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PIXAR’s Cars on the Road. So Where Should We Go Next, Mader?

17 Oct

Cars on the Road Poster

Spoiler Alert

Disney/PIXAR‘s Cars on the Road is a far more entertaining work than the films. The big reason is that each 10 minute episode pays tribute to a specific film genre and changes the road trip formula around a little. Everything one would expect to happen, happens, but there’s more going on than meets the eye, including meeting a few “transforming” vehicles.

From your classic Horror to Western homages, the gambit doesn’t end there. The influence is perfect. I find “Lights Out” very appropriate for the October season, and when I saw The Shining references, I was beside myself. I assume Steve Purcell did most of the work than John Lasseter.

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Mali Elfman’s Haunting Next Exit is Ready to Be Found

11 Oct

Next Exit Poster

Opening Nov 4, 2022 in theatres and VOD

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

Mali Elfman‘s search an afterlife gets answered in her haunting movie, Next Exit. It’s headed to select theatres and VOD after Halloween, and the timing is perhaps on purpose so that those people wanting scares can get just that in October, and more thoughtful discourses on the month following. After a successful run at Fantasia (review here), it’s been picked up by Magnet Releasing.

This filmmaker said, “My grandmother would ask me this before she passed away. She wanted to understand what would happen next. I used to tell her, ‘I don’t know what ghosts are, but I do know that there is more to life than what I know – and yes, I do believe that they are real in a way. I believe we make them real.’

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The “Next Exit” in this Supernatural Road Trip Is To Fantasia 2022 & A Better Future

29 Jul

Next Exit PosterTo be fair, anyone going to see Next Exit because of Karen Gillan will be disappointed. She only has a small part. Instead, it’s about Teddy (Rahul Kohli) and Rose (Katie Parker), who think that they have no reason to live anymore. It’s hard to tell that they are depressed and wish to end it all. But after getting a call from Stevenson’s Life Beyond institute, they’re on a road trip to be test subjects about the hereafter.

Apparently, Research Scientist Dr. Stevenson (Gillan) discovered a way to track the transition of a person’s soul as it moves from life to death. Sadly, that means anyone wanting to be a Ghostbuster may no longer be needed. And anyone who wants to “move on” isn’t lining up! Well, not yet. The concept is brilliant because of my interest in the paranormal, because I often wondered if we can observe terminal lucidity. Or rather, what does losing 21 grams mean?

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Channing Tatum’s Back in Dog!

19 Feb

Dog (2022 film).jpgChanning Tatum hasn’t been forgotten after appearing in films like G.I. Joe and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He did voice-over work and in recent interviews, he said the break was needed. He also talked about the life ahead, much like his character Briggs in Dog.

This ex Army Ranger with PTSD struggles to live day-by-day. He wants to return to duty, but after we learn he took too many hard blows to the head, getting another tour is difficult. After learning one of the team passed because of similar issues, the trauma isn’t over. But he has a second chance if he can bring Lulu, a dog, to Riley, her first owner’s funeral. Flying her over isn’t an option. Instead, it’s a trip from Washington State to Nogales, Arizona.

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It’s Time for Tea Pets, A Nearly Forgotten Joy

11 Feb

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Light Chaser Animation Studios

Spoiler Alert

Tea Pets was a movie I had to watch during the last days of Chinese New Year and it’s one that’s not as well known. The animation house earned its cred with White Snake and its sequel, and it’s odd they would sell the rights of this early effort to a less than ideal international distributor.

These little clay figures trace back to 13th Century China and are used during tea ceremonies. These figurines bring good luck to those who affectionately play with them during tea time. All it takes is to pour some tasty liquid over them and they’ll come to life. The unkilned porous clay transforms the colours into another pigmentation, and it’s amazing to watch.

According to one online source, writer/director Gary Wang saw some for sale at in an antique store in Paris! It reminded him of home. Although I’ve never seen them at Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in Victoria, BC, or any Asian tea houses here in town, I had to wonder. I’d love to have a feline tea pet to keep me smiling on those grey days.

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