Is DreamWorks Turbo Worth the Hype?

Here we meet Theo (Ryan Reynolds) a comparatively small gastropod who dreams big.

turbo-movie%202013%20posterJames Shaw: To be honest, I never expected much from DreamWorks Turbo. The premise is simple: the story takes place in Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley of California (although I suspect the suburbia was North Hills). Here we meet Theo (Ryan Reynolds) a comparatively small gastropod who dreams big. He wants to live life in the fast lane like his idol Indianapolis 500 racer Guy Gagné (Bill Hader).

But working at the plant (of the garden variety) daily is slowing him down while his unimaginative brother Chet (Paul Giamatti) is holding him back. Things take a turn for the better when an accident makes Theo realize he’s halfway to his goal. But will a chance meeting with dreaming taco stand co-owner Tito (Michael Peña) help him finish his journey?

Ed Sum: I do not know, but in the teaser trailer, I can not help but liken this snail’s newfound abilities to that of some effects shot used in the Spider-Man movies. To see him affected in a microcellular level made me think of him maybe turning superhero. I am not surprised that the adage of with great power comes great responsibility gets played up in this film.

J: I wondered after Theo became the insect world’s version of the Flash, who is there left to race against? I thought Nascar. I was wrong…but close.

E: There’s actually competing against the speedster himself, but that is not going to happen. DreamWorks does have a good “track” record of putting out entertaining hits. I thought this film would belong on my list of movies to miss seeing, but I had to see this movie before I could believe in the impossible. Even before James and I went to the theatre, he admitted that the concept was ludicrous and it was not worth seeing. I wanted to see some light-hearted animated product and dragged him along. At least in that department, this film delivers.

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