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Ruby Roundup! An Organic Card Game on Kickstarter!

12 Aug

null4.pngBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Dan Spiller is a name in the Downtown Victoria gaming and nerd scene. He has high hopes Ruby Roundup! a game he made will set a new standard for what card games can offer to gamers and it is on Kickstarter for those who want to help bring it to a larger market. He’s the creative mind behind the newly minted, Always Gold Games. It’s one part board game and two parts random draw. It’s been in development for a few years, and the goal is to accumulate treasure to win. It’s kind of like the days of hunting for gold; stake your claim and dig up as much mineral as you can to get a lot of money. This product had been getting test demos at local events, and according to this game designer, it is not like other card games currently in the market.

His experience in development stems from not only his passion for this subculture but also in being a lifelong enthusiast. He is one of the principal operators of Yellowjacket Games and Comics here in this city. This store is one of five hubs in the capital region to host Magic the Gathering events. When the staff is just as enthusiastic playing these games as they are in making them, it’s a good sign anything they like to create will have that passion behind it too!

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[Electronic Bungalow] Sleep Tech Japanese Style!

19 Jul

1.jpgBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Anyone looking for a new way to fall asleep does not have to buy into those late-night scams they see on television. MyPillow is very dubious at best. I’m fairly sure I put my head on one during one hotel stay in the States and I believe getting into that zone to achieving REM sleep requires more than comfort for the head, but also in how much physical activity an individual had during the day (regular exercise is recommended), setting in the bedroom and mood.

Enter Sleepion 2, a piece of technology created in Japan combining sound and light therapy with aromatherapy to crafting an environment to help people reach a state where one alternative approach can not. It’s a sleep aid that’s supposed to be able to help folks reprogram their natural biorhythms. I have used the smell of lavender, changed the light bulbs to use red light and binaural sounds before to help me on those difficult nights. Though they do not always work on its own, perhaps combining each of these alternative methods can do a better job, since sleeping pills never work for me.

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Transformers Prime: Galvatron’s Revenge Rolls Out with a Teaser

16 May

Official Movie PosterBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Although Transformers Prime: Galvatron’s Revenge is a failed Kickstarter project from 2015, props has to go to the team still working on bringing this fan film to life. They are making it as a labour of love. On TFW2005’s message boards, the hope is to bring this one-off movie in 2017. The modelling for all the main characters are done, test animations made and render of the introduction sequence posted on YouTube (see below). What’s presented feels more like 1.5

The pacing follows in the style created in the original product, and all it needs is further finessing. Add some more phong shading, patina and some battle scars to these mechs, and this product can roll out.

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Crowdfunding Paradox Girl, a Lesson in Time-Travel — an Interview

25 Jan

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Convention Schedule for Yishan Li:

Feb 27-28 Capital Sci-Fi Con,
Edinbugh, Scotland

March 19-20 Newcastle Film
& Comic Con
, Scotland

April 7-9 Middle East Film
& Comic Con
, Dubai

April 1-May Granite City Comic Con,
Aberdeen City, Scotland

June 25-26 MCM Belfast,
Northern Ireland

July 2-3 MCM Ireland,

Cayti Bourquin is the writer/creator of a new kind of heroine, codenamed: Paradox Girl, illustrated by Yishan Li. Together, both this duo and and Peter Bensley, editor of Hana Comics, are taking to crowdfunding on Kickstarter to help this comic book take off. They are well past their goal, and the team believes there’s a market for this special kind of independent hit.

This character is very different from the normal type of heroes found in print and the story looks at a problem found with stories involving time-travel — just how do you deal with altering anyone’s personal time stream? The television series Doctor Who dodges the issue and CW’s Legends of Tomorrow has yet to consider the bigger picture. The pilot episode already altered the timeline with how Professor Boardman passed on — or was the incident meant to be? Even in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the 2012 animated series, the heroes in the half-shell went back in time to pretend they are Yokai only to save their sensei. The most craziest of situations was explored in Futurama, Bender’s Big Score. Just how these other properties addresses the issue of altering time-lines makes for great story-telling and Bourquin has a plan in mind for her Paradox Girl (PG). She may seem to be an ordinary hero, but there’s more to her than meets the eye, especially when she has to live with all her future selves.

At least the hit here is that issue #2 will happen. There’s still two weeks left to this campaign. Readers might want to take note of possible convention appearances as they get announced by Bensley. Artist Yishan Li will be attending Europen conventions with this product. Although shy, perhaps Cayti Bourquin can be encouraged to appear for autograph signings in a tour at shows in North America.

Otakunoculture spoke with Bensley and Bourquin about this product:

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