Darkwing Duck, Dynamite Comics and Disney. What Can Go Wrong?

The danger that quacks in the night is back! And we look at the first two issues of Dynamite Comic’s Darkwing Duck.

Darkwing Duck #2 comic book coverThe difference between the various releases of Darkwing Duck in comic book form is in what aspect of Drake Mallard’s life should be the focus. The first take from Disney dealt with his heroics, Boom! Studios had longer narrative arcs in the same vein, and when licensing changed hands again to Joe Books (a lesser known company), I lost track. It’s easier to follow the animated series instead. The latest series by Dynamite Comics thankfully doesn’t try to acknowledge those past works as far as I know.

As much as I’d love to keep up with non canonical tales, sometimes all I need is one Duck, and one vision. He worked alone before making friends who becomes his sidekicks. Thankfully this latest honours the early spirit that defines the series. Here, we read about Mallard’s attempt to keep Gosalyn safe, and the only way is to hang up the cape. When he’s not present, she’s a magnet for trouble. Two issues in, to save her than other people are becoming too much.

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Disney’s Legendary Gargoyles Are Back in Business and Their Future with Dynamite Comics

The art by George Kambadais beautifully recalls everything I adore from Disney’s Gargoyles cartoon, and even more!

Dynamite Comics GargoylesDynamite Comic‘s grande plan may well be to bring the complete catalogue of Disney Afternoon cartoons back in sequential art form! It’s cheaper than trying to reboot everything, and so far, we have Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck. Both even have along with facsimiles of their previous fruns. The former had an eleven issue run by Marvel Comics and the latter for eight by Joe Books.

The reason for the delay in saying anything is that I hoped I could track down the latter series to read and give a full review rather than partial. I didn’t find any at this comic book trade show in my city or at Fan Expo Vancouver, but I will say the reprint showed how absolutely fun and nostalgic that publication is. I need to attend a larger show to find them. Continue reading “Disney’s Legendary Gargoyles Are Back in Business and Their Future with Dynamite Comics”

During ECCC2019 Scott Duvall Slays it with Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho Tep

img 5896By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho Tep (AoD/BHT) is a comic book not to be missed. It brings two fan favourites from the world of cult films into a crazy mix that only writer Scott Duvall and artist Vincenzo Federici can imagine. Issue number three is due April 10th, and for this author, it’s been quite a journey. He will soon celebrate ten years of being in the industry! This Vancouver, BC-based creator has plenty of ideas in the pipeline (including one concerning T-Rexes in World War 3), but when it comes to looking back at how he got to where he is now, he’s a talent to keep an eye on. He described the experience worthwhile. He grew up mostly reading Marvel Comics, but it was Y the Last Man which encouraged him to go into creating his own work.

“I always dreamed about it,” said Duvall, “Friends suggested I hook up with Arcana Comics. Sean O’Reilly helped me publish my first comic, Cryozone, and so I went to San Diego Comic-Con and handed it out to editors–anybody I could talk to. From there I got a Marvel internship.”

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Eerie Ed’s Haunted Top Ten Halloween Comic Book Reading List


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The Halloween Comicfest is now into its fifth year, and this milestone certainly needs to be recognised. Not only will a handful of major comic companies, like Marvel, will be contributing themed goodies that comic shops around the world will distribute but also there will be toys! Diamond Select‘s release is the most notable, with sculpts from Universal Monsters Select Figures line. This year will see The Wolfman, The Mummy and Lucy Westenra, Monster Hunter.

Among the most notable items that will see free distribution is Afterlife with Archie: Season Two (Archie Comics), Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead (Space Goat Productions), Harrow County (Dark Horse Comics), The Haunted Mansion #1 (Marvel) and Scooby Apocalypse (DC Comics).

Mini-Comics offered include John Carpenter’s Tales for a Halloween Night: the Traveler’s Tale, Mickey’s Inferno and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Manga by Diamond Publications.

Please phone your local comic book outlet to see if they are participating in this program.

As for regular releases, the following are my picks of the season — but I must begin with a classic:

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