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Hey Abbott! We had an Anniversary & are in High Definition!

8 Aug

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Release Date:
November 5, 2019
Available in US & Canada

The Abbott & Costello fan in me wants to buy the upgrade Shout! factory is offering come the end of the year. The Complete Universal Pictures Collection is getting the high definition treatment and I hope further information will be released to say if they are true remasters or transfers from the previous edition.

The only difference is with including It Ain’t Hay. Two editions exist of the prior DVD release. One was packaged in a keepsake box and the later version were in amaray cases. Due to legal issues with the estate of Damon Runyon (one of the characters), there was a delay in getting a home release out.

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You Spin Me ‘Round & Round: Stargate Origins, a Review

24 Feb

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Stargate Command is a website and an app for all things related to this series owned by MGM. When the announcement arrived at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con about a new web series during the SG-1’s 20th-anniversary celebrations, I was excited. The fact it’s going back to the basics as imagined by original creators Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich made me giddy. My love for archaeological adventure in the style of the pulps got me anxious.

However, I knew that I did not need to jump into the launch of this service right away; I knew this series would not be immediately coming. Origins had no confirmed release date. Accessing this site for detailed content about the franchise is nowhere as comprehensive as GateWorld.net — which offered essays and detailed synopsis of the entire franchise.

The one-time fee of $20 (online price) or $29.99 (through the app) to watch the everything that made up SG-1 and onwards is very questionable. The premium content, to which there’s only a handful, I found feels scant. When this offer disappears in May, I have to wonder how much of it will be gone? It’s no loss when compared to the content the DVD releases offer, namely all the commentary tracks and featurettes offered. To sell this online service, all these extras should have been included. To have “The Secret Files of the SGC—The Stargate Universe” or “Stargate SG-1: Timeline to the Future—Legacy of the Gate” under one cloud service make paying the fee all the more worthwhile.

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A Halloween Trick? No. It’s True, The Addams Family Gets the MGM Treatment!

31 Oct

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest) and James Robert Shaw (The Windup Geek)


The Addams Family has been animated before in 1972 on NBC and 1992 on ABC, but it has never seen an animated feature film. Originally printed as one-panel comic gags in the New Yorker Magazine, the concept of bringing these characters under a family name did not come until much later. At least, not until the first television series was developed. This strip had a life of its own because it has a brilliant satirical look at the American homestead.

And if you can snap your fingers twice, MGM may well have magic in their hands. A decade has passed by since the last feature film, Addams Family Reunion (1998), was released. As for what will be done in this new iteration, Variety reported that Pamela Pettler, whose credits include Corpse Bride and Monster House, has been signed to write the screenplay. The film will be executive produced by Andrew Mittman and Kevin Miserocchi.

Negotiations are well underway with BermanBraun’s Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun to produce what may likely be a CGI film. Originally, Chris Meledandri’s Illumination Entertainment company had been developing a Tim Burton-helmed, stop-motion “The Addams Family” movie, but this company revealed that earlier this year it had ditched the project. Thankfully Berman and Braun are picking up the pieces to deliver what should hopefully be a fun romp through the Addams family household.

Source(s): Variety.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road To the IMAX

1 Jul

By James Robert Shaw

I’ll state right now that I’m not a huge fan of 3-D. There are few films that have truly impressed me with such technology. But there are films I will pay large ticket prices to see in the IMAX theatre, the original uncut Star Wars is one of those but for the other it’s the Wizard of Oz.

The 1939 film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Margaret Hamilton and Frank Morgan was a family favourite during my childhood years. It was one of the few films the family unit would make the time for.

But now the MGM colour classic will be screened in North American Imax theatres in honour of the film approaching its 75th anniversary. For only one week starting on Sept 20, 2013, audiences will be able to travel with Dorothy to the Emerald City on the big screen in 3-D no less. Following at the heels of the ruby-red slippers is a Blu-ray 3-D release for October 1st.

On a side note, I know there are many who enjoy the hit song from the film titled “Over the Rainbow”. The Academy Award winning song with music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg has seen many versions over the decades. There are fans who prefer the original movie recording by Judy Garland but there is also over 84 million people who have listened to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s reinterpretation. But when it comes to which Over the Rainbow I enjoy listening to the most, I would have to say Al Bowlly is the top.

Source(s): Movieclips Trailers