Revisiting the Gate, Stargate the RPG Quick Takeaways

The designers assume gamers know the finer points of the Stargate franchise. New content will be in the core book, detailing the launch point of where this new canon material begins.

Stargate RPG Core RulebookKickstarter expected Q4
Retail edition Q1 2021

MGM is not letting go of the Stargate property anytime soon. Wyvern Gaming’s SDCC2020@Home panel had Brad Ellis, Wes Walker, Mack Martin and Lee Alley with Jenny Stiven hosting talk about their passion for SG-1, and their upcoming game set in this universe–especially as a living campaign–to Kickstarter later this year.

The rules are based on Wizards of the Coast’s D&D 5th Edition Open Gaming License, and part of the reason is that more role playing gamers are familiar with this set of rules than any other. It makes sense to develop from the television series since there’s a lot to draw from (four series) and the Goa’uld threat will never fully disappear.

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