Fortunately, Unboxing The Transformers Limited Edition Steelbook 6-Movie Collection is a Cinch!

If you are new to the cinematic version of Transformers Robots in Disguise and want to watch it in 4k or bluray, then this The Transformers Limited Edition Steelbook 6-Movie Collection is for you!

The Transformers Limited Edition Steelbook 6-Movie Collection

Available to order on Amazon USA
Release Date: May 30, 2023

Thankfully, unlike some of Hasbro’s toys where some of the Cybertronians are not easy to figure out in regards to how they transform back and forth, unboxing the Transformers Limited Edition Steelbook 6-Movie Collection is much easier! I also own Transformers: The Covenant of Primus hardcover book (now out of print), and I’m sometimes scared to move the pieces of that around when I want to access that book in its original packaging; I keep it out than in. Fortunately in this release, pulling a title out to watch while still in this box is a cinch.

The box and discs are designed to sleeve nicely back and forth and it’s not likely to see wear and tear (unlike how the bots look) while proudly displayed. Although we didn’t open up the first disc of the set to reveal the fancy plated Autobot decal (pictured below) that comes with this set, everything a Michael Bay fan would want is redone in a beautiful box set of the first five movies and Bumblebee.

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Presenting The Top Three Shorts From The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival!

We offer our choices as the best short film winners from the 2023 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

39th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film FestivalThe 39th annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival had lots of shorts and a bunch of movies to enjoy. It wasn’t too hard to decide on what to check out since, like other events worldwide, to restart properly following the global health scare is tough. To begin, I’ll look at my three most favourite shorts, and although two of them follow upon a similar theme, just where it goes is different:

Mom if I were a Vampire Short PosterMom, If I Were a Vampire

Wen (Ting Chiu) doesn’t want to be a momma’s girl, and life at school is rough in other departments. But when she gets in with the right crowd, with Jo (Yu-Xuan Wang) as the “it” girl, the friendship forged is no different from what I recall from Vampire Princess Miyu, a classic anime I have fond memories of.

Although there’s no similar character dynamic since most of the manga and animated series involved the title role without a human companion, what’s presented here would make for a good jumping in point for a live-action adaptation! In this case, it’s to expand upon. The LGTBQ angle isn’t anything new, but how its handled is quite deft!

In what the two characters encounter are bullies and stalkers. Also, I think Wen wants to be turned. She has a lot of feelings to get out and to explore that requires a longer story. This piece made by Deborah Devyn Chuang is certainly worth seeking for the neo-noir colour aesthetics!

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Transformers Earthspark Needs More Starscream! A DVD Release Early Season Wrapup

Although the home video release doesn’t offer any extra featurettes regarding behind-the-scenes production, hopefully a complete Transformers Earthspark release will change that.

Transformers Earthspark Episodes 1-10 DVD Release
Buy the Action Figures at the official Transformers Earthspark Amazon USA landing page.

Available for purchase on Amazon USA

Keeping up with Transformers Earthspark can be tough. It can be found on Paramount Plus, the streaming service and Nickelodeon (USA) but when not everyone subscribes to either, tuning in from another country requires patience. I’ve lost track of when YTV would finally offer the remaining episodes; this station didn’t immediately offer them and recently, this network started cycling the first half all over again rather than offer new episodes (to which not even Nick has aired).

What I’ve learned after acquiring the home video release is that it is great at connecting to the G1 series. Those classic moments were reproduced in cel animation, and that’s enough for me to say I love the presentation! Also, this new series evolves the premise that’s defined this franchise for a long time. There are certain episodes which had me wanting to pause and rewind to search for Easter eggs, and the mid-season finale “Age of Evolution” sets up a world where newly formed allegiances are challenged.

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The Terror and Colour Symbolism in Blue Book, From #1 to 3!

Five issues of Blue Book will be released prior to the trade paperback slated for late August 2023 release.

Blue Book #1 Published by Dark Horse ComicsDark Horse Comics isn’t all that famous when it comes to offering titles concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, but when they do, I’m all for it! Instead of titling it “Project” Blue Book, the simpler title is eye-catching not only in colour presentation but also narrative approach.

Here, creators James Tynion IV and Michael Avon Oeming give readers a look at a few well-known cases from UFO lore. The tale that kicks things off recounts the famous case of Betty and Barney Hill. They were the very first alien abductees, and recounting their narrative is the perfect choice! In later issues, we see how their lives have been affected. Betty can’t let the encounter go, and her inquiries set the tone for what’s still to come. Chapter three is the most telling, since the last one ended up in an abrupt note.

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After #Maythe4th, There’s a Dead Reckoning on Why There’s A Disturbance in the Force

A pot of gold can’t always been found at the end of the rainbow, as far as A Disturbance in the Force is concerned.

A Disturbance in the Force Movie PosterPlaying May 6, 2023 at the Chicago Critics Film Festival (tickets)

Any fan of the original Star Wars trilogy will sense A Disturbance in the Force at the mere mention of that Holiday Special. Had the timing been better, I’m sure not everyone would want to watch it on May the 4th had it been offered. Most people tend to lament over where it fits in the canon and as for who are the advocates, this excellent documentary by Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak dares to tell all!

I was amazed at all the arguments unearthed, past and present. It’s perfect at getting into the details of why this show was created and details how every segment came to fruition. Here, what’s delved into brings many generations of fans to speculate and discuss everything you want to know but were afraid to ask.

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