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Need More Pacific Rim? Ultimate Omnibus

9 Mar

Pacific-Rim-ImaxAvailable to purchase on Amazon USA

Further expanding the epic mythology based on Legendary Entertainment and Guillermo del Toro’s blockbuster film franchise, the comics division has launched the ultimate collection for readers to delve into! It’s a hefty book, and it also includes the recently released Blackout to get readers up to speed about the lore before season two of The Black.

For the first time ever, the Pacific Rim: Ultimate Omnibus brings together New York Times best-selling Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero (presented by Guillermo Del Toro and written by Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham) alongside Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift (written by Joshua Fialkov), Pacific Rim: Aftermath, Pacific Rim: Amara (both from Cavan Scott), and the newly released Pacific Rim: Blackout in a deluxe omnibus collection.

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Pacific Rim’s Blackout Before Netflix’s Season Two Release

7 Mar

Pacific Rim: Blackout | Book by Cavan Scott, Nelson Dániel | Official  Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Legendary Comics
Available to order on Amazon USA

Prior to the events of Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black, the recent release of the graphic novel Pacific Rim: Blackout is filling the gap by telling the story about the last days before Australia is evacuated. The Kaijus are everywhere, destroying everything on site and occupying vast swathes of desert land. We see humanity make its last stand in the cities still standing…

This 100 page work isn’t a brisk read. I had to go through it a few times and rewatch the animated series. Ultimately, it’s about the drama between Herc (one of the Jaeger pilots) and his sister, Liv–to which some parallels exist with the siblings from the animation: Taylor and Hayley. They lost their parents. Herc left the nest and never looked back. He didn’t attend his dad’s funeral, and that led to problems with the rest of the family. It’s a narrative to pay attention to instead of enjoying the spread of mecha upon alien fighting action. The presentation is reminiscent of many Toho films.

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Very Little is Elevated in Pacific Rim Uprising

26 Mar

Pacific Rim UprisingBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

* Spoiler Alert

The worry with Pacific Rim Uprising is in whether it is going to be like one of Michael Bay’s Transformers films. When considering filmmaker Steven DeKnight is part of the writer’s room for the latter franchise and is new to directing blockbusters, my fears are justified. Before this film, he’s only handled TV productions. After seeing the atrocious Transformers: The Last Knight, the thought of this film echoing a similar idea with Amara (Cailee Spaeny) and her companion ‘bot, Scrapper, in the trailer scared me.

Technically, she has to pilot this small ‘bot. Later on, it is modified for remote control. When the story jumps 10 years into the future and we are dealing with a Robotech “Next Generation” scenario, I am still worried.

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Examining Pacific Rim’s Video Release: The Bonus Disc & Beyond

22 Feb

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Fans of the giant robot genre should take note: the “limited edition” video release of Pacific Rim is worth picking up for the packaging alone. It makes for a very cool display piece, and it ranks up there with other specially designed products like the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection, presented as a chest, and Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One, contained in a suitcase. The bonus is that this simple 3D display piece is far cheaper than the other two, and it can still be the center of attention on any collector’s shelf.

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Pacific Rim Delivers Plenty of Scale and Memories

12 Jul

Pacific Rim Poster

Plenty of heavy metal thunder can be found in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Once the action happens, this film’s many battle sequences are fast and furious, and that’s how real fights should be wrought. Anything drawn out makes those moments slow. Audiences must be tired of Matrix-style “hang-time” effects by now and this film is anything but. Plenty of striking visuals can be seen in this movie that is very different from del Toro’s previous products.

Even the 3D finally offers some punch. Out of all the movies that have been converted to 3D in post, this film is the best of them all. Not one moment feels flat.

Although there is plenty of familiarity to this product, fans of giant monster movies and anime will no doubt love this film. The pacing could have been better and the camaraderie further developed, but that would shift the focus. This movie is layered to introduce smaller conflicts for the hero, and to have more explanation happen would make this film run longer. In a tale that is like the classic anime of the previous century, the hero is introduced to a precarious situation, has to lose something (or someone) dear to him, and that drives him for the remainder of the series. If there are plans for another movie, the threat will have to come from the stars next. Del Toro may well finally get to make a Cthulhu inspired movie after all!

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