokane, WA
November 16, The Seattle Cinerama in Seattle, WA
November 17, The Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, WA
November 19, The Colossus Langley Cinemas in Langley, BC
November 20, The Silvercity Riverport Cinemas in Richmond, BC
November 21, The Bijou Art Cinemas in Eugene, OR
November 23, The Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR
November 25, The Varsity Theatre in Ashland, OR
November 26, The Tower Theatre in Sacramento, CA

Tickets can be bought in advance at The Last Unicorn’s Screen Tour website.