The Man Behind the Madness of Site 13. Nathan Faudree on Finishing This Found Footage Film 20 Years Later.

Sometimes, a movie must be finished despite all odds, and Nathan Faudree talks about why Site 13 had to be made and why H.P. Lovecraft’s vision matters.

Nathan Faudree HeadshotSite 13 is now available on VOD.

Nathan Faudree is a man who wears many hats in the entertainment industry, and his work isn’t limited to genre films. He started in theatre and appeared in many performances of William Shakespeare’s plays, like Hamlet. And from there, worked his way into appearing in films to eventually became Fangoria Radio’s Scream King of 2006! From there, he’s had a blast playing cult heroes, terrifying monsters and even did monster noises for Troma’s Poultrygeist. This New York based actor has done a lot.

But to know him also means getting to talk to him, and chatting with him about why he wanted to revisit Site 13, a movie that was filmed two decades ago which never got finished. What he did to make it contemporary is a good thriller, which is Blair Witch meets H.P. Lovecraft.

For our readers who haven’t seen your past work, what can you recommend?

I’m a co-writer of A Wounded Fawn, which came out last year on Shutter, and we were nominated for Fangoria’s Chainsaw Award and made the top 20 list. Prior to that, I was in Kottontail, where I played a killer Easter Bunny.

About your theatre days, did you leave it all behind to work on film?

Actually, I knew that if I didn’t have something lined up to do after playing Macbeth that, I would be catastrophically depressed because that’s the role everyone wants to play. That’s when Site 13 came in. It’s been a few years now, and I miss that world. I’ve appeared in Hamlet, Alls Well, etc., Here, you have this automatic response with the audience and whether that night’s show went off well. You don’t get that with making movies. It’s only just now I’m seeing what people are thinking about my latest.

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Decarnation and Dealing with Gloria’s Inner Demons Coming to Life…

The colourful visuals, juxtaposed with Decarnation’s unsettling themes, create a pervasive sense of unease and dread.

Decarnation Video Game CardNow available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Decarnation, developed by Atelier QDB and published by Shiro Unlimited, takes players to the vibrant setting of Paris in 1990. The game follows Gloria, a cabaret dancer who finds herself at a turning point in her life, grappling with deteriorating relationships, a struggling career, and dwindling self-esteem. However, her fortunes change when she receives an intriguing offer from a mysterious benefactor. Is this proposal her long-awaited lucky break, or something far more sinister?

This game invites players to explore both real and mental environments as you uncover details that shed light on the intricate web of Gloria’s life. The game weaves some heavy themes such as depression, aging, and self-worth into the narrative to create a compelling mosaic of how complex life can be when faced with significant changes.

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Gou Tanabe’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth Will Chill Come November 2023!

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth has been turned into a manga and it’ll be released at the end of the year.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Manga)
Available for pre-order on Amazon and at your local comic shop (Diamond Distributing)

Coming to comic shops Nov 15
and bookstores Nov 24, 2023

Gou Tanabe‘s next North American publication will be H.P. Lovecraft’s The Shadow Over Innsmouth! This edition is being published by Dark Horse Comics and it is set to arrive later this year. It also includes 12 pages in full colour with a tip-in title page embellished with silver ink.

As for where Call of Cthulhu is (as I reported years ago), that’s because it’s been serialised in the magazine, Comic Beam, and there’s no word if that will get put into a trade paperback and translated too. Fans can chant and make sacred pacts in hopes for it to happen though.

For now, this manga series by Eisner and Harvey Award nominee will come complete in one volume. Zack Davisson has been handling the translation and what’ll be presented is in safe hands. All anyone has to do is look at his portfolio of books (Amazon link) about the supernatural side of Japan.

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Prepare to Face NAKED PEAK-Climb the Mountains of Madness with this Animated Pitch

Fans of this upcoming adaptation of Lovecraft’s seminal Mountains of Madness redubbed Naked Peak can follow MadaraUsi’s YouTube channel for the latest info.

Naked Peak climb the mountains of madnessIt’s safe to say anime studios love H.P. Lovecraft, and to produce anything that’s truly based on are few and far between. Depending on what aspect of his lore gets explored, there’s Berserk and Paprika. To a lesser extent, there’s even the classic, Iczer 1 where the transliteration spelled out the villain as Cthulhu even though they are not related. But to have a story that is truly inspired requires Forest Limit and THINKR Col Ltd., to make a short titled Naked Peak, Climb the Mountains of Madness.

This pilot is now available on YouTube for all to view (also offered below). Although the details are lacking, I suspect it’s based on the IELLO + 6 More’s board game Mountains of Madness than the story. As much as I’d love to see this adaptation borrow from Go Tanabe’s manga (review link), it’s doubtful. This work earned the 2022 CAMPFIRE crowdfunding award after netting over 1 million dollars from 12,000 backers, and achieving 1400% funding overall.

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Breaking Bad with The Breach at Fantasia 2022

The Breach is a slow burn, and I needed a second watch to truly appreciate it.

The Breach PosterFans of Craig Davidson’s scary stories will be in for a treat in the film adaptation of The Breach. Technically, he writes under the pen name of Nick Cutter when crafting horror. Although changes were made, the cinematic version honours the literary piece well. It is like The X-files meets Psi Factor meets (a what if) Prequel to Evil Dead.

This movie from Rue Morgue Magazine founder and sometimes filmmaker Rodrigo Gudiño, and GnR guitarist turned executive movie producer Slash, is a brooding piece of terror. I’m glad his involvement lays more in crafting a few atmospheric tones instead of making it completely heavy metal.

To say H.P. Lovecraft’s works are an influence is a stretch. Ultimately, it depends on what fans understand of this author’s vision. I’ve read every work he wrote and also studied the various expositions about his life which have seeped into his work. His idealisms and attitude were a product of the times. His stories were about secret orders and eldrich mindless gods. At other times, what he wrote was simply about mortals involved in mad science experiments. Not every tale he wrote is about this subject, and often, what happens to his hapless protagonists are beyond their control. They stumble into incomprehensible situations and often go insane. What I like from this author are his tales of cosmic horror rather than Reanimator.

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