When Going Green is Environmentally Friendly for Scott Duvall’s Latest Comic Book Crowdfunding Project….

What’s offered in Going Green looks very Stranger Things-ish, and and it’s a work I’m sure even Steven Speilberg would love.

Going Green Comic Book CoverScott Duvall and his team are “Going Green” with their latest comic book idea. They describe it as Locke & Key meets the biological horror of Annihilation in a modern-day monster comic with a heart. It’s being crowdfunded so that it can be delivered directly to fans of their work, and this listing can be found on Zoop.

In this story, Cliff and Molly are your usual teens, enjoying life out in what appears to be somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. However, one day, their dad gets injured and recovery isn’t possible. The boy has a difficult task of identifying the body, and afterwards, instead of the traditional burial, the individual they talk to suggests the family should inter the remains another way and help restore the forests nearby. But as for what kind of strange magic exists deep within the woods, something is causing the dead to come alive!

The kids are curious as to why it’s happening, and while they go searching for answers, more recently deceased individuals are rising! It’s as though Halloween isn’t over. There’s a teaser promo video made to showcase the work that’s been done so far. What’s presented has a Stephen Spielberg type vibe to it, and that’s enough for me to say let’s help these creators! Continue reading “When Going Green is Environmentally Friendly for Scott Duvall’s Latest Comic Book Crowdfunding Project….”

The Man Behind the Madness of Site 13. Nathan Faudree on Finishing This Found Footage Film 20 Years Later.

Sometimes, a movie must be finished despite all odds, and Nathan Faudree talks about why Site 13 had to be made and why H.P. Lovecraft’s vision matters.

Nathan Faudree HeadshotSite 13 is now available on VOD.

Nathan Faudree is a man who wears many hats in the entertainment industry, and his work isn’t limited to genre films. He started in theatre and appeared in many performances of William Shakespeare’s plays, like Hamlet. And from there, worked his way into appearing in films to eventually became Fangoria Radio’s Scream King of 2006! From there, he’s had a blast playing cult heroes, terrifying monsters and even did monster noises for Troma’s Poultrygeist. This New York based actor has done a lot.

But to know him also means getting to talk to him, and chatting with him about why he wanted to revisit Site 13, a movie that was filmed two decades ago which never got finished. What he did to make it contemporary is a good thriller, which is Blair Witch meets H.P. Lovecraft.

For our readers who haven’t seen your past work, what can you recommend?

I’m a co-writer of A Wounded Fawn, which came out last year on Shutter, and we were nominated for Fangoria’s Chainsaw Award and made the top 20 list. Prior to that, I was in Kottontail, where I played a killer Easter Bunny.

About your theatre days, did you leave it all behind to work on film?

Actually, I knew that if I didn’t have something lined up to do after playing Macbeth that, I would be catastrophically depressed because that’s the role everyone wants to play. That’s when Site 13 came in. It’s been a few years now, and I miss that world. I’ve appeared in Hamlet, Alls Well, etc., Here, you have this automatic response with the audience and whether that night’s show went off well. You don’t get that with making movies. It’s only just now I’m seeing what people are thinking about my latest.

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Fantasia’s All Abuzz with David Allen’s The Primevals, A Love Letter to More Than The Land of the Lost

The love for all those classic adventure films and the passion put behind bringing The Primevals to life is the only reason why you should go see this film!

3 THE PRIMEVALS Movie PosterThe Primevals is more than a love letter to the pulps of yesteryears. Here, the long production history must be noted before I can go into the review. Back in the late 60s, David Allen (who did the animation in Young Sherlock Holmes and Ghostbusters II) came up with the idea, and this stop-motion animator turned filmmaker had a lot of wonderful ideas which were ahead of its time. It’s tough to say if he knew of Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods and the theories he posed as it was published in 68, with translations not necessarily emerging until a year or two later.

It probably doesn’t matter. Sadly, to get this movie made back then was tough. That was partially due to how the studio system worked and other politics that held this project back.

While much of this story was filmed back in the late 80s, the project was shelved and this individual’s untimely passing meant it’d never get finished. Thankfully, his work with Chris Endicott, Charles Band and Full Moon Studios meant that everything that was done got carefully warehoused. It wasn’t until 2018 that the team sought crowdfunding in order to finish this project. Other talents volunteered their time as this idea shouldn’t be lost to history too.

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From Crown of Babylon to (How) The World’s Divide is Exceeding CloudRise Picture’s Expectations!

Denver Jackson’s next film is The World’s Divide and he’s asking for your help to help bring into to full production.

The World's DivideThe World’s Divide (Kickstarter Page)

From a graphic novel to film, Esluna became a world that’s very personal for creator and visionary, Denver Jackson, to weave his creativity into. After writing and illustrating the book which started it all, this self-taught filmmaker decided it must be turned into a movie. Crown of Babylon is about Caz and Maeve searching for the said item. I also interviewed him in the past about this work, and that can be read here.

Next was The First Monolith, which sees Maeve return and be involved in a mission to stop an ancient artefact from activating. There’s more character development concerning this young lady and a little robot. This is available to view on YouTube. It also introduces Queen Leda, and I’m betting she’s also the antagonist (even though she’s not directly named) in this latest production, The World’s Divide, which takes place 50 years later, and involving her children.

The World's Divide Concept Movie PosterAccording to the official Kickstarter synopsis:

The Worlds Divide is an action-packed, sci-fi film set in two worlds. One, a dystopian cyberpunk future and the other, the lush fantasy world of Esluna. The adventure story features a girl named Natomi who is sent to the world of Esluna, where she and her newfound friends try to navigate this new world in attempts to get to her father, a god of this world, before she is hunted and killed by the ruthless queen. 

Anyone who followed Jackson’s past series and loved it made their voice heard with his latest crowdfunder. Although these tales aren’t unified by narrative, the steampunk world it’s set in is vast. Many RPG type scenarios can be developed should this creator publish his bible. The details he’s put into this world is huge!

Based on the current totals, a fair number of people are supporting this endevour! The funds gained so far have exceeded this filmmaker and his team’s expectations; the love for independent animated cinema has them happy.

A week remains to help out, and hopefully it’ll break into the next stretch goal so albums and books can be made. Continue reading “From Crown of Babylon to (How) The World’s Divide is Exceeding CloudRise Picture’s Expectations!”

On Kickstarter is Video Games: The People, Games, and Companies in a Detailed Multi-Volume Look Back!

What makes Video Games: The People, Games, and Companies different from other works is that this author uses the same level attention to all four major categories–computer, console (handheld or home), and arcade.

Video Games author Andrea ContatoNow on Kickstarter is Video Games: The People, Games, and Companies, and according to Andrea Contato, he wants to deliver the most comprehensive work to date regarding the history of video games. While the Italian five-book project is a go, the financial assistance through crowdfunding is needed to help translate this book to an English reading audience. The first chapter has been translated, annotated and can be read here.

In this book, there will be a lot of personal accounts detailing more than just the motivation and creation behind a lot of what today considers the retro scene. This author believes his book will cover a whole lot more than what we normally learn in documentaries offered so far. And I have huge respect for those who want to delve deep into the subject. In this work, we have a look at what really started it all, and I had a chance to interview him about what that is.

For people who haven’t read your last work, the comprehensive Through the Moongate about the classic Ultima RPG series, can you please introduce yourself?

I am a history, computer, and video game enthusiast from Italy. In 2015, I ventured into researching the history of Richard Garriott and his company Origin Systems Inc and after three years of hard work, I launched two crowdfunding campaigns to translate my draft into English. My book, Through the Moongate, (as pictured) was well received, and the enthusiasm with which my project was supported encouraged me to continue.

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